April 29, 2011
May 4, 2011
A tremendous feeling of peace came over him.
He knew that at last, for once and for ever, it was now all, finally, over.

And so ends our month of of H2G2=Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy themed blog post titles (feel free to suggest more themes for coming months). Additionally, Sunday marked the end of the 6-week CrossFit Open Qualifiers. Congratulations to all those who competed, and best of luck to all those moving on to the Regionals!
To celebrate, it was decided that everyone’s posterior chains needed some work, and so after another round of running drills down on the court, it was time to get hamstrung!

Strength: Good Mornings

After 2 x 10 sets of Butt-2-Wall stretches, everyone moved on to weighted Good Mornings. The goal was to work up to a 3 rep max effort set with one caveat: no sacrificing form – while it’s natural that at the boundary of maximum effort, form will begin to degrade, there are some lifts where it’s just not worth it. Good mornings are one of those lifts.

Take a minute to review the in-depth post we did about Good Mornings back in February of this year.

One point that’s worth repeating is this: GMs are about hamstring flexibility and hip mobility – i.e., the movement is governed by the amount of hip travel that your hamstrings will allow. Trunk flexion (bending at the waist) plays NO PART in a GM! As such, when you’ve pushed your hips back as far as your hamstrings will allow, STOP; any movement past this point will simply be bending at the waist, which is neither productive or safe.

Met-Con: Death to PCs (Posterior Chains)

The board says it all. The need to stretch afterwards was more than apparent.

how much blue clothing can you spot in this picture?

Be sure to drink plenty of water tomorrow and hit the foam rollers – recovery is a necessary part of working out, so put in the time and do it right.


  1. Sara says:

    Great class! Love goodmornings and really enjoyed the metcon even if I am incredibly slow on box jumps. I am loving the running drills Chris has brought back from the endurance cert. Nice work Chris, maybe one day I won’t hate running!

    Congrats to all who competed in the open: Dan, Julia, Mark, Tom and Steve.

    Good luck at regionals Dan. I look forward to watching you compete.

  2. Awesome work, Dan. Qualifying for Regionals is no joke. I’m excited about watching you this year and then beginning my own training (slowly) for next year.

    Mary Catherine was giving me crap for only doing three rounds of the DL/box jump workout on Sunday. I explained to her that CrossFit is scalable for all levels and told her to leave me alone.

  3. Dan Samarov says:

    It was great to see people competing in the open and trying out some of the workouts along the way.

    I really appreciate all the cheering and encouragement throughout the 7 weeks and can’t wait to get in there and mix it up at Regionals! Thank you!

    Feel like I’ve been building up a good base over the course of the Open and for better or worse Tom seems has to honed on in the various things that absolutely kick my butt (including the deadlift box-jump WOD Sunday which was brutal).

    Hoping to see more people give some of the competitions (CF, Oly, powerlifting, road races, etc.) in the upcoming year a try… great way to meet some fantastic people and push yourself.

    Thanks again everyone, hope you can make it down to George Mason for some of the Regional competition, should be fun to watch!

  4. Tom Brose says:

    Hats off to all the competitors, and to everyone who cheered them on. Its great to see the enthusiasm, and I really hope we bring a huge presence to support Dan in June.

    That workout was a brutal posterior chain beating, probably didn’t set anyone up for a good morning on Monday (or today). Way to push through.