April 25, 2011
April 29, 2011
It is said that his birth was marked by earthquakes, tidal waves, tornadoes, firestorms, [and] the explosion of three neighbouring stars!

However, the only person by whom this is said is Sebastian himself, and there are several possible theories to explain this.

To adequately celebrate Sebastian’s birthday, Tom had an extravagant workout planned for Tuesday night (and yes, I did just use the word “extravagant” in a CFDC blog post). First up, some running drills to focus on better technique and form.

Part 1: Pose Drills followed by 1 Mile Run

The purpose of Pose running (similar in nature to Chi running) is to learn proper body position when running, which will lead to more efficient running – efficient meaning fewer injuries and better energy retention.

The key is to land mid-foot rather than the typical “heel-strike” that most runners use whether they know it or not. Additionally, the hamstrings, rather than the quads and hip flexors, are used to lift the foot off the ground while gravity – garnered from the forward lean of the body – is used to actually propel yourself forward.
While Pose runing, the body will be in constant forward motion so long as the body is leaning forward (to stop, simply lean back slightly). In contrast, “heel-striking” is a repetitive cycle of launching (the drive with the quads and hip flexors), braking (when the heel strikes out in front of the body) and re-initializing (as the body stands up straight to overcome the braking and then re-sets for the next launch). Horribly inefficient when you brake it down.

pose running (top) versus “heel striking” (bottom)

After a few quick drills, including bunny hops, single leg pulls, and karaoka, everyone was set loose for a 1 mile run (twice around the big block) at a moderate pace, trying to apply some of what had just been covered regarding pose running.

Part 2: 5 x Ring Push-Up Medley

The focus was on the ring push-ups, with a few variations thrown in for fun, while augmenting each set with the supplemental exercises listed.

To perform the workout, complete 1 set of AMRAP ring push-ups to be followed by at least one supplemental exercises (only the sit-ups had to be done unbroken; all others could be done piecemeal so long as you complete the total number required by the end of the workout).

Ring Push-Up Variation #1: Feet on the Box

Ring Push-Up Variation #2: Extend 1 Arm Overhead

Ring Push-Up Variation #3: Extend 1 Arm to the Side

Part 3: 28 Birthday Burpees

Birthday Burpee = 1 full burpee plus an extra squat jump

*the responsible party for Parts 3 AND 4 of last nights mega-class*

Part 4: Kettlebell-Cupcake Consumption

Nice work everyone on pushing through an extremely action and info packed class. Now rest up for Thursday.



  1. Maiko D. says:

    I would have raised an eyebrow if you used something like “fabulous” when describing a CFDC workout. You’re off the hook…FOR NOW.

    Happy birthday SBV! I hope no one puked after the burpee/cupcake combo. Cute cupcakes by the way! 🙂

    Now for my question. Salty, if I remember correctly you have at least one bum knee, correct? Since the running cert have you notice a difference in terms of how your knee feels while running?

  2. SaltyHat says:

    well, since I’m off the hook, I guess I’ll respond to your question.

    Yes to the bum knee – specifically, it’s the lack of cartilage in my knee that gives me trouble when running (at least with bad form). And yes, I noticed a big difference after the cert. Case in Point: we ran a lot during the weekend, and I did the first form assessment run (first thing Sat. morning) in my regular running shoes, but spent the rest of the weekend running in my vibrams, and had no knee problems whatsoever.

    A few tips for incorporating Pose running and minimalist foot wear into your regimen:

    (1) Drill, Drill, Drill – we’ll introduce more of the Pose-focused drills in coming classes, but you look to incorporate more of the drills into your current regimen. Drills don’t count as workouts, so you can include drill practice on your off days;

    (2) Start Slowly – while you should work on incorporating the Pose techniques in to all of your running, the guys at CFE suggest starting with one short, controlled run in your minimalist shoes before switching back to your regular running shoes for a 3-4 runs;

    (3) Smart Recovery – While drills don’t count as workouts, you will need to be smart about your recovery, as even drilling will take a toll at the beginning (especially on your calves). Warm-up, ease into the drills, ice if needed post workouts, and become fast-friends with your foam roller and lacrosse ball.

  3. Steph says:

    Yes to difference to how his knee felt after the running cert! I don’t have to rub it much 😉

    Happy birthday Sebastian! Thanks for bringing the cupcakes Mary Catherine!

  4. Maiko D. says:

    That’s impressive! Could I swing by Balance before class to see a demo of some of the drills you guys did?

  5. SaltyHat says:

    sure thing Maiko – I’ll do my best to get us there by 6, so long as that works for you.

  6. Maiko D. says:

    Sweet~~~ I’ll try to be there by then!