August 24, 2011
August 29, 2011

The whole world seems askew recently, especially here on the east coast, where we seem to be bouncing from heat waves to earthquakes to hurricanes. Thursday’s class was geared to making sure everyone is prepared regardless of which way they, or the world, end up.


Handstand Holds

There was no set number, or set amount of time. Mostly these were used to help warm up the shoulders while reminding everyone that to drive up with the shoulders and keep the core pulled in tight. Both play significant roles in the following workout.


6 x Church Run, 12 OHS, 6 K2E

The Church Run is roughly 250m (out the back door, left on Phelps, left on California, left again into and through the Church Parking Lot, and back in the front door of the gym). There was no prescribed weight on the OHS, but at 72 total reps, everyone was advised to choose a manageable weight.

The key to a workout like this is breathing-control; the ability to adequately use and control your breathing simultaneously is a very powerful yet often overlooked component in many of our workouts. The run-OHS combo will really bring the point home though.

In all fairness to Andraea, her arms ARE locked out, it’s just that she’s ridiculously double-jointed at the elbows.

Think about the Biathalon, where the skiers take one or two breaths to drop their heartrate low enough to shoot. Coming back from a 250 M sprint 15 minutes in, you need to focus on getting into controlled breathing rhythm before trying to bring the bar up overhead. Its a skill to do this as quickly as possible.


Great effort on a tough workout – glad to see people brave the storms, even if they knew we were going to be running outside. Now, read on for a few announcements about some upcoming events.




Fight Gone Bad VI

Are you ready? Are you registered?

On Saturday, September 17th, CFDC will be joining in with CrossFit Dupont and CrossFit Balance for this years Fight Gone Bad 6, the sixth iteration of CrossFit’s annual workout-fundraiser. The workout raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project, along with Camp Patriot and CF Kids. To sign up for the event, click on the picture above, on the permalink at the top left hand side of the blog page, or just HERE. Register yourself, join the CrossFit DC team, and then get ready to have some fun. And just in case you hate asking people for money, its OK – you don’t have to raise money to do the workout. So who’s in?


Before we get to FGB VI, I want to make sure everyone’s aware of the 31 Heroes workout going down on September 3rd (Saturday). This workout will be done in honor of the 31 American servicemen who lost their lives on August 6th, 2011 when their helicopter crashed in Afghanistan en route to an operation. You can click on the picture above, or HERE to check out the 31 Heroes website (including the Partner WOD). Trident CF in Alexandria will be hosting the workout and have invited us to come join them for the workout. For any who are interested, we are still working on some final details, but please leave a comment or e-mail Tom or I.



  1. Steph says:

    That was an awesome workout! I was pooped afterwards.

    Did the 7pm class, it was great to have Amelia back and have Coach Salty jump in to work out with us!

    Subbed 50 double-unders for the run and used 50lbs for the OHS. 50lbs got heavy quickly, by the 3rd round I really had to stop to steady my breathing before lifting the bar. Broke quite a bit on the DUs, not sure if all the wrists used in the DUs helped loosen them up for the OHS or made them super tired. Think I actually would’ve preferred the run.

    Everyone pushed really hard, great job 7pm!!

    Really liked the workout! Enjoying a rest day today and looking forward to hitting it again tomorrow!

  2. Julia says:

    … Still giggling. Thanks, guys.

    And awesome work – overhead squats looked awesome from overhead!

  3. Andraea says:

    Julia you looked awesome on the bands from down below!

    Great workout, I was feeling really sluggish on the run though and the wrists got sore by the last round of overhead squats. I used the 40# bar for the overhead squats, next time I think I could go a little heavier, I just wasn’t sure what weight to do for 6 rounds.

    I love the picture of all of us doing handstands at the same time!

  4. Steph says:

    Told you to use 50lbs for the OHS Andraea! I think you can even go heavier than 50!

  5. Steph says:

    Oh and I finished in 16:46. It was pretty slow.

    Julia, you should do this wod one day and show us how you can crush it! 😀 Although do it when nobody’s there to make you laugh, the giggling’s really going to mess up the OHS 😉

  6. Amelia says:

    Great workout! Felt ok during it – needed to catch my breath after the run before doing the OHS but did everything unbroken. Only used a 30# bar though.

    I need to continue to work on OHS – they are so uncomfortable for me.

    Was completely wiped out by the time I got home.

  7. Sara says:

    Great workout. I went with 65lbs and didn’t tighten up in the low back from the OHS/run combo like usual. I would have liked to use 75lbs but there were too many people in class going with 65 that we needed an additional bar loaded at 65. Still a great workout!!!!

    I hung around to watch/cheer on the 7pm. Like the 6PM they all dis great with this workout.

  8. Erica says:

    Loved the girl power