May 23, 2012
May 29, 2012

While the “normal” focus for Thursday’s is on explosive movements, and while this past Thursday did indeed feature a good deal of explosive movement, it also involved a good deal of well-rounded core work (and by well rounded, we mean that it hit the entire mid-section).

Gen’l Warm-Up
2 rounds of 10 Alt. Spider Lunges, 50′ Bunny Hop Forward, 10 Alt T-Push-Ups, and then a 50′ Bunny Hop Backward.  Followed by 10 left and 10 right straight leg swings (facing a wall and swinging the leg across the body), and then 10 left and 10 right bent leg swings (as above, but with a bend at the knee).
5 x 2 Seated Box Jumps

Box heights were jumper’s choice, although everyone was encouraged to work-up in height – i.e., don’t go for broke on the first set. For those new to the seated box jump: start in a seated position where the tops of your thighs are at or just below parallel (a small box is usually your best bet, with plates used to adjust the height as needed). To initiate the jump, lift your feet off the ground while rocking back slightly, and then quickly rock forward, slam your feet down, and explode off the box into a full vertical jump onto a higher box. Don’t forget to use the arms, just as you would in a broad jump, to help add explosive momentum to your jump, and land light on the box, absorbing your landing with soft knees.

In between each set of seated box jumps, everyone was instructed to grab a piece of PVC and perform 5 Pass Thrus, 5 Catch Deliveries, and 5 Sotts Press. For the catch delivery, start in scarecrow position with elbows high and outside and then snap the PVC into the overhead position while jumping your feet out slightly into a squat stance.

After the PVC-interlude, no one was really surprised that snatches were the lead-in for the next part of the day’s programming.

5 x 3 HP Snatch, ALAP Hollow Hold, 10 Windshield Wipers, 10 Hyper-Extensions

This wasn’t a true met-con, in the sense that it wasn’t done for time, but the transition through the sequence should’ve been immediate. So, once the snatches were done, put the bar down, find space on the floor, and then get into the hollow position and hold for as long as possible (“ALAP”). Once your abs gave out and you couldn’t hold the hollow position any longer, transition right into the windshield wipers. Once you’d done 10 over&back with those, roll over, and bang out 10 of the hyper extensions before resting and making your way back over to the platform for the next round.

Well done all around, and thanks to everyone for all the help post-7pm class in putting stuff away. For those of you heading out of town for the long weekend, have a safe trip and enjoy yourselves. For those of you sticking around, class will be at its regular time on Sunday, and this weekend will conclude the second (of three) squat mini-cycle, with work sets done at 90%! Come ready for some fun!



  1. SBV says:

    I ran through this one early Thursday morning at Balance. I find seated box jumps to be the ultimate “wake-up” movement. I felt tired and sluggish walking into the gym; however, after a few sets of seated box jumps, I felt wide awake. I worked up to the 30 inch box with a 45# and 25# bumper plate on top. Looks like people were getting some SERIOUS height in the pictures. I really liked the “catch deliveries” with the PVC and see many more of them in my future. My turnover was so much better once I moved to the bar for hang power snatches. I scaled the WWs to 5 per round because I started “dead fishing” it.

  2. Katie says:

    Wow, early blog post today. Nicely done.

    I again skipped out on the seated box jumps (tried a regular box jump and it hurt my back because I didn’t land softly). I need to do these soon because they scare me, so I need to prove to myself I can do them. It was fun/a little scary to watch everyone. I love the photos, too, Jessi looks happy to have made that jump.

    I worked from 30# to 40# for the snatches. Checking back, the most I’ve done for a snatch is 30#, so 40# is great — it didn’t feel that bad, actually! I’ll be able to use a normal bar soon, which is exciting. Chris cued me to squeeze my shoulders back before pulling, need to remember that. I also worked on hook grip, which helps me with not pulling early, but hurts the “webbing” between my thumb and index finger. Here’s hoping my skin will toughen up.

    Windshield Wipers are brutal, wow…even with my knees bent I found myself struggling not to “bounce” my feet off to get some momentum. My core is starting to feel the effects of this workout, I’m sure I’ll feel it more by tomorrow.

    Excited for Sunday!!!! I’m also getting psyched for CrossFit for Hope, which I think will be awesome.

  3. Sara says:

    I love seated box jumps and much prefer them to regular box jumps. I did hit my hand on the corner of the wooden box with the extender on top as I attempted a high height. In doing that I ripped a bit of skin from my wrist. Oh well. I still would like to be able to do that height one day.

    I finish my jumps on the 24″ box with a 45 & 25lb plate ontop.

    I stayed very light on the Hang power snatches really working the power. I used 63lbs. I really was focused on keeping the bar in close and pulling under the bar rather than pulling the bar overhead. Although I still received the bar in a power position I was mostly receiving it low rather than high (just above or at parallel). I know I pulled the bar out away from me on a handful of attempts because I ended up chasing the bar.

    My hollow holds were not very good yesterday I was not able to hold them for very long.

    I really enjoyed helping out in the huge 7pm class. I saw lots of improvements from several people.

  4. Steph says:

    Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

    Nervous about the squats on Sunday. Think I’ll really stretch and roll out tomorrow to make sure I’m not tight or sore.

    Did 3 rounds of seated box jumps until the hip started bothering me. What I did was fun, although the higher box totally psyched me out when I first tried.

    Did OHS instead of snatches. Hope to have sore abs from the windshield wipers later today!

    See you all Sunday!

  5. Erica says:

    Snatches are not my favorite, but that means, I need to keep working on them. Tom at one point, queued me to just jump and put the bar over my head, which of course worked until he walked away and then it didn’t.

    I needed to bend my knees on the windshield wipers. Sorry Tom A., I CAN’T DO IT 😉

    I too am curious about Sunday, with a heavy tri training schedule on the agenda. Happy Memorial Day people

  6. Julia says:

    Katie, the hook grip bothered [read: confused] me to no end when I tried it out for the first time. So much so that I abandoned trying and sort-of-secretly fudged my way through my first year of Crossfit without it. But fudging always catches up to you… I finally came [read: was forced to come] to my senses this past fall and am definitely still working on making it second nature. You’re way ahead of me on trying to get it right from the start! 😀

  7. Satin says:

    Hey Tom,
    Thanks for posting my picture. That picture shows good technique.

    It was a great skill workout. Also, thanks for the tips on avoiding the donkey kick. I’ll work on the feet positioning to prevent the inefficient kicks. Also, need to working on midline stabilization to get better at these movements. See everyone on Sunday!!!

  8. Tom Brose says:

    Nice progress on the snatch! Thinking back on what I saw last night, it really dawned on me how important speed is in the movement. That shouldn’t be a big revelation, but I’m not sure everyone sees how important it is. Muscling the weight up may get it overhead, but does not deliver the athletic benefits of a true olympic lift (the same applies to cleans and jerks).

    Awesome that Sebastian got the workout in early. I agree on the seated box jumps, serious CNS activation.

    Hook grip is essential. Not only does it sinch in the grip, but that cuts down on the arm pull. Absolutely have to get this down.

    Satin, great to have you posting! Glad you found the cues useful. I think that the extension shown (toes still on the floor) is plenty of height to move the feet out into the squat stance when you need to pull under. The big kick wastes a lot of power, and often is an compensation for lack of hip extension.