September 23, 2011
September 28, 2011


Even when we plan on taking the workout outdoors, we still manage to get in some time in the squat racks. Although the plan was to meet outside due to a church event in the gym, we were able to make use of the gym for a quick squat session while the event was setting up.

3 sets
Max reps at bodyweight

After that, it was time to hit S St., for 4 sets of hill sprints. Class as split into two groups, one resting while the other jogged down to the start (at Mass Ave.), then sprinted back up. I mapped this out afterwords, and it came out to 270 M, a bit longer than I had estimated. Great work, including some repeated sub 1 minute times.

The title of todays post also refers to Bens training. Since his injury, he has been limited by the variety of movements, but certainly not the intensity. His version of the days work included 4 sets of 25 belt squats with a 32 kg KB, as well as a 300 M. Walking lunge on the hill. Like I sais, no easy way out.



  1. Julia says:

    Most epic commute to class ever. Thanks to Sara for the ride home and everyone for the kind words after I straggled into Mitchell Park streaked with bike grease and who knows how late. Not the best morning. But things took a definite turn for the better after 1) taking it out on the hill and 2) seeing all you wonderful people! Thank you!

  2. Tom Brose says:

    If Steph comments from China before anyone who was in class posts, its going to be blourpee-mania in here.

    Great job to all the Sunday crew, especially for cheering each other on on the last sprints.

    Everyone coming Tuesday, please bring appropriate shoes for one outdoor run in the beginning of class.

  3. Erica says:

    It’s not because I <3 him, but I really must comment on the amazing dedication, discipline, motivation, and heart demonstrated by Ben. It's really been inspiring to see how nothing can keep a real athlete down.

    Amazing efforts by all getting up those hills on Sunday. Small class, but BIG hearts! I can’t say I’ve ever run so fast, for so long, up such a big hill (4x). Need to work on getting more depth on my squats though.

  4. SaltyHat says:

    Burpees and Hill Sprints – sorry to have missed that one…well, not too sorry.

    Definitely miss everyone from CFDC, but Hong Kong’s been doing it’s best to keep us occupied. I think Steph and I have eaten enough to feed a small army.

    Now, maybe I can convince Steph to follow suit on those hill sprints up Victoria Peak this morning.

  5. Tom Brose says:

    Well, Erica may have saved everyone, but close.

    Salty, make sure to get some pics at CF Asphodel. Grab me a shirt if they have any, the one they gave me was a medium small.

  6. Greg says:

    I could really feel by quads yesterday from the squats and running. Chris and Steph, have a great time!

  7. Ben says:

    Really enjoyed the Sunday class. I am still sore from the uphill lunges! The modified squat that Tom had me work on with the KB was great, it felt good to squat with resistance again.

    Great job to the uphill sprinters in class, that looked really tough, but everyone pushed through.

    Glad to hear from Chris and Steph, hope you are having fun! Excited to hear about the trip.