April 12, 2011
April 15, 2011
And what’s this thing coming toward me very fast?

Tuesday night’s class started off with some explosive movements to get everyone warmed up before the main event, including wall balls for height (above) and broad jumps across the court. Then it was time to get strong (before getting winded).

Strength: 5 x 3 Push Press

Remember, to initiate any of the OH presses, the elbows must start in front of the bar; the elbows don’t necessarily need to be parallel to the ground (as in a front squat) but they must be rotated forward so that the bar is supported by the chest and shoulders prior to the lift.

Conditioning: 2 min on/1 min off; DB Clean & PP, KB Swings, Burpees, & Rowing


Open Qualifier WOD 11.4 is up:

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
60 Bar-facing burpees
30 Overhead squats (m:120lbs / w:90lbs)
10 Muscle-ups

and not only is it up, it already CFDC tested – props to Julia for giving 11.4 a go a mere 60min after it was posted! Nice work!



  1. Dan Samarov says:

    It needs a wide sounding name like Ow… Ound… Round… Ground! That’s it, ground! I wonder if it’ll be friends with me?

  2. SaltyHat says:

    YES – finally!! I knew you’d come through.

    Running a close second for the caption was “I am just pleased as punch to inform you that there are two thermo-nuclear missiles headed this way”

  3. Tom Brose says:

    To quote one of the great characters of modern film “NEERRRRDDDSSSS!!!!”

  4. SaltyHat says:

    Now there’s a month’s worth of Blog titles goldmine: the entire Revenge of the Nerds franchise. Good call, Brose