December 19, 2011
December 23, 2011

With a large majority of people heading out of town this week, we figured we’d send everyone off with a kind-of super chipper done in the style of last year’s CrossFit Games final workout. Interestingly enough, when we thought we’d send “everyone” off with this workout, we didn’t think we’d do it in the span of a single class (final count for the 6pm was 22 people!)

 in 5 min, complete the following: 
1 Plate-Push Suicide (Rx’d M:45/W:25) 
15 Box Jumps (Rx’d M:24”/W:18”) 
30 Ab Mat Sit Ups 
 in 10 min, complete the following: 
1 Plate-Push Suicide 
15 Box Jumps 
30 Ab Mat Sit Ups 
40′ OH Plate Walking Lunge (Rx’d M:45/W:25) 
15 KB Swings (Rx’d M:24kg/W:16) 
30 Hand Release Push-Ups 
 in 15 min, complete the following: 
1 Plate-Push Suicide 
15 Box Jumps 
30 Ab Mat Sit Ups 
40′ OH Plate Lunge 
15 KB Swings 
30 Hand Release Push-Ups 
15 KB Jerks/side (Rx’d M:24kg/W:16) 
30 Plate Get-Ups (Rx’d M:45/W:25)

Notes & Scaling for the workout: 

 1 Plate Suicide = to mid-ct & back, far-ct & back, mid-ct & back. This was scaled down to mid-ct & back, far-ct & back, or even further to far-ct & back.

 40′ OH Plate Walking Lunges were done to mid-ct and back (so that the plate would end up back on the towel for the following plate push). Scaling could be accomplished by dropping to a 25lb plate (from a 45lb), or to a 16 or 14lb medicine ball (from a 25lb plate).

 KB Jerks, while seemingly straight forward, can be tricky if un-practiced. Unfortunately, the middle of a 30minute workout isn’t the time to practice a new movement, so anyone unfamiliar with the KB jerk replaced the exercise with a DB jerk (push presses were fine for either movement as well).

Plate Get-Ups = from the prone position, and with the plate held in both hands – hugged against the body or held out away from the chest in both hands – come to a standing position in any manner possible while keeping both hands on the plate at all times. Scaling included holding on to the plate with one hand while using the other to assist in getting up and down, and/or reducing the weight of the plate.

 The above represent the more major scaling options that had been considered in advance of Tuesday’s classes. However, there were also some last minute adjustments that were required.

Necessary Class Adjustments: 

 6pm = well, let’s just say that, while the coaches had considered the potential for a large class, 20+ people was beyond what even we had considered. As such, we made the following adjustments for the 6pm crew: plate-push suicide was equal to 4 trips to mid-ct & back (scaled down to 3 trips, or 2 trips); additionally, in the 5min block, athletes had the option to complete the ab-mat sit-ups before the box jumps, and in the 10min block, athletes had the option to complete the Push-Ups before the KB swings.

7pm = sadly for the 7pm crew, while there were only 7 of them, the floor had pretty much been scrubbed clean, resulting in ridiculously difficult plate pushes – we might as well have poured glue all over the floor (it took the 7pm crew, on average, a full minute more to complete the plate pushes, and the sticking points in the floor were glaringly obvious). As such, the time for the first block was increased to 6min, the second block to 12min, and 18min for the third block.

It was cool to see such mass-chaos come off as well as it did in the 6pm class. Also, a huge shout-out of praise and thanks to Sara, Steph & Julia for being kind enough to remove themselves from the 6pm and wait around for the 7pm class instead; it was extremely gracious, and they ended up being thanked with brutally sticky plate pushes. I also want to thank the 7pm in general for helping put all the equipment away. I know many of you are leaving before Thursday’s class, or have already departed, but it’s our sincere hope that all of you have a Happy Holidays. For those of you still in town, we’ll see you back here on Thursday.



  1. Steph says:

    I think a lot of people are going to agree with me that the plate pushes were by far the worst part of that workout. Holy leg burn!

    I used a 25lb plate for the pushes and the lunges, 20″ box for the box jumps, 16kg kb for the swings, 20lb db for the jerks, and subbed box-step-up-matrix with a 12kg kb for the plate get-ups. The last thing took so long that I was 2 reps away from completing everything.

    Great workout. I was quite sweaty and beat afterward, but nothing some spicy delicious Chinese pork can’t fix!

    Have a great holiday to all those who will already have left town on Thursday! For the rest of you, see you tomorrow!!

  2. SBV says:

    Glad I attended the morning class and beat the crowd. I agree with Steph that the plate pushes were by far the worst part of that workout. Chris was trying to coach me to take choppier steps, but I couldn’t conceptualize it mid-workout. I just tried to drive the hell out of the plate, and it wiped me out. I only made it about half-way up the box on my first box jump. I finished the first segment in 4.20, the second segment in 10.00 on the dot, and made it through 16 kettlebell jerks on the last segment. Not having a rest period between segments 2 and 3 was killer.

    Thanks for the coaching, Chris. I wanted to keep moving, but the legs just wouldn’t respond.

  3. Katie says:

    I had to leave a Christmas party early to make it to the 7 p.m., but I’m glad I did!

    Plate pushes:
    I scaled to the lowest option on the plate pushes…I perhaps could have done another half-court and back, but Tom and Chris said in the beginning, I didn’t want to be doing plate pushes the entire time. I added another towel under my plate, too…the first time I got stuck on some sweat, which was brutal, so I thought another towel would help the sliding. (is that cheating?) The plate pushes were another exciting benchmark of my progress, because I was able to do almost half court without rest…I had flashbacks to the brutal metcon my second or third week when I kept crashing to the floor after every few steps.

    Continuing my theme of having trouble within anything “OH”, the hardest part by far was the OH walking lunges, and that was even scaled to a 14# medicine ball. Push-ups were also tough (scaled to my knees); I maybe should have gone to using two boxes, but now that I know I can do full knee push-ups I wanted to keep it there. They took me a LONG time and slowed me down a lot — second round I only got to 20/30 push-ups, and third round I only managed to get to one get-up.

    I talked to myself a lot during this class, which is weird for me. Again, I had to be conscious that I can now do things faster and better than previously — I was being slow on sit-ups, then thought of Sara cranking them out last week, so I sped up and was able to keep that pace.

    I did 25# for the plate pushes, 12# box (jump up, step down) for the box jumps, 14# for the lunges, 16kg for the swings, 15 then down to 12.5# db for the jerks, and 25# for the one get-up I did.

    I’ll stop typing now. Great class, and I’m glad I’ll be here tomorrow!

  4. Amelia says:

    Great workout. I was extremely stressed and overwhelmed and this took my mind off things for an hour which was much needed.

    Plate pushes were definitely the toughest part. I used a 25# plate, 20″ box for box jumps, 16kg for swings, 24# for the OH lunges,15# for jerks and 25# for get ups. I finished the final round with about 90 seconds to go.

    I leave for Argentina tomorrow night. Happy Holidays everyone!!
    I won’t be back until the New Year.

  5. Sara says:

    After stepping out of the 6 PM I decided to do my wendler work with strict presses. This week was my 5-3-1+ week and I got 5 reps at 90lbs on the last set. I was pretty happy with that. Ok now on to class.

    This was one tough workout for me. I had a headache going into class and it only got worse as the even went on. Usually it feels better after a workout. Anyway, I decided to try a 35lb plate for the plate pushes. That thin didn’t budge at all when I started so swapped out the towlel for a cleaner/thinner one. That work but the pushes were still slow. I needed about 15 seconds before I could go into the box jumps. I ended up not with 4 situps remaining on part 1 at the end of the 6 minutes. I think it took me maybe 4:30 to finish the plate push (a little strange for me).

    In the 10/12 minute block I stuck with the 35lb plate push and finished my last push-up with 10 seconds to go. I used a 20kg KB for swings and did 20 alternating overhead step-ups with a 25lb plate instead of lunges.

    In the 15/18 minute block I dropped down to a 25lb plate for the plate pushes. I got to 16 or 17 plate get-ups befoe time ran out. I started with a 16KG KB on the jerks but was pretty disoriented at that point so I found a 30lb DB to finish up with. I still used the 20kg for swings and 25lb plate for overhead step-ups.

    With the headache I had my head was feeling very heavy so I spent a lot of time during the workout making sure I was ready for the next rep or exercise. I also spent some time looking for the appropriate weights. I was disappointed that I had difficulty finishing each section in the alloted time and ended with no rest time but I still took my time because I wanted to make sure I was ok to continue.

    I was pretty done after the workout and couldn’t really talk. I am sorry if I ignored anyone that may have spoken to me.

  6. Steph says:

    Katie, way to skip out early on your holiday party to come to class! And you’ve made so much progress from when you first started crossfit it’s been amazing to watch! Keep at it, we’re so happy you’re part of CFDC!

    Amelia, I’ll miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Erica says:

    Yesterday was so kickass!!! I used the 25#er for the plate push (and the bottom of a large broom, sorry 7 pmers), 20″ box jump, heavy and lighter kb (moving fast, dont’ remember the sizes), 25#er for lunges, pushups on my knees, and 25#er with no hands. My biggest disappointment was not finding the right sized kettlebells before starting and sucking at pushups (still), but my biggest excitement was killing all three rounds of the plate pushers (sorry again 7 pmers). I couldn’t feel my legs on the box jumps, but went right into them after. I finished each set with at least 1 minute to spare, which was a huge relief.

    I’m sad I’m missing Thursday’s class but not sad that I’m not missing Sunday’s. I’m sorry that I ran out yesterday and didn’t get to say goodbye, but happy holidays everyone!!

    And seriously, thanks for the “flattering” first picture. What happened to the triceps?

  8. Dian says:

    Hey, I thought the workout was reminiscent of the CrossFit games finale.

    I broke a few traffic rules to make it to class for 6pm (I was still late) but there is no way I was missing plate pushes again!

    I used the 25lb plate for the pushes. I did 2 laps as suggested by Chris. I knew the plate pushes would suck (holy leg burn indeed) but I am so glad that I am finally no longer a plate push virgin.

    I used a 14lb ball for the lunges. I’m not sure of the height of the box or weight for the kettlebell. I used a 15lb dumbbell for the jerks.

    I finished up the first round with time to spare and then I got to 20 something pushups in the second round and I managed about 8 get-ups with the 25lb plate in the third round.

    Safe travels to those out of town.

    I’m sticking around so see ya tomorrow.

  9. edgy reggie says:

    When I arrived early for the 7:00 class, my first reaction was “Oh my gosh!” Props to Coach Tom and Coach Salty for keeping the 6:00 class moving. Props also to everyone in the 6:00 class…great job from what I saw.

    But when participants of the 6:00 class were saying “Oh, you’re going to have fun”(without smiling), that raised a red flag to me. It’s the equivalent of when Jeremy Clarkson asks “How hard could that be?” before a Top Gear challenge. 🙂

    The plate pushes weren’t as hard for me as they were for others. I was next to one of the CrossFit DC speedsters (a/k/a “Ms. Badass Giggles”, a/k/a Julia) which provided a bit of…ummm, competition. I was able to perform the rx’ed pushes, but I did pause at the end of each run as time went on.

    I substituted step-ups for box jumps because my right knee had that “funny feeling” (looking back, I suspect that it was muscle soreness near the insertion point), but I didn’t want to push it. Besides, my legs were wobbly from the plate pushes and the after-effects of Sunday.

    For the first set of lunges, I used a 35# plate; but for the final set, I used the 45# plate. My lunges need work (thus, I plan to do more split squats and some barbell/dumbbell lunge work tonight at CrossFit Bethesda). Thanks to Coach for working with me on the lunges.

    I used the 24 kg kettlebell for the swings. I don’t know what I used for the kettlebell jerks (I’m guessing 12 kg).

    I used a 35# plate for the plate get-ups, but I was twenty-six reps away from completing the entire workout. Oh well…I think I worked off all those ribs, vegetable lasagna, jalapeno cornbread, stuffed mushrooms, mac-and-cheese, bacon fudge, cupcake, and chocolate-chocolate-chip cookies from Sunday’s party. 🙂

    Through all the sweat and heavy breathing, I liked this workout. Really. 🙂

    If this workout was the send-off to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc., then what will next Thursday’s workout be for the last CrossFit DC workout of 2011? Lumberjack? 🙂

    For everyone in the CrossFit DC “family” who is traveling, I wish you safe travels.

    I will be “local;” therefore, I am attending Thursday’s 6:00 p.m. class and Winnie’s 8:00 p.m. yoga class in Bethesda. Who’s with me? 🙂

  10. Ben says:

    I agree with you Steph! The plate pushes were definitely the hardest part of the workout. I used a 45 lb plate and it felt trying to push it through sand. Great job to the 7 PM folks in pushing through it.

    Made it through all three rounds with a little time to spare, not much. Probably one of my favorite workouts so far.

  11. Julia says:

    That was some sendoff! Loved it, when I wasn’t fighting for air. Thanks, Chris and Tom, for keeping me honest – and still standing at the end (if just barely). Major props to the 7pm for fighting through some seriously sticky conditions. But hey, none of us show up for class in hopes of getting off easy, right? Nice work, everyone; safe travels to those heading out of town; and happy holidays!

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