July 16, 2012
July 20, 2012

As Mother Nature decided to bump up the temperature, we decided to bumper things up ourselves in Tuesday’s class.

Inch Worm 1/2ct, 
15 Squats, 
10 Scap-Retraction Push-Ups, 
5 Burpees, Spider Crawl 1/2ct, 
15 Squats, 
10 Scap-Retraction Push-Ups, 
5 Burpees, 
Carioca Rt Full Ct, 
Carioca Lf Full Ct 
20min Pull-Up Block

The breakdown/programming for the pull-up block: 

– if you have 10+ pull-ups, then limit yourself to 7-8 per round – by going sub-max, you were shooting to repeat the same numbers each round (as opposed to going max, and then dropping off substantially each subsequent round);
– if you have 5-10 pull-ups, then limit yourself to 5 per round – same reasons as above;
– if you have 1-5 pull-ups, then max out each round with a minimum of 5 reps, making up the difference with negatives (so, if you only get 3 pull-ups, then do 2 negatives) – a maximum of 12 total negatives was put in place, so if you hit 12 negatives in the first four rounds, then stop doing negatives and proceed to the next level of scaling to rows;
– if you have 0 pull-ups, then complete AMRAP rows, alternating between ring rows and bar rows on the parallettes.

    3 HSPU /or/ 9 Push-Ups, 
    15 Goblet Squats w/ Bumper, and 
    15 Russian Twist per side w/ Bumper

    For those with an appreciable amount of HSPU (i.e., you could accumulate at least 15 without taking an absurdly long time), then proceed with HSPU, scaling to 1 ab-mat (guys) or 2 ab-mats (ladies) at the most. If you don’t have HSPU, then complete the workout with 9 push-ups instead (this also applied if your HSPU broke-down to the point of completing 1 HSPU every 60 seconds).

    Goblet squats were done holding a bumper, and the size of the plate really forces you to stay on your heels with the chest up – otherwise, the elbows and/or bumper are going to start crashing into your thighs, or you’ll fail to achieve depth, both of which are big no-no’s. Once the squats were completed, everyone hit the floor for 15 Russian twists per side (30 total) with the same bumper.

    As mentioned at the beginning of the post, things are getting extremely warm once again, so please be sure to hydrate well both before and after class. Also, if you hadn’t noticed, programming for Tues/Thur night is going underground again (and by that, we mean unannounced), so no peeking will do you no good. On that note, see you all on Thursday.



    1. Steph says:

      Pull-ups are so difficult for me that it really depends on the day, some days I can hardly get one and some days a couple more. Last night was a good night though! For the first time ever, I was able to get 3 chin-ups at a time (still no legit dead-hang pull-ups). I got 3 rounds of 3, 1 on the 4th round, and then nothing so had to stick to negatives for the rest of them until the negatives started to fail too.

      For the metcon I used kbs. Did push-ups of course cuz I have no hspus, used a 20kg kb for the goblet squats, and subbed a different exercise for the Russian twists. The metcon kicked my ass.

      Looking forward to making it to class on Thursday to blow off some steam.

    2. Katie says:

      Underground programming is more in line with the “unknown and the unknowable” CrossFit tenet, no? (ESPN3, here I come.)

      I love rows! I’m trusting they’ll help me toward my 2012 strict pull-up (or chin-up) goal. I did 7 sets alternating ring/parallel, starting at 10 reps and ending around 7 reps.

      I attempted a 25# plate for the metcon, but dropped to 15# after a couple squats because I realized I’d have to rest so much it would turn into more of a strength exercise than a metcon. I was thinking 25# is nothing for squats after 90# on Sunday, but my legs were surprisingly tired. Next time we have a plate exercise I’ll have to see if there’s a 10 kg plate somwhere.

    3. Erica says:

      I agree with Steph, some days are better for pull ups than others. Yesterday was NOT a good one for me. I too cannot get a strict hang pull/chin up yet. I was able to get one pull up grip pull up (thanks Amelia for setting that up!).

      Metcon was tough and slow for me. I used the 35# plate and could get the squats straight (until the last two rounds where I had to stop to no joke, wipe the sweat off) but had to break up the twists to set of 5s. That was heavy for me. I also did the HSPU with two ab mats, which is a first for me. I had to do those in singles, but it still felt like a progression.

    4. SBV says:

      I find russian twists to be very difficult to perform during a conditioning workout. First and foremost, they burn the hell out of your abs. But, second, and perhaps more importanly, they leave you gasping for air. And air isn’t exactly easy to come by these days in the Balance Gym sauna. I find myself holding my breath on them, almost like I’m bracing for someone to punch me in the stomach. By the time I’m finished, it’s difficult to move right on to the next movement without taken a few moments to get some air.

      I can’t think of any excuses as to why I went as slowly as I did on the goblet squats.

    5. ELB says:

      I agree with SBV. I had trouble breathing after the twists. I thought the HSPU were the easiest part of the workout…although not that easy.

      Furthermore, once again Mark proves that he is not of this earth. Guy just kills it in the metcons. I don’t think he started sweating until the last round.

    6. Sara says:

      Sounds like a good class. I would have liked to join and get some HSPU work in. Oh well. I had a rough time with pull-ups in my workout last night. After lots of other pulling work I was only able to string a handful together at a time and even that didn’t last very long.

    7. Andraea says:

      Great workout! Always enjoy pull-up work since I need to get better at them. Did 1 strict each round followed by negatives. I think it was the 3rd round I managed to bust out 2 strict pull-ups in a row. Feeling a bit sore today but it’s a good sore in the back.

      Enjoyed the metcon although I didn’t think I was going to make it through it with the 35# plate on the Russian twists but it actually got a bit better after the first round but it was definitely a struggle. I was feeling sore from the squats on Monday until I squared with the plate and then I was feeling it a bit and was tight. Way to go Erica on the HSPU!!

    8. Tom Brose says:

      Get ready for another steamy workout tonight. Make sure hydration is an all day practice.

      The plate squats a re deceptively hard, and shift the center of balance forward. The big reminder was to stay back on the heels. Seeing people knock out HSPUs in the metcon was cool, especially for those “Rxing” for the first time.

    9. Julia says:

      Really appreciated the metcon. Pretty much every rep was a challenge for me – struggled to hang onto the plate on the squats; slogged through Russian twists a few at a time (abs survived ok, but hands, forearms, and biceps sure tightened up quick — in retrospect, I think I’d describe my interpretation as something like… seated alternating lateral bumper bicep curls?; not recommended, in any event). And HSPUs — well, was definitely testing the limits of “taking an absurdly long time.” Started failing out in my second round (sometime around when Dan yelled “time,” I think…), and thought I’d have to go to pushups. But was instructed to give it another shot, and surprised myself by getting the reps in the next round, and the ones after, too. So, you know what, failure doesn’t have to be final. If you don’t quit, and you don’t panic, sometimes you find a way to get through something that didn’t seem so possible at the start.

    10. Katie says:

      Julia, it’s really cool you managed to finish the HSPUs. Nice job and great advice, thanks!

    11. Tom Brose says:

      Great point Julia. It was very cool to see you reset and focus on the task. Thats morw valuable to learn than breezing through a workout.