February 21, 2011
February 25, 2011


After using every bar (and possible every plate) in the gym on Sunday for some hevy deadlifting, Tuesday night’s CFDC-crew stuck to body-weight maneuvers for the strength/skill portion of class.

HSPU were scaled to ability (see below) while pull-ups were strict unless you are working on the kip.

Scaling HSPUs (Handstand Push-Ups) – The easiest way to scale the HSPU is to reduce the inclination of the body. The first step is to start with your feet and hands on the ground with the body piked as much as possible(i.e., hips in the air). Unfortunately, not many of us are flexible enough to have our torsos anywhere close to vertical in this position and the movement becomes a decline push-up (which is good, but not great when trying to get comfortable with HSPUs). A better alternative is to use an elevated surface (plyo-boxes are perfect). Using the box, elevate your knees, with hips high, and walk your hands back as close to the box as is comfortable.

Once you are comfortable in this position, you can: upgrade to a taller box; try placing your feet on a box (hips still high and hands close to the box; or try walking your feet up the wall to a near-vertical position. After that, it’s time to kick-up into a handstand to see how things feel.


This was a climbing ladder style set-up where each partner, in alternating fashion, completed 1rep of each movement, and then 2reps of each, then 3, and so on, attempting to complete as many reps as possible in the 15 minutes provided.

Great work, and great enthusiasm (as always) by another block-buster class – keep it coming!

Max with his first completed punch-card!


  1. SBV says:

    Update from Primal: second event will feature sandbags, vaulting walls of various heights, and pushing a prowler. Some portion of the event, presumably the prowler portion, will be outdoors. This is going to be crazy!

    Last night’s class was a mixed bag for me. I completed 10 strict pull-ups for the first time; unfortunately, I’ve lost some ground on handstand push-ups. Sets were 3-2-2-1-1. Gaining weight is cool when the workout involves heavy lifting — it’s not so cool when you have to push you’re own bodyweight upside-down.

    No comment on the dumbbell complex, other than that I hate anything that requires squatting while holding dumbbells in the rack position.

  2. Dan Samarov says:

    Excited for Primal!

  3. SaltyHat says:

    T-Fn-G I didn’t sign up for this again; my ankle gave out just reading Sebastian’s comment…

  4. Julia says:

    I am not sure I want to Google ‘prowler.’

  5. Tom Brose says:

    You definitely dont want to google “prowler flu”

  6. Dan Samarov says:

    Looks like the there’ll be a half mile run… oh fun?

  7. SBV says:

    It doesn’t sound like your typical 1/2 mile run. I sounds more like an obstacle course of some sort.

  8. Ethan says:

    Agreed. It sounds like it is going to be a perverted version of one those fitness courses you see in a park. running with stations every couple hundred feet where you have to do burpees or lift a station wagon over your head. Guess I picked a rough one for my first competition.

  9. Tom Brose says:

    You all may be over thinking this a bit (although anything is possible). As much as the Primal guys go out of their way to be good neighbors, they are really not welcome in the area. I don’t think they would want to set up stuff and have judges along the way. So far, the programming has been very similar to last year, and I expect the last event to be similar to last years final. I’d expect a workout more like the run/boxjump/double under we did last Thursday.

  10. Tom Brose says:

    Oh, and on the Prowler, short, choppy steps, and don’t let it stop moving till the end.