April 11, 2011
April 13, 2011
2011 Cap City Open Olympic Weightlifting Competition Recap

An Olympic weightlifting competition in our own backyard? What more could be asked for! Although the timing was a little awkward, coinciding with the 3rd NoVa Open workout, 3 of our own competed.

Many thanks to Quint Fischer (CF Balance) and John Filippini (CF South Baltimore) for putting together an excellent inaugural meet. John did a great job putting the meet together, getting it sanctioned, and then coordinating and running the entire show on Saturday. In Quint’s own words:

“This past [Saturday] was the first-ever Capital City Open at Balance Gym Kalorama right here in Washington, DC. Personally, I think it was a huge success. Over 55 lifters competed, male and female, ranging from a bright-eyed 16 year-old kid to a 40 year-old former Lebanese National Team member.” (excerpted from Quint’s blog: Becoming The Bull)

Many thanks to Jenn Sargent for coaching, a harrying requirement of mental math and clock watching as you coordinate warm-ups and lift-attempts. As for the lifters, check it out:

Sara Katz:
6 for 6, 110kg total (S=46kg, C&J=63kg);
1st Place Novice, 75kg Division;
Sinclair Formula Award Winner, Novice Women

Mike Choi:
5 for 6, 183kg total (S=83kg, C&J=100kg);
1st Place Masters, 77kg Division

Reggie Wallace:
4 for 6, 132kg total (S=65kg, C&J=67kg);
3rd Place Masters, 105+kg Division

Congratulations to all. Stay tuned for more adventures in weightlifting, as two more Olympic meets are on the horizon: East Coast Classic (April 7-8, Moorestown, NJ) and Blue Ridge Open (May 21, Bridgewater, VA).



  1. Julia says:

    Awesome work! And very cool to have something like that right in our gym. Congrats, everyone!

  2. SBV says:

    Awesome extension, Sara!

  3. Tom Brose says:

    Great work by everyone. I’d like to add, the programming and attention to detail by Mike Choi has been phenomenal. Were lucky to have him around, and now he is developing coaches as well!

  4. TomandAmi says:

    Congratulations everyone – great work! Wish I could have been there.