March 12, 2012
March 16, 2012

3 Open workouts down, 2 to go. Will double unders show up next? Who knows, but just in case, Tuesday’s class spent a little time working on DUs.

10 min Double Under Practice

For the DU work, class was once again split into groups:
(1) 20-30 DUs = Flight Simulator Plus (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 20, 30, etc.);
(2) ~15 DUs = Flight Simulator (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. up to 50, then 45, 40, 35, etc.);
(3) 0-10 DUs = work highest number of reps possible – for those with few to none, work singles into one DU and then back to singles.

Yes, it’s all in the wrists, that much has been said each and every time we’ve reviewed DUs (or just jumping rope for that matter). However, where the wrists are in relation to the body is just as important. Your hands should be slightly forward of your shoulders – think of a good running posture, but with the hands slightly wider apart from each other. The elbows will be slightly bent and should remain tucked into your sides. Palms should be neutral, or angled so they’re almost facing each other. With this posture, your wrists will turn much more efficiently, leaving the shoulders in better shape for other exercises, like maybe, clusters and bear crawls.

9min AMRAP of 
– 3 Plank-to-Squats 
– 6 DB Clusters 
– 50′ bearcrawl forwards
– 50′ bearcrawl backwards

The P-2-S’s are becoming a CFDC staple, and for good reason. These have great carry over to creating a more efficient burpee, which, as anyone who completed the 12.1 Open workout can tell you, means a great deal. From an arm-extended plank position (think ‘top of the push-up’), jump your feet up towards your hands, landing in a squat position with hands off the floor. To accomplish these, you need to jump your feet as close to your hands as possible, landing with your head and chest up, and lower back arched.

Dan during the 7min burpee-fest that was Open workout 12.1

After 3 of the Plank to Squats, it was on to 9 DB Clusters (Squat-Clean-Thrusters). Weights were prescribed as 1/2 BW for men, and 1/3 BW for women (i.e., both DB’s should total 1/3 of your body weight). Lastly, bear crawls for the width of the court (one width = 50′), with the one slight change, in that the return trip was done backwards.

Both evening classes were closed out with some much needed stretching focusing on the shoulders (partner assisted PVC-stretch) and quads/hip-flexors (couch stretch, aka the death stretch).

Great work last night, especially in a large 7pm class.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, we had a slight camera malfunction (in that I forgot to bring it to the gym).  See you all Thursday.



  1. Dian says:

    Nice work finding new and creative ways to use the word “open,” in the blog titles.

    I worked in the 15-DU group and made it through the round of 30. I kept tripping on the way to 35. I’m going to incorporate your tips on the hand and elbow placement to see if that finally helps me break into epic consecutive DU territory.

    The plank to squat went well. I didn’t land perfectly but, then again, I didn’t land on the balls of my feet practically toppling over as I have in the past. I’m going to really focus on working on this since I absolutely want to develop a more efficient burpee.

    A backward bearcrawl, what will you guys think of next?!

  2. Julia says:

    nice mix! still feeling the effects of Saturday, and just tried to work through this without beating myself up too much (aka pretty good everyday practice, I guess). went on the lighter side on the DBs, took my sweet time on the clusters, tried to move through each set but definitely took some long breaks in between just about everything.

    grateful for: lines on the court to follow during bear crawls!

  3. ELB says:

    That felt like a lot longer than 9 minutes.

    In other news, the Hammer PR’d on the squat after class. Must have been the shorts.

  4. Arbi says:

    I did fairly well on the double-unders; I got up to 50 then couldn’t break 35 afterwards.

    I enjoyed the DWOD except for the clusters because I can’t seem to get the technique down for a quick transition to a dumbbell squat..I kept on compensating by shifting my weight forward which is exactly what I shouldn’t be doing! I broke up the clusters into its components but it was still rough on me, only completing three sets.

    I did find that I could gain a lot of speed with the backwards bear crawls if I looked through my legs and just gunned it to the end line.

  5. Tom Brose says:

    Dian, be careful with your wording, that last line could almost be construed as a challenge. We have plenty of options, my favorite being the backwards bearcrawl uphill. Once the Open is over, we’ll get the guerilla workouts back on, and see how you enjoy the hill coming out of the park at Woodley.

  6. Erica says:

    Yeah Woodley workouts! I still have fond memories of the one at which I was in attendance. My hamstrings are still pretty sore from Sunday. I worked in the middle DU group, going up in increments of 5s and made it to 10. I know it sounds like I’m making excuses but I really feel like the rope I use makes a difference. Some of them feel too light, others too heavy, and others are not right length. So call me Goldilocks DU. The blogpost included on dupont’s page was very helpful though and I feel like I am getting the movement, but am tiring out so quickly. I agree that 9 minutes felt like 9 minutes of hell. I used 20#s and finished my fifth round just in time. Cannot wait to see what 12.4 brings!

  7. Sara says:

    I took it a little easy last night with the weight. I used 25lbs on the clusters. I think I was a backward bearcrawl short of 5 rounds. Thanks Erica for the round counter.

    I did not do well on the double unders. I was in the 20-30 group and only got to 30. After that I had trouble getting more than 20. My rope seemed to be having difficulties rotating (the coating around the cable is cracking right by the handles) it is time for a new rope and I ordered one when I got home last night.

  8. Dian says:

    Uphill backwards bearcrawl! Hell yeah! I say bring it on Tom Brose!

    Okay, enough BS posturing. I would cry.

    @Erica-actually I was talking with Mark and Tom A. about ropes last week. You are exactly right, some ropes are just too light. We were talking about ropes made by Rogue that you get cut specifically for you. Thing is, once you get it measured and made for you there is no turning back if you get it wrong.

  9. Katie says:

    No DUs yet. :o( Chris’s cues to keep my arms in closer really helped, though….I know they’ll come one of these days.

    For the metcon I started with 15# DB, then went to 12.5# after the first round. The toughest part was getting from the bottom of that squat explosively. I did my first actual squat cleans on this workout (as opposed to clean, reset, squat, as I did previously), and I think I got them okay. Going right from the clusters to bear crawl was fun on the legs. I really struggled with the backward bear crawls, I don’t have the hang of them yet…maybe I’ll try Arbi’s method. I finished half court short of 3 rounds…wish I would have rested less and finished that round.

    One of my CrossFitter friends actually just ordered a jump rope based on your height, and I asked her about what she would do if it’s too short/long — apparently they have a return policy so you can send it back to be adjusted if it’s not right for you?

    Speaking of guerilla workouts, I was reading some body weight WODs to do while on vacation…A BURPEE MILE. As in, the only time you move forward is jumping forward at the top of each burpee. For an entire mile. No, Tom and Chris, this is NOT a suggestion!!!!!!

    Here’s hoping for AMRAP DUs in 10 minutes for Open 12.4 –> Steph = THE WORLDWIDE LEADER!

  10. Steph says:

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  11. Steph says:

    My prediction for 12.4: eating 124 ribs for time, and I will win!

  12. Dian says:


  13. TomandAmi says:

    Muscle Ups – there it is!

    This will dead stop alot of folks – me included.

  14. Tom Brose says:

    Tom A= 241 reps! PR time, hit it like the ladies did last week! Everything you have to getting that MU in!

  15. TomandAmi says:

    I am gonna hit it like a lady . . . If it is a CF lady. Don’t Ami can kick your ass.

  16. Tom Brose says:

    Bet don’t yeah she can get it.

  17. Erica says:

    Hilarious dueling Toms. A few muscle ups can’t hold ME back this week! boo yah, I mean, because if I can get through 150 wall balls and 90 DUs first, then Amen! Now, the question is, do I do the workout tomorrow and be sore for my half marathon on saturday morning (which I expect everyone to be out there cheering for Amelia, Erin, and I) OR do I attempt it on Sunday after the 1/2…

  18. Andraea says:

    Erica I was thinking the same, if I get through 150 wall balls using 14lb ball then AMEN! I don’t even think I have to worry about the DUs since 150 wall balls will take up my time. I like how they had “as many rounds” in 12 minutes.

    I’m glad I got to practice DUs last night, those are rough for me. Last night, I got one and then did single skips and then did another one. I was able to string together only 2 or 3. Hopefully one of these days that will increase but for that to happen I know I just need to suck it up and work on them more.

    Good grinder at the end! I used 25lbs for the cluster, I was still a bit sore from Sat. so I was looking for the 20lb DBs but then thought, no I should definitely go heavier and not wimp out since I’ve been thinking after 12.2 and 12.3 I need to start working on increasing my weights. I almost finished my 5th round when time was called.

  19. Sara says:

    Here’s to hoping consistently using a 16lb ball to a 10′ target helps with this workout. Last time I did 150 wallballs it took me more than 14 minutes. That was during the open last year. I remember because we had a choice of workouts to pick. One was that weeks open workout, Karen or Fran. I had already done the open workout so I went with SBV and Chris and did Karen. They were both finished and I still had something like 50 reps left. If I get to the muscle ups with some time on the clock for attempts I will be excited. This may be just what I need to get my first muscle up.

  20. edgy reggie says:

    Dateline13 March 2012, 19:00: After the warm-up, I went to the “Double-Under Primer” group to work on my double-unders. Coach Salty gave me a few tips (thanks!) about my form that I will definitely work on.

    The met-con was brutal on me. I should have heeded Sara’s and Julia’s wisdom to take it easy. I kept hearing Coach Brose’s voice to “go deeper” on the squat portion of the dumbbell cluster…which I did…eventually.

    Hammer telling me how much this workout sucked didn’t help matters. 🙂 He was right though.

    Open Workout 12.4 Double-unders are here! Hooray!


    Okay…so, two of the three exercises are “goats” of mine. I’m looking at this upcoming workout as a(nother) challenge; I just hope that I can rise to it…somewhat. Who knows? Maybe I will get past the ninety double-unders. 🙂

    In any case, I will be there on Saturday with few jitters, a lot of effort (and sweat), and plenty of cheers.