August 29, 2011
September 2, 2011

Sorry for the delay, guys and gals. Internet was giving me trouble this morning and then I simply got caught up in other things. I’m posting a short recap of class below. I’m also working on a longer write up of the crossover between the running drills we’ve been working on for 2 months now and last night’s sprint workout. Stay tuned for that!

After a brief warm-up in the gym, each class was taken for a short 1/2 mile jog down to Belmont Road, bordering Rock Creek Park for the main attraction: Sprints!

6 x 100m Sprints
Athletes were run two at a time, with roughly 90 seconds rest in between sprints. Owing to less than level nature of the course, two adjustments were added: First, only 5 rounds were run, and Second, only rounds 1, 3 and 5 were timed, since the intervening rounds were more uphill.


As was noted in class, deviations of less than a 1″ between timed rounds is very good, between 1″ to 2″ is good, and anything over 2″ is less than ideal. In the follow up post, we will delve into why we use sprinting to gauge both endurance and mechanics, as well as why POSE mechanics apply equally to sprinting as to longer endurance-type runs.

4 x 3/side TGU & 3min Plank Hold

After the sprints, things slowed way down as class returned to the gym for some Turkish Get-Up work followed by a core finisher.

Class was a little crazy what with the sprints plus gym work, but I was really happy to see so many people really push themselves. Keep your running shoes handy, as sprints will definitely be making a return in the near future. Until then, mentall review your form and technique, and stretch out those legs.




UPDATE: Per our previous post last week regarding the 31 Heroes workout, Trident CrossFit has announced that they will start the first heat of the tribute workout at 8:45AM this Saturday (September 3rd) and then start new heats every 45min thereafter. This is going to be a kick-ass partner workout, done in honor of the 31 American servicemen who lost their lives on August 6th, 2011 when their helicopter crashed in Afghanistan en route to an operation. While a few have expressed interest, we haven’t really nailed down a time that would work. If you are interested in giving the workout a try (or just want to come along to cheer), please leave a comment (or e-mail Tom or I) confirming that you’re interested and specifying what times would work best for you.



  1. edgy reggie says:

    That was an interesting workout. 🙂

    100 m sprints: I’ve been used to doing “the 40” (36.58 m) on occasion. Adding another 63 m while performing it on an uneven surface adds another dimension. I knew I was “old and slow” but geez… 🙂

    I feel as if I did better on the uphill segments than on the downhill (timed) segments.

    Turkish get-ups (TGU): I used the 16 kg kettlebell for this exercise.

    Plank hold: I endured the entire 3:00 (and some change) unbroken. Singing Bobby Brown’s “Roni” to myself briefly took my mind off the plank hold.

    It was good to see Ben (Brown) in Tuesday’s class (fingers still crossed for you for no surgery) and good to see Ben (a/k/a Sebastian) back at CrossFit DC…where he belongs. 🙂

    Post-class: Double-under practice with Greg and Arbi.

    31 Heroes Workout: I took a look at it, and I think I will have to pass. Rope climbs – even at approximately 2.5 of me – are not my thing…now. I’m also unsure about a 155# thruster…some days I can lift it, other days I cannot. Yeah, I know that this workout is scalable, but… 🙂

    I sense “spectator.” 🙂

    “Not too bad for an old man.” – CFDC’s (and possibly CrossFit Dupont’s) own ODB.

  2. Sara says:

    I am in for the heros WOD. I am not sure I can’t climb rope very well and 105 thruster is pretty heavy but that’s ok. Any time is good for me. Do we need to register online?

    Tuesday’s Workout: I like sprints kept them pretty consistent timewise but I had a very tough time on the downhill sprints. I used 3 or 4 different weights for TGUs don’t remember what they were. 3 minutes of plank is tough and once you break you are doomed to take many more breaks.

    After class Tom had Julia and I do slow back exstensions on the GHD 3 sets of ten with 2s down-2s up-2s hold at top. Finally we did some side bench raises (I think thats what he called them)

    My ribcage area is very sore (I think from the side bench raises) and my hamstrings feel as if I did 1000 band good mornings.

  3. Tom Brose says:

    “1000 band Good Mornings”…Hmmm.

  4. Julia says:

    Fun stuff! I definitely underestimated how tough the sprints would feel, even just a few reps in. Lots of room for improvement in a lot of areas: turnover, not overstriding, keeping my shoulders down and relaxed… among a lot of other things, I’m sure.

    I know that wasn’t easy to organize, logistically, especially with a big 6pm group, so a big thank you to you guys for making it happen. Looking forward to more!

  5. TomandAmi says:

    Amen Brother Reggie – Like a Clydesdale. And I felt it in my legs the next day more tha nif I had done heavy squats or DLs. But seeing the glaring weakness is good and I am going to do some more running work. Good to be back in class – and did the 3 minute plank hold unbroken too (yoga Reggie!). The Turks were hard at 45 and 50#. I am planning to do the 31 WOD – earlier the better for me.

  6. Ethan says:

    I thought the combination of a leg burner(sprints) and TGU was a good one.

    I got talked into trying a v-sit at the end of class, which didn’t end up so well.

    Good to see Sebastian back in class.

  7. Erica says:

    I AM BROKEN…too sore to even foam roll

  8. Amelia says:

    Enjoyed the sprint workout. Really tough and as Julia noted, lots of room for improvement.

    Did some bonus tire flipping and alligator walking after class with Steph and Erica.

    More sore this whole week than i have been in a long time.

  9. Stohlman says:

    I had no idea sprints would make me this sore. My decline from the first one at 14 to the last at 17 wasn’t particularly admirable — at least I had someone fast to push me!

    Get-ups are fun, as always, and the plank was not so much.

    If we have to do 1000 band good mornings I’ll be walking like a velociraptor for a week.