February 17, 2011
February 21, 2011
Summer In Winter

After a solid run of strength-based classes, and with a fantastic bit of unseasonably warm weather, CFDC went for a little run Thursday night:

Met-Con: 1K run followed by 5x 30 DU’s (or 90 skips & 10 squat jumps) & 10 box jumps

SBV – 11:26
Sara – 15:52
Brendan – 16:49
Ethan – 17:05
Andraea – 17:43
Alexis – 18:40
Reggie – 19:20
McKenzie – 19:50
Salty – 20:12
James – 20:20

For at least one of Thursday night’s attendees, this WOD should’ve provided suffecient evidence that a predominantly strength-biased program would NOT effectively cost you large amounts of cardio ability. (However, I would ask that all of you please sound off in the comments if you agree, disagree, or have questions about the validity of this style of training)

Following completion of the met-con, boxes were put away, jump ropes were tossed aside (thankfully), and everyone practiced their kipping PU ability:
3x AMRAP Kipping Pull-Ups /or/ 3-5 strict pull-ups or negatives

Hope everyone gets outside at some point today to enjoy the awesome weather (seriously, mid-70’s in February!?!). Also, if you didn’t catch yesterday’s interim blog-post, please check it out – simply scroll down and read the entry, and then click on the post title or the highlighted link at the end of the post to take the survey. The results will help our friend Deepak design a great online tool for tracking your crossfitting results, and the survey takes a minute, literally.

See everyone on Sunday.



  1. Tom Brose says:

    Nice work on a fast paced workout. I actually did this myself today, running outside for the first time in months. The running killed me, but I hit the double-unders relatively well to finish in 14:59. Felt like my chest was going to explode. Oh. and I used an 18″ box.

  2. SBV says:

    I feel you on the whole chest expolding thing. I actually got sick from this workout, the first time that’s happened since we timed a 500 meter row a few months back. I sat with my dinner in front of me for 15 minutes, and just stared at it. My face was white and by stomach felt uneasy. Great workout, though!

    Best moment of the night was when Ori came over and yelled at Chris to “jump higher” on his double-unders. Chris about took the rope and strangled him. It was great comic relief during a brutal workout. Ori also asked me to please put my shirt back on because of the personal training clients at the gym — I felt embarrassed.

    As for the issue of whether one can maintain endurance without really focusing on it, I now believe that it’s possible, but only to a certain extent. Sure, I had a fast time last night, but I really paid for it. Plus, last night wasn’t really that long. I guess what I’m saying is that you might be able to get away with a 10 minute or so workout without training endurance, but running a 10K or rowing a 5K might be a different story. The nice thing is that longer endurance events don’t seem to pop-up very often in class or in local competitions. So, I’m happy with the tradeoff.

  3. Sara says:

    Well I don’t run very well so I let everyone ahead of me at the start of the run. I came in the door last but thanks to a relatively easy time with double unders today I managed to breeze through the 5 rounds of DUs and Box Jumps.

    With all the jumping and running I did end up with some cramping in my feet later in the night.

    This was a good workout. I used the 24″ box

  4. Tom Brose says:

    Sebastian, I’m sure you meant to write “I felt embarrased for him”. Maybe you need to develop the Louie Simmons powergut and get some battleaxes tattooed on your chest.