December 2, 2011
December 7, 2011

After two information laden workouts, and their resulting posts, Sunday took a turn for the simple.

6 x 3 Cluster Deadlifts

The “cluster,” for our purposes, means together but separate. So, in each set, you perform the given number of reps, but with 10 to 20 seconds of rest in between in each rep. This emphasizes the initial, un-loaded set-up for every rep (as opposed to having one initial rep with an unloaded set-up, followed by two more reps which are performed under tension garnered from the preceding rep). Lifters could increase weight across the 6 sets up to 80-85% of their 1RM.

Performing bottom-up lifts in this manner (think DL, Cleans, Snatch – anything where the weight starts on the floor) will really help you in getting tight during your set-up, and can be especially helpful for those who struggle with the lift off for the DL.

Odd & Even AMRAP

12 Min AMRAP of 3 Burpees on the minute followed by AMRAP Thrusters on the Odd minutes (i.e., the 1st min, 3rd min, 5th, etc.) and AMRAP Sit-Ups on the Even minutes (2nd min, 4th min, 6th, etc.). Score was total reps (thrusters & sit-ups only) during the 12 minutes.

Definitely a tough way to finish off the day. Nice work in a big class. If you haven’t had a chance to RSVP for the Holiday Get-Together, please do so. We’ll be following up with some more information soon, but we’d like to get a semi-accurate head count before then.



  1. SBV says:

    My records indicate that we last pulled heavy deadlifts on 23 October. On that day, my heavy singles were performed at 285#. Yesterday, I pulled 285# for the last four sets of three clustered reps. Although I’m uphappy with those numbers overall, I can’t deny the progress. I’m looking forward to re-breaking the 300# barrier soon (and 315# shortly thereafter).

    I really enjoyed the metcon, too. I ended up with 58 dumbbell thrusters (40#) and 103 sit-ups over the course of 12 minutes. I pushed really hard, but think I would have pushed even harder had we kept the original 50/100 format. In that case, there’s additional incentive to push through the pain because you get to finish earlier. Either way, it was a great workout, and it reminded me of the feeling of a an actual event in a CrossFit competition.

    Rest day Monday. Looking forward to getting after it again on Tuesday.

  2. Erica says:

    The pictures on the blog = the proof is in the (paleo) pudding. Julia, Ben and Ben/Sebastian look awesome! I normally am not a fan of deadlifts and wasn’t feeling great to begin with, but felt happy with my performance, even if Tom poo pooed my (help Christian and MC?) 139# pull as being “too light for me”.

    Metcon was another grinder and I am glad the format was switched so I didn’t have to juggle numbers in my head. I was aiming for at least ten thrusters every round (not sure about sit ups) and was struggling at the end. It was hard to decide if I should power through the minute with the thurster/sit up or set myself up to be ready to burp on the top of the minute. Big apologies to Erin and Tara for giving them a hard time, they were rockstars! I will work on finding a better balance between motivating my teammates and shutting up.

  3. Ben says:

    The DL work was great yesterday, and I really like the format for the lifts. It was good practice to realy focus on the starting position with each lift instead of continuing through a progression of reps.

    The metcon was a great workout, but DB thrusters are one of my “goats”, so it was a challenge. Thanks to Sarah for queuing me to keep my knees out when I started to get tired, appreciate it.

  4. Dan Samarov says:

    Sorry I missed this one. Anything thruster is terrible, let alone close to 6 minutes of AMRAP thrusters. Lizzy and I should be at class tomorrow night. If you all haven’t already try logging your workouts on


  5. Amelia says:

    I worked with Dian and Bonnie on the DL’s. I worked up to 155 for my sets (did one at 165 and felt myself struggling so dropped back down)

    Metcon was a tough one. Lost count after the first few rounds. DB thrusters are definitely not my favorites. As Tom noted, I need to make sure I come down low enough in the squat.

  6. Katie says:

    This looks great, sorry to have missed it — I’m looking forward to getting back to class tomorrow night! I haven’t done anything over the past 5 days, unfortunately, unless you count a few SDHPs of my suitcase? :o)

  7. Sara says:

    I went up to 230 on the deadlifts. I finished 5 sets before breaking down the bar for the metcon.

    I used 30lb DBs and finished with 167 total reps. I’m not even sure if I got 50 thrusters. I definitely finished with more than 100 situps.

  8. Julia says:

    Heavy lifts, tough grinder – solid way to close out the week. Looking forward to tonight.

  9. Steph says:

    Solid way to close out the week? It’s only Tuesday! I wish Tuesdays closed out weeks!!!

    Only did the metcon on Sunday and it was tough. I used 20lb dbs and subbed crunches for sit-ups. Went all out on the first round of thrusters because I knew even if I paced myself, my numbers is the later rounds would drop dramatically so might as well go all out on the 1st one to get a few more. I think I got 18-20 in the first round, and then were in the 7-10 range for the rest. Have no idea how many crunches I did.

    Looking forward to the workout tonight!