February 1, 2012
February 3, 2012

Saturday, February 4th, 2012 

 General Information 

3 workouts, plus a 4th and final showdown for the top 5:

  • WOD #1: full team (all 4 members compete) 
  • WOD #2: 1 male & 1 female
  • WOD #3: 1 male & 1 female (must be different pair from WOD #2) 
  • WOD #4: ???

Rank assigned on a “rank equals points” system (i.e., first place equals 1 point)

  • WOD #1 scored by reps 
  • WOD #2 scored by time 
  • WOD #3 scored by reps
  • WOD #4 ???
  • Lowest total points equals highest ranking (i.e., three first place finishes results in three total points and puts that team in 1st place) 
  • 5 teams with the highest rankings will compete in a 4th and final workout to determine Winner and Runner Up 

WOD 1: 8 min Max Reps DL 
(full team, points-based scoring

Weight options:                           Score per Rep:
 95                                             M=0 / W=1
135                                            M=1 / W=2
185                                            M=2 / W=4
225                                            M=3 / W=6
275                                            M=4 / W=8 

Two bars per team, but only one teammate lifting at a time. Each teammate must complete at least one rep. Lifters must alternate between male and female. As one teammate lifts, the other 3 mate load the second bar as needed.

  • Deadlift Standards
    • Starting Position: both plates must touch the ground; 
    • Finished Position: the hip and knee must be fully extended. 
    • Deadlifts may be done in a touch-and-go style, but the weight can NOT be bounced or forcefully rebounded off the floor. 
WOD 2: 3 x 12 HR Burpees, 24 Sit-Ups, & Bear Crawl* 
(1 M/ 1 F, time-based scoring) 

Partners alternate rounds until each has completed 3 rounds a piece of 12 hand release burpees, 24 sit-ups and 1 50 foot bear crawl. For example, Partner A does 12 burpees, 24 sit-ups, and then bear crawls 50 feet (25 feet out and back) before tagging Partner B, who does 12 burpees, 24 sit-ups, and then bear crawls 50 feet (25 feet out and back).
* There is a 15 min Time Cap; a 5 sec penalty will be assessed per incomplete rep

  • Burpee Standards
    • Bottom Position: Chest must be touching the ground, with hands clearly off the ground; 
    • Top Position: hips fully extending with a clap overhead; 
  • AB Mat Sit-Ups Standards
    • Starting Position: shoulders must touch ground; 
    • Finished Position: hands must touch feet (may be anchored by partner) and heels must remain in contact with ground. 

WOD 3: 8min AMRAP Shoulder-to-OH // Sprints 
(1 M/1 F, points based scoring) 

Weight options:                           Score per Rep: 
65                                              M = .5    / W = 1
95                                              M = 1    / W = 2
115                                            M = 1.5 / W = 3
135                                            M = 2   / W = 4

Partners alternate with only partner working at a time. Partner A performs as many consecutive shoulder-to-overhead as possible; if the bar is dropped, or passes below the chest on any rep, Partner A must run 8 sprints (1 sprint = 25 feet). Partner B may only begin their shoulder-to-overhead once Partner A is completely done with the sprints. Bar for the Ground-to-OH starts on the ground. During the sprints, bar must remain on the ground until the sprinting partner finishes. There will be 2 bars per platform, but weights must be chosen at the beginning of the workout and cannot be changed during the workout (scaling down during the workout is allowed, but will negate all previous lifts by that partner).

  • Shoulder-to-OH Standards
    • Starting Position: the bar must touch the front shoulder or collarbone; 
    • Ending Position: Knees must be fully extended with the arms fully extended overhead and the ear visible. 
    • A lifter may not rack the bar on their back. 
    • A broken set is when the bar is dropped or passes below the chest line. 
  • Sprint Standards
    • One hand must visibly touch the indicated line at each end of the course.

WOD 4: To Be Determined…


  1. SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! Look out everyone, the Bromosapiens are coming to town… 😉

  2. Tom Brose says:

    Can’t wait to see what last nights shopping spree will provide. Time to have some fun.

  3. Dan Samarov says:

    It will provide destromination!

  4. Erica says:

    And awesomeness particularly since the Bromosapients are rocking the comment section here. And Tom, bring your sunglasses. Are outfits are glaringly awesome, glaringly 🙂

  5. Arbi says:

    Get ready for a challenge Bromosapiens – the NEANDERTHALS & DOLLS are going to bring the heat (and the style).

    Can’t wait for tomorrow, good luck all!