July 18, 2012
July 23, 2012

This past Tuesday, we started off class with a 20min block of time focusing on high reps of pull-ups. For Thursday’s class, we began similarly enough with another ~20min block, but rather than strength, it was skill, smoothing out the progression for the hang power snatch which would be utilized in the days met-con. 

2 x 10 Lunges + 10 Sit-Ups; then, 
1 x 10 Burpees; then, 
3 x 10 PVC Pass Thrus, 10 PVC OHS, & 10 PVC Sotts Press 

Hang Snatch Drilling 

As mentioned above, to prime people to be as efficient as possible during the day’s met-con, we began with class-wide snatch progression with the PVC. The version employed, and pretty much any PVC-based snatch progression out there, will either be a replica or augmentation of Coach Mike Burgener’s snatch warm-up (universally referred to as the “Burgener Warm-Up“). When learning or reviewing the snatch, the Burgener warm-up is extremely helpful for reinforcing the bar path requirements. For Thursday’s skill review session, class worked through an extended Burgeneresque sequence, the goal of which was to focus on keeping the bar against the thighs until the moment of full extension, and then guiding the bar into the overhead position by keeping it as close to the abdomen-thorax-head as possible as it travels upwards. In short, we’re reinforcing the fact that we’re “CREATING MOMENTUM AND ELEVATION ON THE BARBELL THRU A RANGE OF MOTION!!“(-Coach Burgener).

(#1) 5 x Extension and Jumps from the Hang Position (done without the PVC) – push the hips back and let the hands slide down the thighs into the hang position before exploding upwards, jumping as high as possible;  

(#2) 3 x Three-count Extend and Shrug – drop into the hang position, and then slowly push the feet into the floor and extend upwards, sliding the PVC up along the thighs, during a three-count, with the 3rd count being the shrug;  

(#3) 3 x Extend and Shrug at full speed;  

(#4) 3 x Four-count Extend and High-Pull – drop into the hang position, and then slowly push the feet into the floor and extend upwards, sliding the PVC up along the thighs, during a three-count, with the 3rd count being the shrug and the 4th count being the high pull (high pull = elbows high and to the outside, also known as the scarecrow position);  

(#5) 3 x Extend and High-Pull at full speed;  

(#6) 5 x Snatch Turnovers – pull the PVC up to the top of the high pull, which should be at or near the sternum, pause, and then quickly snap the PVC into the overhead position while moving the feet out slightly (slightly! the feet should land in a position where you could comfortable descend into an OHS if needed);  

(#7) 3 x Four-count High-Pull and Turnover – the execution is the same as #4 above, except at the top of the high pull, pause, and then execute the turnover from #6;  

(#8) 5 x PVC Snatch Balance; and (finally),  

(#9) 3-5 x PVC Hang Power Snatch.

To transition from the PVC progression, everyone started off with a few hang power snatches (#9 above) with a barbell, so as to add weight to the movement. At this point, the body should be well primed to execute the pieces of the snatch without too much thinking. This is the point where many of us need to learn to get out of the way of our bodies, letting the muscle memory execute the action rather than over analyzing the movement and trying to think our way through the process (AKA Paralysis by Analysis).

7min AMRAP of 7 HP Snatch + 35 Double Unders

With everyone prepped and ready to execute the hang power snatches, class set about loading up the bars for the workout. Suggested RX’ing topped out at 95lbs for guys and 65# for the girls; however, the workout called for 7 consecutive hang power snatch, and the goal was to have people perform the reps consecutively, without putting the bar down. The caveat was that if you were getting tired and starting to perform sloppy reps (snatching jacks), we’d rather have you put the bar down and rest. Of course, if this was happening by round two, chances were you went too heavy and should be scaling down in weight. 

Scaling for double unders was 2-to-1 single (or 70 single skips), although a second option – replacing the DUs with seven burpees – was provided for a few people who happened to do a deadlift-double under metcon on Wednesday night.

Thanks to John from United Barbell/CrossFit Soma in San Fran for getting in a workout with us while he was in town – gave Tom a chance to repay the favor after United Barbell let him get his squats in while on vacation a two weeks ago!

Definitely a humid evening in the gym on Thursday, so I hope everyone hydrated well afterwards. Looks like things will cool off a bit this weekend, so come prepared to go hard on Sunday! Speaking of Sunday, this weekend’s Elements class will focus on getting comfortable while being inverted (handstands).



  1. Steph says:

    Fun class! Wish I could’ve done the snatches, but really didn’t want to fuck my hip up before a 14-hour flight. Subbed front squats and got a good workout still.

    Damn I’ll miss the elements class on being upside down, what I need to work on the most!

    See everyone in 2 weeks, when I return out of shape and porky!

  2. SBV says:

    I was subjected to another slaying by the Minukas metcon machine. Stop to rest for even a second and he laps you by another round. I told him afterward that he’s peaking too early. He claims that he’s just getting started. That’s a scary thought.

  3. Katie says:

    It was great focusing on form last night, much needed. Stayed very light in the metcon at 25#, which did allow me to do the snatches unbroken. Subbed single skips.

    Sadly i’ll be missing class on Sunday, which stinks because I want to work on handstands. But I’m in my way to Virginia Beach, which will be awesome! In addition to some beach time, i’ll be watching a good friend (the one who first encouraged me to try CrossFit) compete in the Garage Games! I’m pumped. See you all Tuesday.

    Have a great trip Steph!

  4. Dian says:

    Have a safe flight Steph. I hope work doesn’t take up all of your time and that you can get out and have fun while in China.

    This was a great class. I’m really trying to work on the olympic lifts so I was glad to work on snatches. I’ve got a lot of work to do but I’m looking forward to it.

    I was so gassed out by the DUs. Clearly gotta get some cardio endurance work in.

    I’ll be there for the handstands on Sunday morning. I’m going to get over my fear of being upside down.

  5. Andraea says:

    Safe travel Steph and see you in a couple of weeks!

    Great to review the hang snatch, definitely rough from the hang position. I used 50# for them and had to do single skips. I’m jealous of everyone with DUs. I need to work on them, I never do since I’m not a fan but I just need to force myself.

  6. ppetersan says:

    Fun class and the 20 minutes spent at the beginning to go over form is starting to pay off (i think). My shoulders have never been so sore from snatches – which I hope means I am on my way to doing them correctly.

    Safe travels, Steph.

  7. edgy reggie says:

    Despite the high humidity in the gym (again), I really liked this workout.

    I used 95# for the (hang) snatches and performed all of them unbroken. My double-unders are still a work-in-progress; therefore, seventy single skips were my substitute. Thanks to SBV (“Has-Ben”/”Three Wheeler”) for being my partner.

    Coach Salty mentioned that I am doing better at eliminating the early arm bend with my snatches. I would like to think that all the PVC work (as well as the work I am doing on my own) contributes to that.

    I completed four full rounds plus seven snatches and fifty-five skips.

    Post-class: I did Winnie’s Iyengar yoga (only three classes left before Winnie takes off on her month-long trip).

    By the way, the 2012 RW Competiton Tour’s next stop is the Keystone Games in York, Pa. on July 28, 2012.

    @Steph: Safe travels.

  8. Erica says:


    Broke my jumprope mid workout and have a nice shiner on my forehead from where it made contact with the bar.

    Miss you already Steph.

  9. Mark Minukas says:

    SBV – you crushed me on a couple of the sectional workouts…I’ve been motivated since then. Thanks man!!

    I liked the skill drills at the beginning of class followed by the same movements in the metcon. Good way to anchor the right movements. Form still broke down (rolling shoulders forward and swinging the bar out) during the metcon, but it would have a been a lot worse, I’m sure, without the drills.

    6.5 rds. DU’s were a surprising bottleneck.

  10. Amelia says:

    Snatches are a tough movement. Felt pretty good on most of them but got in my head at the end when I was getting tired and everything broke down a bit.

    Will miss Sundays class but will be back next week.

  11. Katie says:

    It was good working on form, always helpful. Stayed light with the snatches at 25# and finished 4 rounds, 7 snatches, and 19 single skips.

    Sadly i’ll be missing class on Sunday because I’m in Virginia Beach this weekend — in addition to some beach time, i’ll be watching a good friend of mine (the one who first suggested I try CrossFit) compete in the Garage Games. See you all Tuesday!