September 21, 2011
September 26, 2011

No, we didn’t forget to program a met-con. Instead, Thursday was one of those rare occasions where class consisted entirely of a dynamic strength session.

Barbell Complex

The complex was made up of 2 power cleans, 2 front squats, 2 Push Press/Push Jerk. No time was kept. Instead, athletes were challenged to increase the load each round until they could no longer adequately complete all 6 movements.

For athletes who are less skilled at the cleans, the emphasis was on form. I saw some serious strides being made by a lot of Thursday night’s attendees. Special props to Lizzy (pictured above) and Amelia who were both pretty relentless in pursuit of better form, and while each fought with a few of the parts, they were both rewarded on the final sets of the night with some awesome looking cleans! The moral: Stick with it, and good things will happen.

Good luck to Tom A. as he competes in the 2011 Prison Yard Games to be held in Reston, VA this coming Saturday!

The strength session ran for about 20 to 30 min, which is a healthy amount of time in which to get a lot of work done. The remaining time was devoted to some much needed mobility.

Shoulders and Hip Flexors

Shoulders were done against the wall using the Assume-The-Position stretch. The hip flexor stretch was a new one:

I believe the instructions were to stand against the wall, get into a standard “Down Dog” yoga position, and then raise one leg straight into the air, using the wall to help open up the hip flexor on the extended side. Looks awesome!

As always, great work. With no met-con tonight, you can be sure there’s probably a met-con lurking around the corner somewhere, so be prepared. And speaking of being prepared:


Class this Sunday (September 26th) will be OUTSIDE owing to a church function in the gym. Plan on meeting at the parking lot gate by the gym’s front entrance for both classes (9AM and 10AM). We will walk over to Mitchell Park at about ten minutes after the respective hour (click on the link to jump to a Google maps page showing where the park is in relation to the gym).


  1. Amelia says:

    Although I missed the met-con (obviously) it was great to work on the progression.
    I think I did my first real clean…maybe. Always good to practice though.

    Great to have MC back in class!!!

    Chris and Steph, have a great trip – we will miss you!