August 1, 2011
August 5, 2011

With a new class schedule came a move to a new workout location: the basketball court. This makes for a slightly warmer atmosphere than the studio.

Spider Crawl, 10 Dive-Bomber Push-Ups, Lunge,
10 Dive Bomber Push-Ups, Bear Crawl

Spider Crawls, Lunges, and Bear Crawls were done the length of the court.

Pose Form

Tuesday we reverted back to the basics and worked just on the feel of pulling the foot up under the body – the actual “pose” part of Pose running. We did this through 4 different drills: (1) single leg pulls; (2) triple pulls; (3) single leg pulls catching the ankle; & (4) triple pulls catching the ankle. Two points that we stressed Tuesday night: relax the pulling foot (try not to keep it in constant dorsi-flexion) and land soft.

Hang Power Cleans

Strength Warm-Up = Modified Burgener (High Hang hip extension & shrug; High Hang hip extension, shrug, and pull with elbows high and outside)

Sarah showing really good hip extension and shrug with weight.

Strength Work Sets = 5 x 2 Hang Power Cleans (Hang position was left up to the individual lifter)

Really try to apply the movement-pattern from the Burgener drills into your actual lifts, initiating with the hips, into the shrug, and then finally pulling on the weight with the arms to continue the momentum of the bar up the body. To receive, whip the elbows around and absorb the weight with the shoulders (rather than the hands).

A tip for performing hang cleans (and hang snatch as well) is to stand all the way up with the weight and then lower down into the hang position. Also, get yourself as ready as possible before lowering the weight into the hang position. This will help you avoid spending too long in the hang position, which will cause you to stiffen up and tire out before you even attempt your lift.

Great work on the power cleans – I see a lot of really good progression in form and technique, and it’s awesome to watch!

Alternating Tabata w/ Push-Ups & Jump Squats

8 minutes of work, alternating between 20 seconds of push-ups with 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds of jump squats with 10 seconds rest.

Nice work everyone. Also, I would like to roundly applaud everyone who came last night for proving me wrong! I was just sure someone would show up at 7:15 last night. As it was, we had a nice spread between the two classes, and payment switch was relatively quick and painless. Remember, same times apply for Thursday’s classes. See you all then.



  1. Steph says:

    Glad to see the first day of combined classes went well. Luckily yesterday wasn’t super hot. I’m sure everyone will love it when we go back to workout in the studio on Sunday!

  2. Andraea says:

    It was great to work on hang cleans, something I definitely need to practice. There’s just so much to think about, elbows, shrug, hip extention, feet, etc. Trying to remember everything and not trying to over think it is also a challenge.

  3. Julia says:

    Nice change of pace (and scenery).

    Don’t know if CFD folks are reading this (yet), but I look forward to working out with you guys!

  4. Amelia says:

    I continue to struggle with cleans. Lots to think about, but I know the practice is helping.

    Going to try to put some of the running drills into practice on my next run.

  5. Erica says:


    Despite the desert-like conditions, tough class. Was disappointed that I strained my pec during the diver pushups, but probably needed more abwork anyway. Was sort of relieved because I was sore after many pushups from Sunday. I feel much more balanced because after the Tabata jump squats, my quads are now equally as sore as my hamstrings.

  6. Sara says:

    @Erica – your form on the cleans has come such a long way. They looked really good last night.

    I worked on a bar with Julia and opted to do squat with my cleans. I did my working sets at 95 & 100 lbs a few sets of each. Each set I did one from high hang and one from low hang.

    My quads were on fire from the tabata as were my arms. My arms were already sore when class started. I think my lowest numbers were 11 jump squats and 6 Push-ups.

  7. Tom Brose says:

    Variations of the Olympic lifts can be frustrating, but its worth the effort to get competent. They are a major part of what we do, so I’d suggest learning to love them (or fool yourself).

    The high hang position in particular is a good way to focus on the second pull (explosive part) of the movement, without rushing it off the floor. If you can clean significantly heavier weight from the floor than the hang, this is the position to work from.

    Here is a question on the Metcon: If you met Dr. Izumi Tabata, would you shake his hand, or punch him in the face?

  8. Dan Samarov says:

    It is really hot in that gym… Starting to feel progressively better with my cleans, still letting myself come forward too much when I get to heavier weight. Worked up 2×265 on the hang power cleans, tried 270, but started coming forward and couldn’t get my elbows around fast enough. Feel as though I have more in the tank on these.

    For the tabata work I think my lowest score for push-ups was 16 or 17 and for the squats it was 20 or 21. Great work everyone!

  9. Ethan says:

    I have been trying to hydrate all day today to prepare for the new space. I felt Tuesday’s workout in what feels like every muscle in my body.

  10. edgy reggie says:

    I, for one, like cleans (as well as all the Olympic lifts). I worked up to 145#.

    The sauna-like conditions on the gym floor really sap my strength. I liked the met-con (which means that I would shake Dr. Tabata’s hand if I were to meet him), but I wished that we could have performed it in a cooler (temperature-wise) environment. But one plays the hand that one is dealt with.

    All-in-all, it was a good class for the first day of the new schedule.

    “Not too bad for and old man.” – CFDC’s own ODB

  11. Stohlman says:

    So, despite the fact that I am super late on the comments and will probably get blourpees at some point, I was very pleased with Tuesdays class. This is the first time I felt comfortable with the cleans and I also managed to get some good weight. I felt explosive, got under the bar, and got my elbows around.

    I really felt like I benefited from the PVC work, the idea of getting my elbows up after the shrug and dropping underneath the bar at the same time really resonated this time. I look forward to more cleans.

    The pushup jump squat tabata interval workout was brutal. My quads were so sore after this. Like Erika, I like tabata. But I still might punch the good doctor in the face after that workout.

  12. Stohlman says:

    I can’t help but comment again. I just noticed how patriotic that picture is. And, I’m definitely keeping the bar close to my body since it’s lifting up my shirt.