April 13, 2012
April 18, 2012

Props to team CFDC for a great job at the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Team Challenge at CF-BWI this past weekend, and massive thank-you to our rabid fans, Erica, Mary Catherine, and Steph, for all the support! The team consisted of 3 women (Dre, Julia, & Coach Sara) and 3 men (Sebastian/Ben, Coach Chris/Salty, and, the ringer, Coach Tom Brose!). As usual, BWI put on a great event, which, spread over the course of 2 days, featured lots of barbells, lots of weight, and lot’s of teamwork (a full description of each event can be found at the bottom of this post).

Day 1 included a 2guy/2girl chipper with chest-to-bar pull-ups, OHS, over-the-bar burpees, and a massive prowler push, followed by a 1guy/1girl snatch ladder, with snatches taken in 10lb increments every 30 seconds, and, finally, a 2guy/2girl AMRAP rope climb and 275lb axle hold (1 climber, 3 people keeping the axle from touching the ground). Definitely a unique mix of events, with a bit of prowler flu and rope burn thrown in as lingering reminders of the days work. Day 2 was not to disappoint as things opened with a 1guy/1girl AMRAP event of 10 alternating Clusters (W 95#/M 135#) and 75m sandbag run (W~85#/M~125#), followed by another 2guy/2girl chipper of 300m row, 30 T2B, 30 DLs (W 155#/M 225#), 30 DB Thrusters (W 20#/M 35#), and 100 DUs. This event provided one of the best highlights of the weekend, as Tom, running in the anchor position, made it to the DUs with a little more than 1 minute left, and soon had the entire gym surrounding him and cheering him on. An awesome, awesome sight, and extremely well deserved. Without a doubt, this was an extremely fun time, and Team CFDC was spot on in its support of each other. Thanks again to all the competitors, and to all the supporters, both near and far. 

Also, a big Thank You to Coach Mike Choi for filling in while Tom, Chris and Sara were in Baltimore for the competition. Sunday was day 3, the final day, in the first squat mini-cycle (those who missed getting their squats in can e-mail Chris to ask about alternative options, or leave a comment – it seems like there may be a group getting together on Tuesday to put the work in, with final details TBD). 

Squat Cycle 1, Week 3: 
 Back Squat 6 x 3 @ 80% 

Sets and reps were reversed from last week, so the total number of reps were the same, but the weight took a 5% jump from 75% to 80%. To prep the body and get everyone ready for their working weight, warm-up sets were programmed at 1 x 10 @30-35%, 1 x 8 @50%, 1 x 3 @65%, and 1 x 3 @75 % (the same weight used for last weeks sets of 6 reps).

 3 x 3 to 5 Manual Glute-Ham Raise 

A great exercise for targeting the hamstrings, class performed 3 sets of between three to five reps, using a partner to hold the ankles and performing a plyo push-up to assist returning to the kneeling position. For a great demo, watch the video below:

 7 minute AMRAP of 5 Burpees, 10 Mtn Climbers, 10 Alt Lunges, & 10 Push-Ups 

Simple and to the point, this will get the heart going while emphasizing posture control, especially when the push-ups get tough.

For a full run-down of each workout from this weekends Affiliate Team Challenge, see below. Hope everyone had a great weekend. See you all Tuesday.

2012 Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Team Challenge Events:

Event 1 (Day 1): 
2 guys / 2 girls 
(CFDC = Sebastian, Tom, Julia, & Sara
120 C2B pull ups 
120 OH Squats (M:115#/W:85#) 
120 Burpees over the bar 
600m prowler push (M:225#+prowler/W:135#+prowler) 
20min time cap 
1 athlete working at a time and reps split up however the team desires

Event 2 (Day 1): 
1 guy / 1 girl 
(CFDC = Dre & Chris
Snatch ladder 
Weight starting at 65# for women and 95# for men 
20 secs per attempt, 10 secs to rotate to the next bar, weight increasing by 10# each bar 
athletes must be the guy and girl that didn’t compete in WOD 1 

Event 3 (Day 1): 
2 guys / 2 girls 
(CFDC = Sebastian, Chris, Dre & Julia
10 min AMRAP of Rope Climbs and 275# Axle Hold 
1 athlete climbing at a time, with remaining athletes holding the axle off the ground (axle must remain below the shoulders, but may be held in any manner). 
Score is Total Rope Climbs minus the number of times the Axle is dropped. 
Event 4 (Day 2): 
1 guy / 1 girl 
(CFDC = Dre & Chris
12 min AMRAP of 10 alternating Clusters (M:135#/W:95#) and 75m Sandbag Carry (M:~125#/W:~85#) 
Clusters (Squat Clean Thrusters) are done 1 at a time, alternating between the two athletes. Once 10 total reps are completed, both athletes pick up a sandbag, run 75m, and then begin the cluster cycle again. 
 Score is total clusters.

Event 5 (Day 2): 
2 guys / 2 girls 
(CFDC = Sebstian, Tom, Sara & Julia
300m Row 
30 T2B 
30 Deadlifts (M:225#/W:155#) 
30 DB Thrusters (M:35#/W:20#) 
100 Double Unders 
20min time cap 
Groups must be made up of the 4 athletes who did not do Event 4 
Stadium-style (or follow-the-leader) workout, where an athlete may not begin an exercise until the preceding athlete has finished all reps.


  1. Dan Samarov says:

    Awesome job guys! Wish I could’ve been there!

  2. Steph says:

    This weekend was probably the most fun I’ve had watching CFDC compete. I’ve known Tom for so long but this was the first time I’ve seen him compete, and he rocked it! It was also amazing to see Chris, Sara, Julia, Dre and SBV push themselves again and again, there were definitely a lot of painful facial expressions this weekend, but also a lot of happy faces.

    I loved that BWI made the workouts fun and different with the prowler pushes, sandbag runs and axle holds. It was also very cool that they allowed scaled teams. As strong as CFDC is getting, I think next year we should have at least 3 teams going, 2 RXed and 1 scaled so that more people can compete and support each other.

    Thanks to Erica and MC for coming out this weekend to cheer our team on with me!

  3. Erica says:

    OMG, this weekend was so freakin’ fun. I was on the fence about going at first, but am so glad I did. And I had so much fun on Saturday, that I went back for seconds on Sunday.

    A few of my favorite moments from the weekend:
    1. Cheering my face off with Steph, MC, and whoever the athletes were who weren’t competing at that time. It was really awesome to be able to support not only my teammates, but also my coaches who have spent HOURS over the last few years supporting me. A lot of teams were supporting each other, but the energy amongst our team was afire. I have a scratchy voice this morning and it was so worth it.
    2. Watching Tom Brose do barbell burpees, OH squats, toes to bar, and DUs. He was a real trouper. And I have video proof that he is pumped to step up his conditioning workouts starting now.
    3. Chris’ cheery grin, as he literally walked hiw way up and up and up on the snatch ladder. Amazing.
    4. Dre dominating the 95# thruster and 80# sandbag run. She did not hesitate once on any of her reps, and was still RUNNING at the end of the 12 min AMRAP. Literally running.
    5. Julia smiling, literally, throughout both the second and last WOD. Seriously smiling. I don’t know what exactly was the happiest moment for her, but she brought grace, speed, strength, and happiness to all of the workouts she competed in, and was still smiling hugely at the end, while she was riding the bike (next to Brose who also needed a little cool-down post last work)
    6. Sara’s calm as a cucumber attitude as she approached each of the workouts. Ready to work, ready to cheer, ready to share her sadistic arm contraption thingie. She was huge team support. Nothing could throw her off her game.
    7. And lastly, Ben’s drive. After coming off of a week long’s illness and a lack of a break post-Open, he brought so much heart into his workouts. He killed the prowler, did not let slippery shoes get in the way of the rope climb, and sailed through the row, t2b, dls, db thrusters, and dus…and all in the name of the CFDC. It was awesome.

    Cannot go without mentioning Steph’s amazing camera skills and MC’s screaming, not just for her fiance, but for the others as well. It really was an awesome weekend. It definitely made me want to get stronger so I could compete in one of these things one of these days. But seriously, everyone should definitely give Tom, Chris, Sara, Julia, Dre, and Ben a HUGE high five when you see them (and Steph and MC too).

    Sorry for the long post. If it’s okay, I plan to squat on Tuesday at 5

  4. Steph says:

    Awesome recap, Erica!! Makes me want to forget all about work today and just look at the pictures again and again! 😀

  5. Erica says:

    Good call Steph, already have like a zillion times 🙂

  6. Erica says:

    Also, I have videos…any way I can add those?

  7. Katie says:

    It sounds awesome, wish I could have been there. Congrats to everyone competing and spectating!

    I’ll be joining Mackenzie around 5:30ish for squats this evening, and I know Andraea plans to come a little later, so perhaps we’ll see some of you around.

  8. Julia says:

    Love the photos, the recaps, and the amazing fan support. It was such an honor getting to compete alongside my coaches. I literally ate chalk dust during the burpees because I was hitting the ground smiling. It was the best weekend ever.

    btw – hey Tom, what’s this strange rumor going around about you and glitter?

  9. Dian says:

    Way to represent team CFDC! Sounds like it was an amazing time. Wish I could have been part of the cheering section.

    Okay, several references to photos. Where are those? And, please add Erica’s video.

    Thanks Mike for a great class on Sunday. Lots of fun.

  10. TomandAmi says:

    Way to go – nice photos too. I wish I could have participated. Those events are fun.

    PS And totally sincere unrionic post. Ho-hum.

  11. Steph says:

    I’ll share the photos and videos if I have permission from the competitors and spectators to do so.

  12. Kenna says:

    Exciting! Way to go everyone! I’m interested in the glitter story Julia mentioned…

    A big thanks to Mike for coaching those of us back at the ranch!

  13. SBV says:

    Shoot! I already sold the photo/video rights to Reebok. The company was really impressed with my “stationary rope climbs.” Those are where you pull your feet up as high as you can, stand up, and then slide back down the rope to the place where you started. Ha! What a great weekend, though. You have my permission to shares the photos and videos, Steph.

    If only you guys could have seen Chris this weekend. He was an absolute superstar. He climbed the snatch ladder all the way to 215 pounds! And just barely missed 225 pounds! He then performed about 12 of our total 18 rope climbs and held most of the axel weight. Then, he did cluster after cluster with 135 pounds and sprinted around with a ridiculously heavy sand bag on his back. It was an incredible performance. I was just happy to be along for the ride.

  14. Steph says:

    I think someone’s in love…:D

  15. Katie says:

    I smell a bromance!

    Okay, working out alone just sucks. I did my squats at 50#, which felt really heavy…did my best to incorporate all the cues from the past few weeks. I may have been able to do 55# for a set but didn’t want to go too heavy without anyone watching me.

    I look forward to learning the scaled version of the manual glute-ham raises for those of us whose asses are not quite as tight as an 18-year-old Russian volleyball player. :o) I attempted a few and gave up and did 3 x 3 DLs at 85# instead. Probably not the best substitute, but it’s my favorite exercise targeting the hamstrings.

    It’s just not the same without you all…I can’t wait to get back to working out with my beloved coaches and fellow athletes tomorrow!

  16. Tom Brose says:

    What an amazing weekend. Thanks so much to Erica, Steph and MC for all the support. I can’t say enough what an honor it was to be on a team with SBV, Chris, Dre, Sara and Julia.

    Sebastian is right, Chris had a stellar performance. Maybe even cooler was seeing him hauling to keep up with Dre on the Cluster/sandbag workout. The only drawback the weekend was not seeing the rest of the CFDC crew hit a squat workout. Its great to have Mike Choi to count on to make sure everyone is well coached.

  17. Andraea says:

    Way to go CFDC!!! Wish I had been there to watch and cheer! Erica thanks for the recap! Can’t wait to see the photos and videos!!

    I did the squats today at 6:30 and it went well. 80% wasn’t bad, I think it would’ve been hell if it were 6 reps but 3 reps were fine. Katie I agree, it sucks doing them alone as I didn’t have someone seeing what I was doing wrong. I tried to remember all important points that were mentioned previously, still had a bit of a problem coming up on my toes.

    The hamstring work was difficult, I always imagine that I’m going to face plant into the floor even with my hands up to catch me.

    I did the metcon too, the pushups were there worst part of it. Looking forward to class tomorrow!

  18. Dan Samarov says:

    Did squats yesterday… went high-bar, made sure to control more on the way down (especially at the bottom), felt as though I did and managed to get good depth on each squat. Was fine through four sets, but a day of not enough food/sleep caught up and I failed on the 3rd rep of the 5th set. Worked at 315lbs all the way through. Gravity was not smiling on me. See you all this evening, great job again this weekend!

  19. ppetersan says:

    Great job to Team CFDC. I wish I could have been there to cheer everyone on. It sounds like it was an amazing event.

    Doron and I went to Balance on Sunday night to do the squat workout. Since I didn’t know the other workouts that were programmed for Sunday I texted Tom on Sunday afternoon and he replied almost immediately. So, he was remotely coaching while he was competing. That’s dedication!

    I won’t be able to make it to class tonight but hope to see you all on Thursday and will make everyone re-tell the war stories from this weekend.