August 22, 2011
August 26, 2011

So I’m pretty sure that everyone on the East Coast is now well aware that, yes, we also get earthquakes. Everyone is also now aware that when the entirety of the DC workforce is let out en masse, things are liable to get messy on the roads – as if we didn’t learn that from this year’s snow storms. Luckily, CFDC will always be here to help ease your worries, or frustrations.

Pose Running

Tuesday’s round of form drills saw the overall focus move towards transferring the body position and pulling we’ve reviewed the last few weeks into some actual running. After reviewing the ball-of-foot hops, both static and with a forward lean, class quickly moved into utilizing that same body position while running at slow, moderate, and fast speeds. Be ready for a little more of that “fast speed” next week.

6 x 3 Heavy Thruster

The thruster is an awkward marriage of front squat and push press, neither of which are simple to perform perfectly on their own, but infinitely more difficult when put together. The default explanation for a thruster is that it’s a front squat followed by a push press (or front squat + push press). Yet, it’s not really one lift followed by another – it’s a single contiguous movement.

The issue, or difficulty, arises from the fact that the technique for the thruster is much more difficult than for either the front squat or the push press alone. This is because the ideal front squat uses a different elbow position than the ideal push press. The front rack position is hard enough, but in the thruster, a lifter must not only have a solid front rack, but then be able to transition, mid-lift, into a solid push press position.

Thrusters are often used in CrossFit workouts in high rep schemes, but going for weight can really help determine where you are weakest in the movement, areas that are perhaps covered by brute strength or speed when done at lighter weight for high volume. It’s tempting to want to concentrate on the over-head part, but remember: without a stable and well-controlled front squat, you may very well not even make it to the overhead part.

8 x Alternating Tabata Triplet

The Triplet consisted of air squats, mountain climbers, and hollow rocks. Thus, 1 round equaled 20″ squats, 10″ rest, 20″ mountain climbers, 10″ rest, 20″ hollow rocks, 10″ rest. Now repeat 7 more times to complete the met-con.

There was no scoring requirement for the workout, but there was a question about scoring Tabata-style workouts. Scoring can go one of two ways: First, you can keep total score – a running total of every rep performed during the workout – which encourages an all-out pace for as long as you can sustain it; or, Second, you can keep track of your lowest score for each exercise, which encourages a more conservative approach in the first few rounds, but should leave you pushing yourself in the last few rounds.

Great work, and many thanks on behalf of your coaches for fighting your way through post-quake traffic. See you all on Thursday.



  1. Ethan says:

    Good Workout. I happen to enjoy strength thrusters, as opposed to met-con thrusters. I worked with Tom “the Hammer” A., and Matt.

    The star of the day was clearly Liberty though.

  2. edgy reggie says:

    First, just as Chris pointed out, I can no longer say that the ground does not move (or shake) on the East Coast (especially in the metro DC area). If I ever do, you have my permission to slap some sense into me.

    Second, I may have mentioned to several of you about my hometown (which was about 35 miles from the quake’s epicenter of Mineral, Virginia). My family and friends in Culpeper are fine.

    Last night’s workout was a good one. I’m getting into the Pose running drills more and more (and liking it).

    Thrusters: I took it easy and worked up to 115# x 3. Coach Brose made sure that I was driving my head through on the extension for every rep (thanks, Coach).

    Met-con: I made sure that I did not go “all out” on this as well. Nevertheless, I did get a great workout from this met-con.

    For me, it was great to see everyone and share a few stories (from different perspectives) about yesterday’s big event. Now where is my “I Survived the Great 2011 East Coast Earthquake” t-shirt? 🙂

    I’ll be at the 7:00 class on Thursday. See you there. 🙂

    “Not too bad for an old man.” – CFDC’s (and possibly CrossFit Dupont’s) own ODB

  3. TomandAmi says:

    Nice to be back in class after a vacation/business trips hiatus. One more trip this week then back in DC for a while as of Monday. see everyone Tuesday or Thursday depending on schedule. Gearing up now for first Mid-Atlantic Hopper Masters competition!

  4. Arbi Vartan says:

    great workout – gaining the flexibility to be able to maintain the correct form for thrusters, front squats, etc.

  5. Greg says:

    Another good workout. I can feel it in my glutes and thighs today. I won’t be able to make tomorrow’s class, I am going to the Kennedy Center.

  6. Steph says:

    Haven’t done thrusters in awhile and was eager to give it a go last night.

    I worked with Erica and MacKenzie, who both rocked it. I think I still have trouble keeping my mid-line tight on the way up. On 2 of the heavy ones I might have arched my back too much or did something else wrong where I put too much weight in my heels that I almost fell back. Also need to keep in mind to control down on the squat instead of dropping. Definitely dropped big time on one and felt the impact in the spine. Worked up to 85lbs on my last set, although I think we counted the warm up set with the bar as one. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever done heavy thrusters for strength, so I guess this is a benchmark.

    Metcon was good and the hollow rocks were definitely the toughest. Had to bend my knees on the later rounds.

    Looking forward to Thursday!

  7. Erica says:

    I too like Thrusters a lot as I feel like I’m getting my total body work out (not that I dont’ on other moves, but more so on this one). I hit 75lbs (worked with Steph who never ceases to amaze me by how much she says she can’t lift and then does) and Mackenzie whose perserverence allows her to always meet her goal weight.

    I’m looking forward to finding out if the running drills are helping my run form in upcoming races 🙂

  8. Julia says:

    And thank you guys for holding class, quake, traffic, and all.

    Running pointers and workout substitution (squat cleans instead of thrusters due to some shoulder issues) also much appreciated.

    Tabata went well for me. As far as scoring and pacing goes, I’d put myself squarely in the second category.

    See you all tonight!

  9. Mackenzie says:

    Thanks for a great workout guys! And also, HUGE thanks for letting Liberty join us 🙂 She had a blast, too.

    I went for a 6 mile run last night and my time was a lot better than expected. I could feel the difference in my alignment and the way I let my feet hit the ground. Seriously made a big difference! MCM here I come!