August 22, 2012
August 27, 2012

Since everyone had sooooo much fun during last Thursday’s extended met-con, we decided to give another one a go this Thursday.

50 Jumping Jacks, Inch Worm 1/2 Ct; 
15 Squats, 20 Spider Lunges, 15 Squats;
 Inch Worm 1/2 Ct, 50 Jumping Jacks 
Met-Con Prep: 
2 x 10 KB Deadlifts, 10 KB Goblet Squats, 15 Band Pull-Aparts 
4 x 3min On, 3min Off of 
21 Double Unders, 14 KB Swings, 7 HR Push-Ups

Class was split off into pairs, with one person completing their 3min of work while the other rested. Each individual was instructed to keep track of where they left off during the 21-14-7 when their 3min round was over, and then start at that exact same spot the next round (i.e., if you had completed 3 rounds, 21 DUs and 10 KB swings when time expired on your first round, you would start the second round at KB swing number 11). Final score was total rounds and reps.

Sub for double unders was 21 mountain climbers + 21 single skips so that you get the cardio response of the double unders from the mountain climbers, but still get the time in on the jump rope. KB Swings were programmed as American-style (overhead) but scaled to Russian-style (eye-level) for those uncomfortable with the overhead position. Push-ups were done games-style, with a hand release at the bottom.

Quick reminder for high rep KB swings: especially during a met-con situation, where your hands are getting sweaty and your grip is giving out, hold the kettlebell at the corners where the handle and tops of the horns (the side-bars of the handle) meet.

By positioning your hands in the corner of the handle (doubled up with the cue to “pull the handle apart,” as John has above), you’ll gain control over the kettlebell without having to squeeze your grip even harder. This will not only ensure that the KB doesn’t flop over at the top of the swing, but will also save your hands.

50 Overhead Band Pull-Aparts 

As a follow-up to Dr. Paul’s visit this past Sunday, we’re are going to start featuring a number of his recommended resistance band exercises, which will help build-up strength in the shoulders, but also help relieve any lingering issues born of improper mechanics.

The 7pm class received a special 20-burpee finisher, bestowed as a result of Josh’s misunderstanding of the blog-photo-equals-comment rule, in which he replied, “well I could use the extra conditioning” – this on top of the fact that the photo in question showed Josh with the biggest grin we’ve ever seen on someone during a met-con! Despite that, and because Thursday was Josh’s last class before he heads back to college, we thought we’d leave you all with a follow-up photo to rival the previous:

Good luck Josh, see you in November. 

And see the rest of you on Sunday.



  1. Katie says:

    I love the photo of MC — that’s a heavy kettlebell, and it’s the perfect complement to the shirt.

    I was already tired by the time we got to the actual metcon. I partnered with Steph, and wow! I don’t usually get a chance to watch her, so this was a treat — she just keeps going and going! Awesome job, Steph!! The mountain climbers killed me on this one (I think my legs were still recovering from Tuesday). Just more incentive to work on DUs! I stuck to eye-level(ish) KB swings with 12 kg because my lower back started bothering me a little. Again, another metcon I was just happy to get through. I maybe got 6ish rounds, but gave up counting.

    I missed some of the regular 6 p.m. ladies in class — Amelia, Andraea, and Erica. Feel better soon, Erica!

    Good luck Josh! We’ll miss your smile in class and look forward to seeing you over breaks.

    And lastly, good luck to Sara, Chris, and Mike on Saturday.

  2. Steph says:

    Good luck, Josh! We’ll miss you and that grin! I guess Daniel will just have workout twice as hard to make up for you not being here!

    Yeah, MC was rocking that 20kg kb! It was awesome.

    Agree with Katie (and thanks, Katie!), the extended warm-up was definitely a workout in itself. It was my first time doing swings in a loooong time so I stayed light but they still sucked! By the last 3-min, I was secretly hoping to break during DUs so I could delay getting back to the swings. It had been so long since I’ve done swings that I forgot about the breathing technique Tom taught us until the later rounds and it really helped in getting me through the rest of the workout.

  3. ppetersan says:

    Great Pics. I’m bummed I wasn’t able to make it to class last night. I will do this workout tonight after work. Good luck to everyone competing this weekend.

  4. Julia says:

    Good luck Sara, Chris, and Mike, and best wishes to Josh!

  5. SBV says:

    As the comments, above, have indicated, three of the CFDC coaches (Sara, Chris, and Mike) will be competing this Saturday in the Frederick Open, an Olympic Weightlifting meet in Maryland. This event is particularly exciting because one of our fearless leaders, Chris, will be making his triumphant return to the platform.

    Unless I’m mistaken, this will be Chris’ first meet since January 2011. In the meantime, he’s battled knee injuries, traveled to China to train with the Beijing Club team, revamped his snatched, switched from split jerk, to power jerk, to Sheppard jerk, and back to split jerk, and has often times put his own training on the back-burner to help the rest of us CFDCers with our own training. Since he would never write about himself on the blog, I figured that someone else should. Let’s all send him positive thoughts on Saturday and hope for some PRs! Ben Brown and I will be traveling up to watch him, Sara, and Mike represent us well on Saturday.

  6. Steph says:

    Sbv, I’ll be there too, don’t forget I’m riding with you guys!

    Thank you for writing that little blurb about Chris! Made me smile 🙂 and you are right, he would never write about himself.

    Good luck Sara, Mike, and Chris! I’ll be bringing a video camera!

  7. Andraea says:

    Good luck Sara, Chris, and Mike!!

    Since I wasn’t able to make it to class yesterday I did this workout after work today. I wasn’t sure if I had enough energy today but the long warm-up helped me get energized and motivated for it. The KB swings were rough by the 3rd and 4th round. Great workout and glad I got through it.

  8. Mark Minukas says:

    Chris, Sara, Mike – good luck at the competition!

    Josh – good luck with your move, man.

  9. Joshua Henderson says:

    Thank you everyone, I’ve really enjoyed working out with all of you this summer and I will definitely be back next summer as well as during the year (hopefully.) But for the near future, I will be sleeping in on Sunday mornings!!

    Hopefully this comment will absolve all of you from having to do burpees because of me.