February 24, 2012
February 29, 2012

The first workout of the 2012 Open is done, and things are definitely off to a flying start. Congratulations to everyone who completed the workout, and many thanks to those who came out to cheer and lend a hand. As we wait for 12.2 to drop, things got back normal, starting with some good old fashioned deadlifting, 

5 x 5 Deadlift Singles + AMRAP Hollow Position Hold 

The deadlifts were styled as “singles,” in that each after completing each rep, an athlete was to release their grip on the bar, come up to standing, then re-set their stance and perform the next rep.

Scaling options for Hollow Position holds were changed up a bit for Sunday’s class. If an athlete was unable to hold a proper hollow position hold (i.e., with both legs extended and the back properly rounded), they could scale down to a prone plank hold. If an athlete was able to hold a hollow position with relative ease (“relative” being a loose term), they could scale up to a prone version of the hollow position hold:

The real focus of the prone hollow position hold is the emphasis on the posterior pelvic tilt, where the pelvis is tucked forward while the low back is slightly rounded in order to zero out the natural lumbar arch (for more info on posterior, and anterior, pelvic tilt, check out this earlier blog post). While this seems counter-intuitive in a lot of lifting – deadlifts in particular – it’s actually essential in quite a few movements/exercises. Tucking the pelvis forward stops us from over-arching the low back, so that in movements such as push-ups, handstands, handstand push-ups, and kipping, control is maintained over the core. Remember, control is the basis of form, and form is foundation of each and every movement we perform. Learn control, apply the form, and strength, speed, power, and fitness will follow naturally.

3 x AMRAP T2B 
+ 5 Single Leg Floor Touches/leg, 10 Dolphin Push-Ups & 25 Squats 
w/ 2min Rest in between sets

Not exactly a lung burner, but a nice bit of upper-back and quad work. Kipping T2B were allowed, but scaled options included K2E (which also could be kipping if possible) or hanging Knee Raises. Oddly enough, burpees were not programmed for the conditioning part of Sunday’s class.

A lot of good concentration on form during the deadlifts – perhaps the Smackdown helped? A reminder for all you Open competitors, as well as all of you in general): it’s a safe bet that some sort of kipping-based exercise will show up during the Open, so be to take care of your hands, filing down calluses as needed. Ripping open a callus the second week into the Open could make the remaining few weeks a tad uncomfortable.



  1. Dan Samarov says:

    Great job on 12.1 this week everyone! Can’t wait for Wednesday night to see what’s in store next. Keep up the great work!!!

  2. SBV says:

    What an atmosphere on Saturday. My brain was essentially turned off during the burpees, but I could certainly feel the energy build throughout the seven minutes. The climax was the last minute where you were able to miraculously summon enough energy to sprint to the finish. I attribute at least 10 of my reps to the environment and support from CFDC.

    Unfortunately, there’s a price to pay for pushing your body past its perceived limits. Namely, my body is absolutely rocked today! Tack on the fact that I went a little too heavy on deadlifts yesterday, and I’m left with banged up shoulders, triceps, back, and hamstrings. What’s really exciting about the Open is how it feels like a “season” again. It will be interesting to see how folks are able to recover from one workout and then prepare the body for the next brutal test. Happy rest day!

  3. Katie says:

    Good class! I did 5 sets of 5 at 74# — the most I’ve done is RDLs at 80#, so I was pleased. Jen and I accidentally did 3 reps at 94# (we weren’t sure if it was a 30# or 44# bar), so I imagine my 1 RM is over 100# now — woohoo!

    I was pretty close getting my knees up for K2E, but I wasn’t quite there so I stuck to hanging knee raises. Soon, though! I had to pause a few times during the last set of squats…I hope to one day be one of those people who can pump them out like they’re nothing.

    Congrats to everyone who completed the first Open workout, I feel honored to work out with such incredible athletes!

  4. Julia says:

    I am all about hand care, especially when kipping-based exercises show up during the Open.

    I mean, the writing’s on the wall on that one!

  5. Tom Brose says:

    Hahaha. My favorite comment ever.

  6. Steph says:

    Wow, Blogger comment looks weird!

    After not working out for almost two weeks, I am definitely feeling it from the burpees on Saturday. They sucked as much as I thought they would. It was great to hear about how well everyone did! And Julia is just a beast!

    Class was fun on Sunday. I worked with Ami on the deadlifts after she finished her 12.1. We used 140lbs. By round 4 and 5, the weight was feeling a little heavy. It was nice to work on some single-leg stuff in the metcon. I still don’t have the rhythm down for kipping T2B, need to work on that.

    Hoping to be able to make it to class tomorrow.

  7. Erica says:

    I agree with SBV, the energy on Saturday was amazing! It was seriously one of those days when I felt so excited to be a part of something so unique surrounded by some seriously awesome and badass teammates. It was so motivating and inspirational to hear everyone cheering their hearts out for each other. Even if we don’t win the team competition, I feel like we’re the real winners (cue cheezy music)

    I went to the 9 am class with Ben and big thanks to Chris and Jen who helped me through my first Push Jerk or Split Jerk or whatever it was that I did at 65 #s. I think that’s the first time I did that and I kinda liked it.

    I usually hate deadlifts, but didn’t hate them that badly on Sunday. I worked with Ann, Peter, and Tess and we used 130 I think. Deadlifts are a move that I struggle a lot with and while I hear of people pulling ungodly numbers off the floor, I can’t seem to get lift that heavy. But I felt like my form had improved and I had no lower back pain yesterday or today so that’s a good day. And thanks to whoever caught the picture of me on the K2E because you made me look like I know what I’m doing.

  8. Sara says:

    Ditto everyones comments about the engergy at the gym saturday. I just walked in the door from work at 2am and expect another very long day tomorrow so there is a chance I will not make it to class. I hope that is not the case since I already had one a stress breakdown today and could really use class to blow off the stress.

    I was excited for deadlifts Sunday. I worked with Julia. I was working with 198lbs on the bar while Julia worked with 218.

    K need to work on my kipping. I have decent rythm but can’t sustain it mostly because my hands and fingers tear. I soak them in salt water, run a pummis stone over my calluses and use moisturier regularlly but it doesn’t seem to help. I subbed RDLs with no weight for the floor touches. I really like the dolphin pushups.

    I also think it is much easier for me to hollow out in the prone position.

  9. Tom Brose says:

    Sounds like a brutal workday Sara. Hope we see you tonight! I’m always amazed at how hard some of you push through to be able to make it to class, or even come in and do the workouts on your own. I know Steph had to work until almost 5 on Saturday, then came straight to the gym for her 7 minutes of fun.

    Great work on the DLs, but remember- our goal is to get stronger NOT show how strong we are. I saw a lot of people grinding out reps that shouldn’t have been that hard at the given percentage. That may mean I should have programmed differently (60-65%), or that people “upscaled” a little too much. Basing these numbers of a one time ugly PR that you couldn’t hit now isn’t realistic. I made sure to point that out in the workout explanation, but seemed to still be an issue.

  10. Ben says:

    It was really fun to see everybody giving the 7 min AMRAP everything they had. I particularly appreciate those that were screaming at me every time I wanted to rest. Definitely made me squeeze out a few more reps.

    Always love the DL work in class. I second Erica on the thanks to Chris and Jen for the coaching on the split jerk. I’m a fan of the elements class, always a great refresher on form.

  11. Dian says:

    Saturday was just amazing. I’ve been running around at work telling anyone that will listen about Saturday and my amazing teammates at CFDC. If your ears have been burning its all my fault.

    I was so nervous on Saturday and spent a lot of time working over in my head how to approach 12.1. In the end, all I could do was just drop to the floor and do some burpees. My goal was 70 and I got 65. Funny enough, I have this sense of calm now having gone through that. There are no words in the tongues of man, elves or orcs to describe just how much 12.1sucked ass. Yet I survived. Surely, I can tackle anything.

    Sunday was great. I worked with Christian and Adam and we used 155lbs. I was told several times to squeeze my shoulders back on the deadlifts. Everytime I thought I had done just that I was told again “squeeze.” I think I eventually got it right.

    I’m seriously just one big ball of soreness. At this point, I’ve stopped trying to figure out what caused what part to hurt. Thanks for the information about taking care of our hands. My hands were very sore after the deadlifts on Sunday and it made holding the bar for my K2E attempts really hard.

    See everyone tonight.

  12. edgy reggie says:

    Lots of fun this past weekend.

    I wholeheartedly agree with the comments about Saturday’s Open workout. At times, I wasn’t sure if it was a party, a workout, or both. 🙂 Thank you all for the support and for the “love.” 🙂

    Unlike others, I felt fine on Sunday. For the deadlifts, I worked with the “BBs” (Brendan Berry and Ben Brown) and Shaun (or is it Shawn?). My working sets for deadlifts were at 315#.

    I got my stretch on with Winnie on Sunday evening.

    I look forward to see what Open workout 12.2 brings. 🙂