February 3, 2012
February 6, 2012

Just FYI: The Smackdown workouts have been announced! Click the link…or you can simply scroll down to the previous post… 

With a few heavy workouts in the bag, and a weekend full of competition and more heavy work, Thursday’s classes focused on some explosive plyometric work followed by some interval conditioning.

Broad Jumps and Bounding

1 x 5 Broad Jumps

  • 5 broad jumps, maximizing each broad jump to cover as much distance as possible, followed by a light jog to the far end of the bball court. Speed was not a consideration, only maximum distance covered in each jump. 

1 x High Bounding (1/2 court)

  • Also known as “power skips.” Although the high bounding was done to 1/2 court, these are not distance-focused; rather, the emphasis is on driving the knee, and by extension the body, as high as possible on each bound. Speed was not a consideration, only driving as high as possible with each skip. Upon reaching 1/2 court, lightly jog the remaining 1/2 court. 

1 x Broad Jump x 40′

  • Instead of a set number of jumps, the goal this round was to cover a set distance (~40′, or half the length of the bball court) in as few jumps as possible. Once again, neither speed nor time was a factor, allowing athletes to concentrate on maximizing each broad jump.

2 x Long Bounding (Full Court)

  • Although termed “bounding,” this exercise was very different from the earlier high-bounds/power-skips. The goal is to maximize the distance covered with each stride. The arms and knee-drive still play a large part, but the front leg must now extend, reaching forward. The goal was to cover the length of the bball court in as few strides as possible. 

2 x Broad Jump 80′ for Time

  • The culminating exercise was to broad jump the length of the court as fast as possible. Distance covered by each jump will be slightly diminished, but the goal is to use the absorption when landing as the set-up for the next jump (as opposed to absorbing, standing, re-loading, then jumping again). Use of the arms is a must, as is maintaining good posture. Without fully utilizing the arms, both timing and balance will be greatly impaired. Without good posture, stringing together consecutive jumps will become increasingly difficult, as the body fights to re-right itself after each jump while also preparing for the next instantaneous jump. 

The focus on posture and explosive movement was not an abstract piece of class, however, as the met-con would involve multiple movements with very similar demands.

3 Rounds of
– 1 minute max reps Box Jumps;
– 1 minute max reps Wall ball;
– 1 minute REST;
– 1 minute max reps DB Squat Cleans;
– 1 minute max reps Sit-Ups;
– 1 minutes REST 

Weight for the DB Squat Cleans was prescribed so that both DB’s equaled roughly 1/3 body weight for the ladies, and 1/2 body weight for the gents.

The explosive requirement in the met-con should be evident, whether it’s moving the body through space (as with the box jumps), or using the body to move an object through space (as with the wall balls and squat cleans). The ab-mat sit-ups are not simply a random add-in either. As with the pre-metcon plyometric work, posture plays a huge roll in the three other movements, and core stability is the ultimate arbiter of posture. Lose the core, and the first thing you’ll notice is chest drop, which makes it hard to jump as high, or throw the ball straight up, or hit full extension with the DB’s.

A reminder to come out and support your fellow athletes at the Smackdown tomorrow if you’re around. Also, class will be at it’s regular time on Sunday, including the 9am Elements (which will cover push press, push jerk, and kettlebell swings).



  1. Sara says:

    This was a fun short workout. I used 30lb DBs and a 16lb wallball. I used the 19″ box. Since I am limited to stepping down on box jumps and can’t really do continuous, I could have used a taller box to work on explosiveness (next time). I was very consistent throughout the rounds.

    Good luck to everyone competing tomorrow. This will be a fun day. I’ll see you all at 11.

  2. Erica says:

    Went light yesterday in preparation for tomorrow. Unfortunately going light still felt heavy. It felt kind of sad, actually. Used the teensy tinsy box, 8# wall ball, and 15lb DBs.

  3. Amelia says:

    Nice pic of me bounding…

    I used 15lb DBs, 10# wall ball and the medium box. Stayed pretty consistent throughout the rounds.

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  4. Ditto basically everything that Amelia said–used same weights, ball, and box, and am also looking forward to tomorrow!

  5. Katie says:

    It was one of those “just glad I made it” nights…I was exhausted, and it showed. 15# DB (just did power cleans since I’m not comfortable with squat cleans yet), 8# wall ball, 12″ box. I unfortunately hit my shin on the box, so I’m a little bruised today. (Oddly enough, I did it as Chris was telling Kenna to not look at the box and I realized I was and attempted to correct mid-jump…bad idea!) I feel like it’s a rite of passage, though.

    I’ll be there to cheer on the CFDC teams tomorrow, looking forward to spectating and seeing everyone kick butt!

  6. Kenna says:

    I thought this was a great workout– fun and challenging. I used the baby-size box, started with the 10#ball and moved down to 6# ball for rounds 2&3. I also used 25#DBs, which was pretty heavy for me. I was able to do squat cleans for the round 1 and then for half of rounds 2&3 before switching to power cleans. I need to work on posture throughout all of these movements!

    Sorry I missed the smackdown, looks like you all had a blast from the pics on FB!

    PS What’s up with ladies-only commenters this week? Ha!