April 13, 2011
April 19, 2011
It must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

It was Thursday, and the weather was pretty fantastic, so the odds that class wouldn’t run were five to one against and falling. After getting every one moving with some squats, lunges, and push-ups, it was on to the main event – that’s right, just one:

Warm-Up: ~3-5 x 3 Front Squats (with more weight, take more warm-up);

Workout: 5 x 6 Front Squats, Church Run (250m), & 12 Burpees (2min rest b/t rds)

As they were 2 to 3 people per bar, the workout was structured as a follow-the-leader: P1 does their front squats and then heads out the door for their run (or sub 300m Row). Immediately after P1 leaves, P2 adjusts the bar weight as needed and then begins their workout (same for P3 following P2).

The object of the workout: SPRINT! Sprint as much as possible through the round, and then use the prescribed rest (no more than 2 min) to catch your breath, re-adjust the weight on the bar, and then get ready for the next round.

bum elbow? No problem, we have a squat variation for you!

Finisher: Core Work (1:30 min Plank, 1 min rest, 1 min V-sit)
Not too bad, just enough to remind you that front squats require core stability (although, be on the lookout for Brose invention #312: reverse butterfly crunches?)

Nice work. Enjoy the weather this week while avoiding massive allergy attacks. And speaking of nice weather, did someone say Guerilla WODs??

Ready for some more? They’re coming.
Interested in getting in on the action? Let Tom or I know, and we’ll make sure to add you to the list.
Don’t know what they are? Ask around, as we are always happy to add to the crew – the more the merrier!

Maiko clearly votes YES to Guerilla WODs!


  1. Maiko D. says:

    YES to Guerrilla WODS! NO to hives!

  2. Steph says:

    Wow, cheesy line for the Maiko pictures 😉

    Yay, I’m back on the blog!

    I think we had a few people doing modified versions of the wod – Sebastian doing weighted box squats in place of the front squats, McKenzie doing box step-ups in place of burpees, people who couldn’t run rowed, and me doing modified pre-natal burpees in place of burpees and biking instead of running. This is why I love CrossFit! You can always make it work for you!

    I got a really good workout. Had a huge block of brie before class and was sweating that baby out with this workout. I worked with Mary Catherine and Andraea. Since my modified pre-natal burpees were pretty slow, I felt the need to skip my 2-min rest between rounds to push myself harder, and I also didn’t want to make Mary Catherine wait too long or lap me.

    Hip’s holding up well, 3 weeks with very little pain! It’s getting harder and harder to restrain myself from running now that the weather is getting nice.

    Great work on 11.4 before class Dan! You got 1 round+!! That was awesome to watch! Also kudos to Tom A. for getting his 11.4 in during lunch!