September 26, 2011
September 30, 2011


With all the running drills we’ve been working, Tuesday night was time to put it too the test. After a bit of jumprope, hamstring,hip and ankle mobility, it was time to hit the streets. The wet pavement and uphill finish definitely make this a tougher test than a track, but isn’t the challenge what we look for? Really impressive times for our finishers with Sebastian leading the men at a 6:00, and Julia taking the womens time at 7:04. More importantly, there were a lot of times close on their tails, and some big PRs from our “non runners”. Possibly all that work Chris has been putting in is paying off…

Back inside it was a switch in gears- from all out speed to two movements that require control and stability first and foremost. While the Turkish Getup is known for those attributes, the walking DB Good Morning also requires core strength, isometric work in the lats and rear delts, and grip work. the key to the movement is short steps, and only going as far as flexibility allows while maintaining a tight arched spine. Think of the same points as an RDL or GM, one leg at a time, while keeping hips from rotating out. Adds up! this also falls under the “it feels like a nice stretch” as you do it category. Those illusions are likely now shattered (if not, tomorrow AM).



  1. SBV says:

    Thank you, Dan, for setting a great pace on the first half of the run. It’s much easier to trail somebody than it is to set your own pace.

    I really struggle with form on most of our posterior chain work (i.e., good mornings, RDLs, and deadlift). My hamstrings and back are brutally tight it greatly restricts range of motion. I also struggle to engage the lats and find that my upper back rounds, even at light weights.

    CrossFit always finds a way to humble you.

  2. Erica says:

    OMG, I have been looking for an excuse to do a timed mile, but literally could not walk yesterday after the hill springs and squats on Sunday so it wasn’t my day. Very impressive SBV and JLam (aka giggles).

  3. Dan Samarov says:

    Great job on this folks (particularly Sebastian who smoked me on the hill coming back up from Mass Ave!)! I really like that we went out and did this kind of a workout… sets a great benchmark and would be great to revisit on more of a regular basis, especially with our focus on pose running.

    The hamstring work was a perfect follow up, again another area I need a lot of work on. Need to start doing more of these types of drills outside of class as well.

  4. edgy reggie says:

    Quote: “CrossFit always finds a way to humble you.”

    Let the church say “Amen!” 🙂

    @Sebastian: Remember who said you could do a 6:00 mile at the beginning of your class. 🙂 Congratulations to you and to Julia.

    I was a bit bummed by my mile time last night. I know I freely admit that I’m not a runner (a lot), but I did expect a sub-ten minute time also. Oh well…moving on. Not every day can be a PR day (especially when one is coming off a head cold, sore quads, and sore glutes). 🙂

    I like performing the Turkish get-ups, but I felt a little tight last night. I used 40# dumbbells for the first two sets and 45# for the final set (hand claps for Julia on the 45# set). I used the 40# dumbbells for the walking DB good mornings.

    After class, I headed to Bethesda to Winnie’s “special” Tuesday night yoga class. (I say “special” because Winnie will be overseas from September 29 to December 4.)

    @Steph and Chris (“Salty”): If you are reading this, I hope that both of you are having a great trip. 🙂

    “Not too bad for an old man.” – CFDC’s own ODB

  5. Tom Brose says:

    Pics will be up tonight, blogger was acting up this AM, and I had to head out the door.

    I really think that the emphasis on postural drills combined with our relentless posterior chain work will build speed as well as explosiveness. Passed this test at least. Get ready for some upper body fun on Thursday night!

  6. Dian says:

    I was a little afraid of the 1-mile run and thought of doing the shorter distance. Tom B. talked me out of it and I’m really glad he did. I did the mile in 8:13 and I’m going to remember that time for when we revisit this run. Very impressed by Julia’s and Sebastian’s times.

    I actually remembered how to do the Turkish get-ups (not known for my coordination) and was reminded that I need to do more core work.

  7. Sara says:

    I did the mile run and was happy to finish with a sub 9 minute time. I would have liked it to be closer to 8:30 or 8 but you can’t always get what you want. Maybe one day I will have an 8min mile.

    This was the first time I’ve done the walking good mornings. Took me a couple tries to figure out the size of the step I should take so I don’t lose balance. Working the posterior chain is a strength for me. Positioning, posture and understanding of these types of movements seem to come naturally to me. Even though I have been frustrated with what seems to be a decline in strength for me on things like DLs, GMs and squats I still enjoy all of them. I used 30# DBs on all three of my sets. I think I could kick them up a bit. Still have grip dificulties with dumbbell work.

    After class Julia and I did some L-sit holds, hipand back extensions and side bridge raises. Julia kicked but on the L-sits (5 sits all 40s or longer). My max was 17s.

  8. Arbi says:

    I did my best on the run coming off of a red-eye flight straight to work, but the training (and coconut water) helped me hit a new PR at 7:04. I had been above 8 before CF and I think the improvement is a testament to the great program (and coaches!)

    It was great getting a chance to use the pose running technique on a longer than usual run – I think I can work to maintain more consistent form throughout to try to hit sub-7; I tended to yo-yo in and out of the technique about mid-way through.

    I used 40# dumbbells for the strength work but struggled with the weight for the walking good mornings.

  9. Julia says:

    Wow, Dian! – awesome work. Also, congrats (and welcome) to Kiehl, who took the 6pm mile. And nice job to Ami, who ran (in the rain! in the gloom! uphill!) even though she “didn’t want to.”

    Steph and Chris, I miss you guys and hope the trip is going great!

    And Tom, objection to the term “non-runner,” even in quotes… it isn’t a fact; it’s an excuse – and I think everyone around here rose well beyond that on Tuesday night. Just saying! 🙂

  10. Tom Brose says:

    Julia, I’m happy to stand corrected on that point. Absolutely true, and when we don’t find ways to talk ourselves out of things, we’re all capable of a lot more.