February 15, 2012
February 20, 2012

While it’s true that more than a few people did at least one workout that was the exact same as they had done two weeks ago, it’s also true that those people got to see how the other half lived that day. It also gave everyone who wasn’t able to compete in the Smackdown a chance to see what all the fuss had been about.

 WOD #1: 
8min AMRAP Shoulder-to-Overhead & Sprints

With only 1 partner working at a time, complete as many shoulder-to-overhead reps with the barbell as possible. Partners could choose to use either 65lbs, 95lbs, or 115lbs, scaling as necessary. The shoulder-to-overhead meant that any style of pressing could be used – strict press, push press, push jerk, or even split jerk. Each movement had to be complete, so both knees and elbows fully extended at the top.

Each partner worked to get as many reps as possible in one go, and then, once the bar dropped or was put down, that partner had to complete 4 cross-court sprints (50′ one way, so a total of 100′ for each out-and-back) and tag their partner. Only then could the second partner begin their AMRAP shoulder-to-overhead attempt. Partners worked back and forth in this manner for 8 minutes, with the final score being total reps between the two of them. Owing to the number of people, both evening classes were run in two separate heats, so while heat two completed WOD #1, the first heat prepped themselves to take on WOD #2.

 WOD #2: 
3 x 12 HR Burpees, 24 Sit-Ups, & Bear Crawl

Again, only 1 partner could be working at a time. This time however, the goal was to complete the workout as fast as possible. To do so, the same two partners alternated back and forth, with each completing a full round before the other could go. So, Partner A did 12 hand-release burpees, 24 ab-mat sit-ups, and then bear crawled 50 feet (25 feet out and back) before tagging Partner B, who then did 12 HR burpees, 24 sit-ups, and then bear crawled 50 feet (25 feet out and back). Partners were allowed to hold each others feet during the sit-ups, but shoulders had to touch the floor when laying back and hands had to touch the feet when sitting up-right.

Partners went back and forth in this manner until each had completed 3 full rounds. However, there was a 10min time cap put in place for this workout. In order to calculate a final time, a five second time penalty is assessed for each outstanding rep yet to be completed at the moment time is called. So, if Partner A has completed all three rounds, but Partner B still has 4 sit-ups left to complete when time is called, then that team has an additional 30 seconds of time tacked on to their 10 minutes (20 seconds for the 4 sit-ups, and 10 for the bear crawl, as each 25′ length is counted as a single rep).

(limited) Results are as follows:

sorry, I was a little slack during the 7pm class and couldn’t quite get everyone’s weights for WOD 1, or the number of reps completed by all teams in WOD 2 who hadn’t finished by the time the 10min time cap ran out. If you remember, please post in comments and I’ll update accordingly.

Nice work all! Things are starting to heat up for the 2012 CF Games Open which starts in less than a week (first workout will drop next Wednesday). As such, there are a few announcements, some of which concern the Open, some which don’t. 


NO Morning Class on Monday 
– There will be no AM classes this coming Monday, Feb. 20th owing to the President’s Day holiday.

NO 6pm Class on Friday
– Starting next Friday, Feb. 24th, and for the following five weeks, there will be no Friday 6pm class. There will still be a 7pm class however.

Friday Open Workout 
– For those athletes registered to compete in the Open, Fridays at 5pm and 6pm have been reserved specifically to run through that week’s workout. This includes athletes from CrossFit Dupont, CrossFit Balance, and CrossFit DC.

Saturday Open Workout 
– Additionally, CFDC will be running registered athletes through the Open workouts on Saturday at 1pm. Again, this will be for athletes from CFDC and Dupont who have registered to compete in the Open. 

Make-Up Open Workouts 
– If you are unable to make it to either of the above options for the Open workout, please let either of Tom or Chris know, and we will happily try to arrange another time to run you through the workout. However, this only works if you let us know ahead of time – telling us know at the beginning of class Tuesday night that you still need to complete the workout by the next day won’t work (outside of extreme attenuating circumstances, of course).



  1. SBV says:

    Mark is incredible. You give that guy a number and, damn it, he’ll hit it. I challenged him to get 30 push presses on the first round and, damn it, he did (at 115#!).
    Then, he totally carried my slow-ass on the burpee/sit-up/bear crawl workout. We had our eyes set on a sub-8 minute time, but it just wasn’t there. I hit failure during the final round of sit-ups and, from what I understand, my bear crawls weren’t exactly picturesque.

    People were giving great effort Tuesday night. I feel as though we’re hitting our stride at just the right time with the Open lurking right around the corner.

  2. Erica says:

    Without deadlifts before, last night’s WODs were a piece of cake. Well, not exactly (more like not even close), but they were signficantly less painful. I sort of can’t believe how much the DLs killed me, both that day and for the week(s) after the smackdown. I have the UTMOST respect for people like MC, Dan, Amelia, Ben, Ethan, and whoever else completed the first WOD at the smackdown because that felt way worse for me than the PP AMRAP. I struggled the most coming up from the situps into the bear crawl; I felt drunk-like trying to get to the cone and back.

    To piggie back SBV (whose bear crawls were picturesque, for realzies), the energy in the gym lately has really been awesome. Almost infectious. What a fun time for CFDC. It’s really awesome to be a part of it all.

  3. Andraea says:

    It was great to partner with Steph through these workouts as she always pushes me. It was just like old times again!

    I’m feeling it a bit in the shoulders today from the prush presses. We used 65lbs and got 89 between the two of us.

    When I saw the second workout, I thought the burpees are going to be rough but I never imagined that the sit-ups would be the roughest. The last round of it my abs were failing me badly and unfortunately slowed me way down as I could hardly get up. I definitely need to do some more sit-ups.

    The girls and I were discussing that the ab mat really doesn’t fit us since in order to get our shoulder blades to touch the ground we have to hyper-extend our backs to reach the ground. Next time I will take the ab mat away and just use a yoga mat. Chris – we’ve all decided that you need to invent an ab mat that comes in different sizes!!

  4. Julia says:

    Bear crawls – picturesque? Cacophonous, maybe. Or that might just be me. Zach muttered something about ‘raging bear’ after I skittered/skidded/slid across the finish line… no points for artistry here!

    Also, just wanted to say I’m psyched there are so many people signed up for the Open. If there’s still time to register, and you’re still thinking about it, just do it! What CAN’T you do with CFDC at your back?!

  5. SaltyHat says:

    certainly better than having CFDC on your back, that’s for sure.

  6. Katie says:

    I was terrified and excited to try these WODs after watching them at the Smackdown. They were pretty fun! Like some others, I was surprised how tough the sit-ups were, usually that’s the easiest part for me.

    I worked with Joanna and Hamera, and we used a 30# bar for the PPs; I probably could have done at least 40# but I got 17-15-15 with 30#, which wasn’t bad. We only got through 2 rounds on the burpee/sit-up/bear crawl one…I’m glad I can do bear crawls now, but I want them to be faster! I love watching people “skittering” across the court, making it look easy.

  7. Sara says:

    Well my intention for Julia and I on the PP workout was to use 93 lbs (15kg bar) but I forgot to add the extra 5 lbs to the 25s on each side. It wasn’t until after the 7pm I realized this and it clicked that my mistake is why it felt so light and not that I was stronger. Now I need to do the workout again with the right weight.

    These were fun workouts. I slowed down so much on the situps.

  8. Dian says:

    Congratulations to everyone for pushing through this. I hope that the Smackdown participants were not too traumatized having to revisit these workouts so soon.

    Having to miss class due to my crazy workload is really getting to me especially with the first workout of the open happening next week. I feel very unprepared. I’m going to do the burpee, situp, bearcrawl at home tonight. I’m going to keep it legit. No cheating on the burpees or bearcrawls…both are favorites of mine (muffled laughter).

    Speaking of favorite exercises I keep forgetting to mention that I have never done mummy crawls. Almost 2-years with CFDC and I’m still a mummy crawl virgin.

    See everyone on Sunday.

  9. edgy reggie says:

    Fun times in phat city! 🙂

    I came late for the 6:00 class, but I managed to warm up and do the second half of the workout with “Easy E” and “Hammer.” In the 7:00 class, I did the first half of the workout with Greg (who did a excellent job with an 85# push press and a head cold).

    Thanks to Sara for holding my ankles on the sit-ups and for generally keeping me in check. 🙂

    I ran off to do some yoga with Winnie afterwards. Not much fun there, but it was much needed.

    I’ll see everyone on Sunday (weather permitting…but I’m not going to let a little bit of snow stop me from showing up and working out).

  10. I was scared to do the second workout again, but have to say that it was a LOT easier without having just done one million deadlifts…who knew?

    So yeah, it was actually really fun revisiting the Smackdown, but I have to say that what really made it all worthwhile was watching Ben (SBV) do his “prancing bear crawls” last night. Funniest. Thing. Ever. He looks like he’s doing donkey kicks!!!!

    And I agree with Erica–such a fun environment at CFDC lately and I’ve been having a blast 🙂 Open, here we come!!

  11. Steph says:

    The comments are hilarious today!

    It was great to make it to class last night. Work has been killing me lately but when I heard the Smackdown workouts were making a reappearance, I has to be there!

    I have to give big props to all the people who did the burpee-sit-up-bear-crawl workout in the Smackdown. That was SO much worse than the PP workout! I could not believe how badly the third round of sit-ups felt, and by rep 15 I just could not get up anymore! I finished the rest of the reps having to pull on my thighs on the way up just so I could sit up. It was PATHETIC! MacKenzie was holding my feet for that round and she was probably like “what is wrong with her?!” MacKenzie looked effortless when she did the workout with Ami. I was impressed. Andraea and I finished in 9:19 for that workout.

    The PP didn’t feel as bad this time, because I didn’t work as hard as I did in the Smackdown. It’s amazing how many more you can bang out with SBV yelling “Stay on there! Stay on there!” at you.

    Ditto on the energy in the gym lately. I think everyone’s super pumped about the Open! MacKenzie just signed up too!

  12. SaltyHat says:

    I has to agree with you.

  13. Tom Brose says:

    I was really looking forward to last nights double dose, and the effort put out easily met my expectations. There is a strong energy around the gym, and its partly excitement over the Open. I think the real excitement is due to YOU ALL!

    CrossFit is not an individual pursuit (or at least is a lot more productive in a group). Its all about the support and community, welcoming newcomers and pushing each-other on. I’ve got to say, the ladies are leading the way on this (not that the guys aren’t trying). Its great to hear people asking me new peoples names, just so they can cheer them through their last round. How cool was it for Dan to come down after his strength work to cheer on everyone? Thats what its all about.

    It was cool to see Smackdown participants get chance to try whatever workout they had missed. Some excellent overhead position on the push press, as evidenced by the pictures. As for the Bear Crawls, Sebastian yours have…style. They’re just jealous.

    Julia if your bearcrawls aren’t artistic, at least your HR burpees are rthytmic.

    Dian, you know you will be blamed the next time mummy crawls come up right? They are universally less popular than burpees!

  14. Mark Minukas says:

    Agree with all the comments. Great effort all around…and cool to see some new faces.

    SBV – your style was motivating!