March 18, 2011
March 21, 2011

Workout #1: AMRAP in 10min of 30 Double Unders & 15 Ground-To-Overhead
The first round of the Nova Open went off today, and I think all would agree it was extremely well run, and extremely fun. The workout, which seemed simple enough on paper, turned out to be an exercise in “sticking to it” – pushing yourself even when you really, REALLY felt you might need a break. As might be expected, CFDC’s athletes represented, tearing into the workout:

Total = 256



Total = 218

Total = 295

Total = 314


Total = 188




Total = 217
UPDATE: Owing to the fact that CFHQ is having problems with their games website, they have extended both the deadline for registering AND the deadline for doing the first workout. You now have until 8:00pm, Sunday, March 27 to register AND submit your score for the first workout (the workout performed above).
Additionally, you may perform the workout as many times as you like (AND submit a better score) up until the deadline – so if you participated in the Nova Open this weekend but would like to take a second shot at the workout, have at it!

If you are interested in giving the workouts a try, fear not – registration is easy; follow the link to the CF Games website (the banner above), register as an athlete, being sure to include yourself on the CDFC team, and then let Tom or I know if you would like to do the workout.



  1. Steph says:

    Great work by everyone who competed today! It was a lot of fun and very exciting to cheer you guys on as always.

  2. Sara says:

    Nice Job everyone! Did you all see that the deadline for week 1 WOD was extended till next Sunday. And registration was also extended. This was all due to problems with the website.

  3. SaltyHat says:

    Awesome work today by all. I think the Nova Open is going to do a lot to keep a real sense of community competition attached to this years qualifiers.

    And thanks, Sara – I saw HQ’s extension this morning and duly updated the blog post.

  4. Dan Samarov says:

    Great job this weekend everyone! Thanks for the cheering and support. A quick question, would you all (Tom and Chris) be amenable to hitting this bad boy up again Monday or Tuesday? Thanks again!