May 4, 2012
May 9, 2012

Apologies for the epically late post – and to boot, there aren’t many photos to share this time around, but there is a video, so that’s got to count for something.

This past Sunday was the last in our 3-week “off-squat, hamstring-focus” strength-work, focusing on a CFDC strength-favorite in the RDL, followed by some pistol squat skill work and then a nice lung-burner of a met-con down on the court. Next week will mark the start of the second 3-week squat mini-cycle, so make sure those squat-engines are primed and ready!

5 x 5 Romanian Deadlift

The basic parameters for the RDLs was that athletes could work up to any weight, but all lifts had to be done with an overhand grip. This acted as a self limiter, allowing people to focus on form and depth, rather than using a mixed-grip and fighting through bad form in the name of bigger numbers.

10min of Pistol Squat Practice 

The guideline was to complete roughly 3 rounds of between 5 to 10 Pistols per side. Pistols were scaled down to ring assisted (one or two hands holding on to a ring for balance and assistance), or scaled up to include weighted pistols with a single KB racked on the working-leg side.

Partner Met-Con: 
10min AMRAP of 50′ Bear Crawl, 5 Burpees, 50′ Sprint 

Working in pairs, with only one person going at a time, complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of one 50-foot bear crawl, 5 burpees, and then a 50-foot sprint back to the waiting partner. Sadly, the camera didn’t really capture too much of the action on Sunday during class, and although basketball came in and took over the court not too long after class wrapped up, Stephanie and Erica were kind enough to cheer-on, and videotape, Tom, Chris and Sara as they worked through a modified version of the met-con:

Don’t forget to sign up for the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Affiliates for Hope workout on June 9th! Jump back to last Wednesday’s blog-post (“PRESSED INTO SERVICE“) for the particulars and information.

Also, if you happen to see Coach Mike Choi around the gym this week, be sure to congratulate him on a stellar performance at the East Coast Classic Olympic meet this past weekend. Mike went 6 for 6 on his lifts with 4 (FOUR!) PR’s, including an 87kg snatch, a 112kg clean and jerk, and a 199kg total. Well done.



  1. Tom Brose says:

    Ah, humor at my expense, will it ever get old? I already know the answer to that.

    I had a great time doing the workout with Chris and Sara, so lets get that video up!

  2. Sara says:

    Right back at you Tom. It was fun doing the metcon together with you and Chris. Thank you to Steph and Erica for cheering us on throughout the 10 minutes.

    I worked up to 216lbs on the RDLs. I did use lifting straps once I got above 200lbs. I did not do the pistol work cause it was too much for my knee.

    I am incredibly sore in my hammies, lats, traps and cause of all that my neck muscles are pretty tight too.

  3. SaltyHat says:

    Finally, video up.

    And no, it won’t. Ever.

  4. Dian says:

    You are allowed to epically late with the occassional blog post Salty. This thing takes a lot of work and it is appreciated.

    I’ve been so depressed having missed so many classes lately but that video really perked me up.
    Looking forward to being back in class tonight.

  5. Steph says:

    Congrats Mike!

    It was awesome to see Chris, Tom and Sara do the metcon. Way to push through, guys!

    I did 5×5 weighted single-leg floor touches instead of RDLs, worked up to 55lbs per side. For the pistols, I did one round body weight, then one round with a 24lb kb, and last round with a 30lb kb. Only got 2 on the right side for the last round, so did 5 more with the 24lb. Those felt good and it was a good reminder to keep working on unilateral stuff so I can get my leg-strength even.

    Thanks to Erica for partnering with me on the metcon even though I couldn’t sprint and slowed us down. It was a really fun metcon and I think we kept a pretty good speed until the last 2 rounds. 10 minutes was a long time but I was happy to push through. The walk after was much needed, and I’m glad I didn’t almost fall on my face 😀

    Hope to get out of work early enough to be there tonight!

  6. Andraea says:

    Awesome video guys! Enjoyed taking a break from studying Vietnamese and watching it!

    I second what Dian said, thanks for the great blog posts Salty!

    Can’t wait for class tonight!

  7. Kenna says:

    Been traveling for awhile, but eager to be back in class tonight!

    LOVE the video!

  8. Katie says:

    I was getting worried about you, Chris! :o) I think this is the firs time it’s taken more than a day to get a blog post up, which is just amazing considering how in-depth and error-free they are.

    Great video! It’s fun watching people bear crawl, because everyone has their own style.

    I worked with Lizzy and Sana on the RDLs, and we worked up to 90 lbs. My hamstrings haven’t been sore, so I guess more weight next time! My shoulders are sore, though, so I guess I did a good job keeping them back on the RDLs. I used the rings for my sets of assisted pistols, and my quads definitely are feeling those.

    Rough metcon…they usually are after 2 hours of class on Sundays. I worked with Sana and we may not have been super-speedy, but we kept going. I was having an “off-burpee” day and as a result I have bruised knees (as usual). My lower back was bothering me a little on Sunday, and I really felt it on the burpees…I need to keep my core rock solid for whatever we do tonight, as I’m guessing that’s the cause.

    Looking forward to class, as always.

  9. SBV says:

    What’s up with Tom doing so much conditioning lately? Is he making a run at 2013 CrossFit Games? Those bear crawls were beautiful, and this is coming from a true authority on bear crawls.

    Stop giving Chris a free pass for posting the blog so late. I rely on this blog to start my day. It makes me really anxious when the posts come up late. I say we go back to Tom running the blog! Who’s with me?

  10. Monica Niska says:

    Missing my CFDC’ers! Will be back next week (lots of travel!).

    Jealous of these workouts (except maybe the bearcrawl/burpee/sprint). Whoa.

    Love the video!

    See you all soon!

  11. Tom Brose says:

    SBV, you definitely have a short memory regarding my blogging proficiency, but as long as you’re giving Chris a hard time thats OK with me. I’m just making a run at “keeping up with the people I train”. The Open really was alot of fun and opened my eyes to how much I missed the variety of metcon, as well as the intensity of the group. Competing on the Team Challenge, while incredible…I really didn’t feel my training had earned me a place with you all. So I’m all in for CFDC now.

  12. Erica says:

    Steph was a great partner for the metcon. Know matter how much pain she’s in, she always seems to crush every workout she does. Anytime Steph!

    I got to see the “video WOD” live. It was awesome! My favorite part was Sara continuously warning Chris to slow down so he didn’t bear crawl directly into the stereo equipment.

    Alright time for class now…later gaters. Oh yeah, and love that my tongue is hanging out in the blog pic.

  13. Dian says:

    Jeepers-gonna miss class again. All I can say is Fuck the SEC!

    See y’all on Thursday.

  14. Tom Brose says:

    I hate the south east conference as well. Big 10 all the way.

  15. Dian says:

    LOL! SEC =Securities and Exchange Commission.