September 12, 2011
September 16, 2011

The rain has stopped (at least for now) and the Fall weather is on it’s way. What’s not to be excited about?

Pose Running

How do we know we’re pulling our foot up under our bodies when we run in the Pose style? One way is to have a coach tell you when your foot is out of position, but that doesn’t always help you gauge where the right position is. For that, we turned to the use of partners on Tuesday night.

We started off revisiting our basic hopping drill with a forward lean to remind ourselves of good body position when running. However, we added a twist by having our partners follow in a light jog rather than a hop. This created a physical limiter for how fast the following partner could jog, allowing them to concentrate on form rather than speed.
Next we used our partners to actually provide us with a physical form check by creating two barriers with their arms in front of and behind our knees as we ran in place. If you’re still kicking out behind you, rather than pulling your foot up underneath you, you’ll constantly bump into your partners arms and hands.

Lastly, we combined into groups of four for the Chain Drill. With one person leading the group, the other three people placed their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them. On cue, the entire group performs a light jog while staying together. The focus here again is on form: reach your foot forward rather than leaning, and you’ll kick the partner in front; let your foot kick out behind, and you’ll kick the partner in back. In order to smoothly complete the drill, each partner will need to employ good foot pulls and body lean.

10 Rounds of :30″ Box Jumps, :30″ Rest, :30″ Wall Ball, :30″ Rest

explosive, explosive, explosive. That’s really the only way to describe the requirements of this workout. This was one workout where not using your hips would really take it’s toll.

Score was kept as lowest number of reps completed in any one round (similar to a Tabata style scoring) for both exercises.


2 x 10 Back Extensions
2 x AMRAP Cradle of Pain

Back extensions were done suspended on boxes with partners holding each others legs (legs bent at 90 degrees to ensure no hyper extened knees!). Additionally, each rep was prescribed as 2-2-2-0; that’s 2 second count raise, 2 second count hold at the top, 2 second count lower, and no rest or hold at the bottom – just start immediately into the next rep.

And who could forget that CFDC favorite, the Cradle of Pain?

Great work everyone. Remember, this Saturday is Fight Gone Bad. If know you are attending, please leave a comment in response to this blog post about which start time you would prefer (9AM or 10AM) and which weight class (A, B, C, or D; check the post from last week down below about what these mean if you’re not sure). Additionally, if you will not be around this weekend but would still like to participate in the workout, we will be running a limited group through on Thursday night (exact time TBD), but you must let us know before hand.


  1. SaltyHat says:

    Results to be posted soon…

  2. SBV says:

    I’d like to sign up for the 1000 slot on Saturday, heavyweight division. Although, after last night’s performance . . .

    Let’s just say it’s good to be back at CFDC. Also, thanks to Reggie (a.k.a. “Big Swoll”) for spotting me on the post-metcon core work.

  3. Andraea says:

    Another great metcon sweater! I managed to stay with the 16lb medicine ball throughout. The box jumps were rough and I have a hard time doing continueous jumps at that height. I had to reset each time before jumping again.

  4. Ethan says:

    That was a burner, but a good warmup for FGB which I plan to do tomorrow.

    Worked with Tom aka “The Hammer” A. after and we were both exhausted and drenched.

  5. Steph says:

    Wow, way to go Andraea with the 16lb ball!

    It was quite a sweat fest last night. I subbed double-unders for box jumps and db thrusters for wall balls. Doing DUs and thrusters allows me to apply some explosiveness to my workout but not as much as the prescribed that I’m not yet ready for. Thanks to Chris and Tom for the substitutions. At one point of the workout I was hoping that it was 10 rounds of both exercises combined, but as we moved into the 6th round of box jumps I realized how silly it was of me to think that. I think my lowest rounds were rounds 5 and 6, and I got the biggest numbers on my last round. It just shows that you can often push harder than you think.

    Worked with Andraea on the abs workout. The back extensions were good, I definitely felt it in my lower back and glutes during that. Cradle of pain was as awful as always.

    Looking forward to class tomorrow!! My quads are a little sore today, yay~~~

  6. Dian says:

    Put me down for a slot tomorrow night for FGB. I will do the women’s RX except for the wall-ball.

    Last night was a great warm-up for FGB. I went with a 12lb medicine ball throughout. I lost my balance in the squat position a few times with the wall ball as the rounds went on. I would get a good rhythm going but as I got tired it broke down. I actually found the box jumps to be the easier part of the workout. I had to reset each time before jumping but overall I was happy with the box jumps.

    Thanks for working with me Greg.

    I’ve decided to stop being nervous about FGB and try to enjoy myself. Great cause and I’m proud to take part.

    See everyone tomorrow night.

  7. Amelia says:

    Great workout! I was feeling tired and sluggish but this woke me right up. I used the 12 lb wall ball and hit the target on every rep which I was very happy about. Need to work on the continuous box jumps on the 20″ box.

    Love the cradle of pain!

  8. Sara says:

    Tough one. I did step ups with weight overhead instead of box jumps and used the 16lb wallball. I am having an easier time getting above the blue line on wallballs.

    I am amazed at how much better I am at the craddle of pain. Still it is a real ab killer. I felt very unstable on the back extensions. I think I prefer doing back extensions onthe GHD.

  9. Sara says:

    P.S. I am in for FGB Saturday preferably during the 9:30 slot and women’s rx’d. I can also help out tomorrow evening for those doing FGB then. I can probably make it by 6PM maybe a couple minutes after.

  10. Steph says:

    Anybody else watching the 2011 Games on ESPN2? It’s still awesome to watch months later.

  11. Erica says:

    I’m such a slow poster! Tuesday’s workout was a doozeywopper, didn’t think I was going to make it through 10 rounds, but managed to peak towards the end. I used the 12lb wall ball and finally graduated to the medium sized bo jump. It took me a round or two to warm up, so there was a three rep difference between my lows and highs on both wallball and box jump. Amelia and I def were working hard and had a pool of sweat to show for it. Sadly, I think I’m out for FGB as I want to see how well I can do (without real running training) on Sunday’s half marathon. Good luck to everyone!

  12. Julia says:

    I am NOT afraid of wallballs. #positivethinking

  13. Scott says:

    Great work out. Not a great photo of the all-male congo line.

  14. edgy reggie says:

    Uh, Scott, it’s conga line. 🙂

    @Sebastain (a/k/a Ben, SBV): You’re welcome. Thank you for spotting me as well. It’s good to have you back.

    Andraea had it right: This was another sweaty met-con. I used the 20# medicine ball for the wall ball and the 24″ box for the jumps. I transitioned from jump-on, jump-off to step-on, step-off…until the very last round.

    This workout gave me an indication of what I could do at Saturday’s “Fight Gone Bad” (which I plan to show up at either the 9:00 a.m. or 9:30 a.m. session). I like both box jumps and wall ball so…

    …300, here I come! 🙂

    “Not too bad for an old man.” – CFDC’s own ODB

  15. Stohlman says:

    I’m catching up on posting. Only Erica can use a word like doozeywopper, but I’ll agree with the sentiment. I was certainly sore after this workout.