April 1, 2011
April 4, 2011
A Row-view

I found this video via CF Oakland, and I think it’s a great review of rowing posture and technique, and well worth a watch.

In the past, we’ve spent a lot of blog space on reviewing proper form for power and Olympic lifts, as well as discussing tips and techniques to better execute the various lifts. While the rower often gets relegated to the realm of replacement-for-running-in-a-metcon (at least in many people’s opinion), technique is still key. Employing proper technique on the rower is just as critical as it is during any of the lifts we perform. Better rowing technique translates into faster times for any distance, but also means that, in workouts where rowing is paired with other movements, you’ll be able to exit the rower with more energy and power left-over for the remainder of your workout.

Watch the video and think about angles of your torso, leg, and hip when you’re rowing. Do you hold yourself in the same way while you’re rowing? At the catch? During the drive? During the recovery? Rowing, like the deadlift, is all about leverage. Leverage occurs when proper body angles are employed (among other things). It’s physics and it’s geometry. Pay attention to body mechanics on the rower and get the most out of each stroke. You’ll be helping yourself the next time a “rowing + you-choice-of-exercise” met-con comes up. (paragraph gratefully lifted from a CF Oakland article on rowing)

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