March 4, 2011
March 9, 2011
Cop A Squat

After a week of skill work and met-cons, Sunday marked CFDC’s return to the bar. To mark the occasion, the order of the day was Squats!

Strength: 6 x 3 Back Squats & 6 x 1-8 Chin-Ups

The prescription on the squats was to start at a weight roughly equal to 75% of your one rep max, and progress to 80%, then 85%, and finally 90% for the last three sets. In between each set of squats, everyone did a set of chin-ups, shooting for as many reps as possible, but only up to 8 reps at a time.

Expect to see a lot more squats in all their glorious variations in the coming future (back, front, overhead, maybe even a few goblet and zercher squats!)

Met-Con: 1k Row
What better way to follow up some serious glute and quad work than with a nice 1K blast on the rowers for time?

Core Work: 3 x 3/side TGU (Turkish Get-Up)
The TGU is a great core conditioner, and unlike a lot of things we do in CF, this movement generally isn’t done for speed. However, it can take a little getting used to – a few reminders:

– Bend the leg on the same side of the body as the arm which is holding the weight (i.e., if you are holding the weight in your right arm, bend your right leg so that your right foot is flat on the floor and keep your left leg extended).

– Keep the arm supporting the weight extended the entire time – your extended arm doesn’t need to be perpendicular to the floor the entire movement, but you do need to keep the arm EXTENDED in front of you and KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE WEIGHT at all times.

– Finally, after standing up, slowly lower yourself back down to the ground using the same movement you used to stand up, and fight the urge to collapse to the ground to complete the movement – every part of the movement, including the very last part of laying supine on your back, should be slow and controlled.

Great work by all. If you haven’t checked read the post regarding tomorrow’s post-class Cupcake Wars viewing party at Breadsoda, please do so – the more we have coming out to support Doron and Sticky Fingers, the better!

Until then, post weight used for the squats and time on the 1k row to comments, and rest up for Tuesday.



  1. Steph says:

    When I found out that we were doing squats on Sunday, I was so excited! I worked with Erica and Amelia. Since it had been so long since I’ve done any weighted anything, I just followed Erica and Amelia. They were using 125lbs as their max, so the last few sets at 90% the weight used was 115lbs. I was surprised at how easy 115lbs felt after almost a year off!! Well, I guess they weren’t easy, but I definitely felt I could’ve gone a little heavier. Since it was my 2nd week back and I really want to take it slow this time, I stopped there. I only did 1 set of chin-ups though – did 5 sets of 5 presses in the 9am class so the upper body was feeling it.

    Instead of the 1k row metcon, I did 3 sets of 20 overhead lunges with a 25lbs plate.

    Glad to be back and looking forward to more squats!!!! Yay! Also looking forward to goodies tomorrow night!

  2. Tom Brose says:

    Great to have you back in action Steph! Nice to see the collective improvement in strength. Also, I think people are beginning to get the “feel” of the % based strength work. The idea is not to set PRs every session, but continually get stronger. Taking everything to the limit isn’t the best way to do that. Reps shouldn’t be missed in a workout like this.

    Great effort on the 1K row, not easy on wobbly legs. At that point even light TGUs become a chore.

  3. Erica says:

    Thanks for making us feel weak Steph 🙂 Nonetheless, glad you are there to keep us honest with our squat depth