April 4, 2011
April 8, 2011
Go Stick Your (Over)Head in a Pig

An appropriate sign for any CrossFit gym at the end of the universe, and definitely appropriate for Tuesday nights class.

Skill Work: OHS & Burpees

In teams of 3, perform 3 rounds of the following:
15 OHS (M:95/65/45; W:30/15)
10 Burpees

The key for this workout (as it should be with all “skill” sets) is that it was not done “for time.” Instead, think of it as skill practice with an increased heart rate, the point being to make you aware of the essential role midline stability plays in OHS. As such, OHS were kept lighter than what would would be considered normal workout weights.

Strength: 5x Power Snatch Clusters

Power Snatch Cluster = 3 Snatch singles, each with approximately 15-20 seconds rest in between. Goal was to increase weight across all 5 sets.

Finisher: Core Work

Complete 3 rounds of 10 Hollow-Rocks and 20 Side-2-Side Leg Raises (think “windshield wipers” – lying supine and rotating at the hips to touch your feet down from side to side).

Congrats to James for completing his first punch card!

Congrats to Erica and Amelia for their awesome efforts in last weekend’s
Cherry Blossom 10-miler!
And get ready for Open Qualifer WOD 11.3:

5 min AMRAP of 1 squat clean & 1 jerk (M:165lb/W:110lb)


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