July 9, 2012
July 13, 2012

While temperatures may have cooled down a bit outside the gym, they sure seem to heat up inside pretty quickly, especially when you pack in nearly 50 people over the course of 2 hours. Nonetheless, we pressed ahead with the nights work with only slight adjustments made to the met-con.

20 Squats, 
10 Forward Arm Circles/side, 
10 Backward Arm Circles/side, 
5 Push-Ups, 
10 Scap-Retraction Push-Ups, and,
5 Push-Ups 

Strength 1: 
Strict Press 5-3-2-2-2

Two prep sets of 10 strict press with the bar only were programmed following the warm-up and before beginning the nights working sets. This helps to prepare the body and brain for the movement – sort of pre-programming, if you will.

The double strength portion of Tuesday class revisits a similar pattern recently employed twice back in May (“PRESSED INTO SERVICE,” and “DOWN THE PIKE“). However, the rep scheme was altered this time to have athletes going for a max double, rather than a triple. This would allow people to look back at their heaviest triple from May, and then aim a bit beyond that for a heavy two-rep max.

Strength 2: 
1 x AMRAP Push Press 

As it was back in May, Tuesday’s strict press were followed with one set of AMRAP push-press. However, instead of assigning weights, this time the weight for the push press was prescribed at the heaviest double strict press completed in the first part of the strength work(completed, as opposed to heaviest double attempted – so use what ever weight you successfully put overhead for two reps).

Using heavier weights to do high reps for the push press demands increased attention to posture and execution of the movement. Back in the beginning of June, we discussed the push press, specifically talking about the concept of pushing the bar with your chest.

In order to push with the chest, however, you must have a solid dip. Specifically, the dip must be vertical, and come from pushing the knees forward only. Any forward inclination – pushing the hips back – and the weight will launch forward off your chest, not up. In fact, you may feel a little like you’re leaning backwards with a proper dip. It will also be a lot easier to maintain that vertical bar path if you pull your head back out of the way. Don’t try to push the bar around your chin – instead, aim for the tip of your nose, and as soon as the bar is past, drive the head forward under the bar.

6pm = 50 Sit-Ups, 40 Wall-Balls, 30 Burpees, 20 K2E, 10 Slam Balls

The 6pm class was split off into pairs, with each partner completing all reps of the programmed workout, but with only one partner working at a time. The reps could be split up in any way, so long as each partner completed all reps (e.g., for the 40 wall balls, P1 could do 20, P2 could do 30, P1 could then do their second set of 20, and then P2 could do their final 10).

7pm = 50 Burpees, 100 Sit-Ups, 150 Wall-Balls, 100 Sit-Ups, 50 Burpees

Owing to a larger than normal 7pm class, the met-con was restructured to accommodate teams of 4, and the goal was to have each team aggregate the total reps programmed. So, to complete 100 sit-ups, each partner would/could do 25 a piece. As it was with the 6pm, only one person could be working at a time. Because of the extra rest time each person was getting (resting while 3 other people went, instead of just one), the expectation was that people would be able to push harder when their turn came. To ensure this, a time cap of 15 minutes was placed on the workout.

Although the heat has dropped off a bit this week, the humidity hasn’t abated, and the higher temperatures look to make a return this weekend, so please continue to hydrate both before and after class.



  1. Arbi says:

    First and foremost, don’t judge me – it was the end of my laundry cycle.

    I really enjoyed this one and I felt like I gave it my full effort and didn’t end up burning myself out.

    Push Press
    5@155#; I feel as though I lost my footing a bit. I was hoping to knock out a few more reps.

    20# wallball, 40# ballslams @ 11:44

    We did really well on this one, especially with our 1 burpee a partner rotation. Everyone gave such a great effort yesterday – I’m excited to get back in the mix of things.

  2. Erica says:

    Yesterday I hit a 10# PR on the strict press, to hit two rounds of 2 at 85#. While the arm part wasn’t pretty, keeping the core tight definitely helped me get the bar up and using Tom’s cue to not rest on the bottom, but on the top also helped on the final set. I did 10 at 85# for the AMRAP and had a little bit of gas left but saved it for the metcon. Was very happy to have my partner in crime back and Amelia and I finished in 13:04. Those knees to elbows killed me.

  3. Katie says:

    Erica, that’s awesome, congrats!!

  4. Mark Minukas says:

    Nice work everyone. Some strong people out there!

  5. Sara says:

    I was able to jump into class for more than just the metcon. I tested the waters a bit on strict press and got a PR. My sets were:

    I got 6 PP at 115.

    I was really excited because I felt like I could still press more. I almost forgot about the PP and considered an attempt at 120.

    I worked with Julia, Bernard and Nick on the metcon. We used a 20lb wall ball. With the 20lb ball I am back to having to jump to hit the target. This makes it hard to cycle through more that 4-5 at a time. Our teams goal was to finish as fast as possible so we could get some ball slams in with the remaining time. This was a fun metcon. We were a great team.

  6. Amelia says:

    My return to crossfit wasn’t great last night. Didn’t feel great on the strict press and did less weight than I have done previously.
    Did about 12 PP at 75# before I hit myself in the chin with the bar.

    Erica and I crushed the Metcon.

  7. edgy reggie says:

    I had to check what I did the last time I performed push presses: 10 at 115#. This time, I did strict presses (post-warm-up): 5 @ 95#, 3 @ 115#, 2 @ 125#, and 2 @ 135#. The push press was 5 reps @ 135#. I am getting a bit stronger; even though, I don’t “feel” it at times.

    I was on a team with John, Greg, and Eric for the 7:00 p.m. met-con. We finished in about 15:05 (five seconds after the cap). Everyone on the team did a great job.

    I really liked the met-com, and I even added some “air” to my burpees (which Coach noticed).

    Hopefully, last night’s downpour will lead to cooler temperatures in and out of the gym for Thursday (fingers crossed).

  8. Katie says:

    Just finished this one.

    2×50#(got first one, fail second one)

    11×45# push presses

    I probably screwed myself over by repeating my 50# attempts, but I thought perhaps I just hadn’t waited long enough between sets. I would have liked more push presses; last time I got 13 at the same weight. Still, up from 40# on the strict set of 3 last time.

    This is pretty lame to admit, but I’ve been dreading this metcon since I read it Tuesday morning. I did the original version by myself. Used a 12# ball for the wall balls (up from my usual 10#), and only got it to 8′ height…will work on that. Subbed knee raises as high as I could for K2E. 30# ball for the slams, and they were painfully slow and a few weren’t quite deep enough. (but I stuck with 30#!) Finished in 11:06.

    I had so much fun watching/listening to/reading the Games coverage today. It’s going to be a great weekend!

  9. Andraea says:

    It was awesome watching Erica get 2 reps at 85#! Congrats girl!

    I only made it to 75#, got only 1 at 80# so a bit disappointing. I hit 14 reps at 75# for the AMRAP. Hopefully the next time we do these I can hit the 80# mark.

    Jesse was an awesome partner for the metcon, she pushed me to use the 16# for wall balls as we couldn’t find another 14# and I was willing to drop to 12#. I’m glad she made me step up to the 16# but it was rough hitting that target and had to jump to make it.

  10. Katie says:

    Just read this and had to share. Remind you of anyone from CFDC? :o)

    “I cared less about my personal safety,” she laughed. I smacked my knee a couple of times pretty good. … The last round I was like, ‘Suck it up!’”


  11. Erica says:

    Yeaaah Katie with the Clever quotes 😉

    I too could not pull myself away from the coverage all day. It was crazy listening to what was happening without being able to see it. And as a triathlete, today felt especially special! I was thinking just this week after my HORRIFIC race this past weekend that I may be done with tris, but I think listening today makes me want to stay in the game

  12. Steph says:

    Very jealous of the peeps who got to listen to the live coverage of the first day of the Games. I have to admit though that work was so busy I completely forgot about it until Chris updated me with the results later in the day. I know, I know, some crossfitter I am.

    The presses went okay on Tuesday. I don’t think I gave my best effort and didn’t do the push presses because I didn’t want to fuck up my hip before Sunday’s 1 rep max. Still hovering at 75lbs, so I will try to do more upper body work after I get back from my trip.

    The metcon was a lot of fun though! Love team metcons like this. I worked with Lizzie, Erin, and Josh, and Chris jumped in for one round of my sit-ups. Thanks! We used a 14-lb ball and had 5 burpees to go when Chris called time so we just kept going and finished them. I thought we were going pretty fast, so I have no idea how the other teams managed to finish before time ran out! Crazy fast people!

    See everyone tonight!!