March 21, 2012
March 26, 2012

Not long ago, in a galaxy not far, far away… 

 A band of crossfitters did a workout very similar to 12.5…

…it was called… 


Nevertheless, to make sure everyone was loose and ready to tackle the final Open workout of 2012, class set about working some running drills, followed by two short met-cons.

POSE Running 

As part of the warm-up, and seeing how Spring is upon us, we revisited a few of the POSE running drills, including:
(1) Ball of the Foot Hops;
(2) Hops with a Forward Lean; and,
(3) Hops into a Light Jog

We’ll continue to implement more of these in the near future. In the meantime, keep in mind that with this style of running, we are using gravity to pull us forward, rather than actively pushing ourselves along, and this requires us to pick our feet up and then land on the balls of our feet. For a nice, easy jog, the foot pull will be relatively minimal. Only for a sprint will you need to pull your foot up high.

Met-Con 1: 
7min of 1 x 800m Run, then AMRAP 7 KB Swings & 14 Sit-Ups 

Met-Con A: 
For time, complete 750m Row and 25 Burpees (7min Time Cap) 

For this double header, class was broken into two groups, with each group made up of pairs. Group one started with Met-Con 1, while group two started with Met-Con A. Each was done with only one partner working at a time. So, for Met-Con 1, P1 had seven minutes to run 800m (block run), and then, in the remaining time, perform AMRAP of 7 KB swings and 14 sit-ups, all while P2 rested. At the 7 minute mark, P1 rested, while P2 ran 800m, and then did AMRAP of 7 swings and 14 sit-ups.

For Met-Con A, P1 completed a 750m row followed by 25 burpees as fast as possible within a 7minute window. At the end of that 7 min, P2 then rowed 750m, followed by 25 burpees. At the end of 14 minutes (or after P2 had finished their respective workout), the groups switched, and P1 would start on the alternate met-con.

Class closed out with some much needed stretching to open up the shoulders and quads, helping people recover from last weekend and get ready for the coming weekend. This Saturday marks the fifth and final Open workout for the year, so if you have a few extra minutes, try to stop by to cheer on your fellow CFDCers (we’ll kick things off at 1pm once again).



  1. Sara says:

    All I have to say is that was the worst 800m run ever. I was feeling a bit dehydrated when I got to balance so I drank 2 bottles of water while waiting for the 7pm to start since I was late for 6. Then after finishing the row/burpee metcon I drank another bottle. By the time I got to the run all that water was sloshing around and I ended up with a cramp in my right side 3/4 of the way through. As a result, I only got 2.5 rounds of swings/situps. On the plus side I uses the 24kg KB for the first time since doing the lumberjack 20 workout. Will have to start doing that more often.

    I think my time on the row/burpee was 4:45. Not really sure.

  2. Sara says:

    PS: see you all tomorrow for 12.5

  3. SBV says:

    I finished the run in the exact same time as Dan and Mark. I went unbroken on the swings and sit-ups with zero transition time between the movements. Yet, they both scored at least one round more than me. What gives? I guess those guys are just monsters. I love training with them, though, because I can simply focus on keeping up.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  4. Julia says:

    Dian – awesome photo! 🙂

  5. Dian says:

    I was late for class so I missed the running drills. While my foot isn’t 100% healed I’m hoping that some new shoes with extra support will do the trick and I plan to start doing some running soon.

    I ran at a moderate pace for the 800m run due to my foot but I should have pushed myself more on the row/burpee combo and not stopped so often with the burpees. It took me more than 6 minutes. I have to work on pushing through discomfort rather than stopping. I had a few burpees where I landed mostly on my foot rather than the balls of my feet. Regrettably, my landings slowly went to hell as the minutes ticked on but I’m confident that I will eventually develop an efficient burpee.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. It will be great.

  6. Dian says:

    Thanks Julia. Brose was cracking jokes about Tom A., and his constant state of shirtlessness.

  7. Tom Brose says:

    No, I wasn’t cracking jokes, I was just in awe of his “I’m at my most lethal disrobed” comments on the blog.

  8. Katie says:

    It was definitely good to see Dian’s smiling face in a photo rather than the usual grimaces of pain!

    Thanks, Sara, you made me feel much better….I got a cramp in my side during the run, too, what causes that? I only got through 1.5 rounds of swings/situps, which was sad because those are SO MUCH BETTER than running for me. But I’m glad to get the chance to work on running because it IS so hard for me.

    I did resort to some step up burpees from my knees, but I was pleased that I finished all my burpees before 7 minutes! (I think a little after 6 minutes even?) Hooray!! I’m torn with burpees, because I could either rest a little and jump up, or keep pushing through and step up. Hoping to get where I can consistently jump all the time — I’m sure it’ll happen, since I used to never be able to jump up at all.

    I’ll be there to cheer everyone on tomorrow, looking forward to it!

  9. Sorry I won’t be there tomorrow to cheer everyone on, but GOOD LUCK! I know you’ll all kill it 🙂

    I’ll be cheering you on and checking my phone obsessively for updates while in training…