March 16, 2011
March 19, 2011

More than a few athletes wandered into Thursday night’s CFDC class wondering as to the prospect of running, what with the mid-60’s temperatures and all. The answer was a resounding YES! No heavy lifting session, no skill work, just warm-up, and then get to it.

WOD: 20min AMRAP of
Church Run (250m),
12 KB Swings,
9 Pull-Ups (5 if assisted)

Assisted pull-ups were done with either a red or blue assistance band, all athletes were strongly encouraged to do as many reps unassisted as possible before switching over to the bands.

Running substitute was a 300m row. Post rounds completed to comments.

Finisher: 2 x 1 min Push-up hold & 1 min Plank hold

Push-up hold was done in the top position of the push-up, arms fully extended, and held for 1 full minute before dropping STRAIGHT into the Plank hold for an additional full minute.

Nice work, and congratulations to Alexis for finishing off his first punch card!


Best of luck to all the CFDC athletes competing in the NOVA Open this Saturday. The crew at Potomac/Patriot CrossFit have definitely put together a unique opportunity for local CF athletes to complete their CF Games Open Qualifier workouts. This Saturday’s workout marks the first Qualifying WOD: 10min AMRAP of 30 Double Unders and 15 Power Snatch.

Attendance for spectators is FREE, and a number of you have already expressed interest in going out to cheer on your fellow athletes – if you need a ride, e-mail Tom or I and let us know, or simply leave a request in the comments section. First heat begins at 10:30AM at Patriot CrossFit, 2130 N Glebe Rd
Arlington, VA 22207 (Google Map of Patriot CrossFit).



  1. SBV says:

    I’m in the 1045 heat and have but one request: don’t let me stop moving!

    I also recommend that competitors sleep with their jump ropes tonight for good luck.

  2. ppetersan says:

    Good luck to everyone who is competing. I hope to be there to cheer you folks on.

    I thought last night’s workout was great. I was gassed the entire time, but enjoyed it. As a side note, i ate more sugar yesterday than I normally (almost ever) do and I really noticed it while I was working out. I had a bunch of energy initially, but I ran out quick and felt pretty horrible for the rest of the workout. I almost met the crossfit clown for the first time.

  3. Steph says:

    I totally cheated on those planks and took breaks, need to work on those more often. Even though I feel the straight-arm planks work more shoulders, it was evident that the core was being worked simultaneously because I wasn’t able to hold the elbow planks as long.

    Useful assessment on the sugar effect on your workout Pete, and I’m glad you didn’t get a visit from pukie. I will definitely keep that in mind for my future workouts. Although I am trying to get back on the no-added-sugar wagon, it’s been 5 days and I feel pretty good.

    Good luck to all on the first Open wod! I will send some double-unders energy your way 🙂

  4. Alden says:

    Hey Chris, How do I get in touch with you about tomorrow?