August 27, 2012
August 31, 2012

Last week we pointed out that we’ve been covering a lot of explosive movements lately, followed by a class focusing on jerks (Tuesday) and a class combining the clean and jerk (Sunday). However, it’s been nearly a month since snatches have made an appearance, and it feels like they’ve been lurking in the background, waiting for everyone to relax until…

15 Pause Squats, 
15 Pass-Thrus, 
15 OHS, 
15 Push-Ups 
Hang Power Snatch

The last time we worked snatches, they were programmed as one hang hi-pull followed by one hang snatch (either power or squat). Additionally, the sets were loosely programmed as “between 8-12 working sets…, with 12 being the absolute maximum.” This allowed everyone to take their time and concentrate on the movement, namely: “to really concentrate on the explosive second pull, and, once again, really hammers the need to keep the bar in against the thighs as we execute the lift.” (“BATTEN DOWN THE SNATCHES“). For this Tuesday’s class, a more stringent parameter was put in place.

Prep Sets: 2 x 3 Hang Shrug + 3 Hang Hi-Pull + 3 Hang Power Snatch 

Working Sets: 15min to find a 3RM Hang Power Snatch 

After the prep sets (plus or minus a few minutes), everyone was given 15min to find a 3 Rep Max Hang Power Snatch. Once an athlete had picked up the bar, it could not touch the ground until the after the completion of the 3rd rep. Athletes could reset their grip in the pocket of the waist, but if they dropped the bar or had to set it down to reset their grip, the set was over.

6min 1k run; then, 
7min AMRAP of 7 Burpees & 14 Sit-Ups

The met-con was broken up into two time segments. The first was a six minute time block in which to complete a 1k run. Any time remaining in the 6 minutes was rest. At 6 minutes however, all athletes began working through the second time block, a 7minute AMRAP of 7 burpees and 14 sit-ups.

Class was closed out with a little wall assisted stretching, including a supine wall squat (knees to the chest) and cross-legged glute stretch. Awesome work, especially in a large 7pm class. Also, with regards to this coming weekend, we wanted to give you all a heads up: we WILL be having both regularly scheduled classes on Sunday morning. And since it’s labor day, expect to do some heavy labor.



  1. Steph says:

    I’ve been avoiding snatches since the Open workout but decided last night that it was time to start working on them again. I worked with Andraea and Amelia and stayed pretty light. I’m not sure how many sets we did, but I worked up to 58lbs (thanks for letting us use your bar, Sara!) before switching to OHS. The hip and shoulder handled 58lbs fine, but I think I will keep working on form before going up in weight.

    The metcon was brutal. Not sure how long it took me on the run, 4 something I think, but the 7pm group was blazing fast on that! Satin, Dan, Mark and SBV all came in around 3’40-3’50. I don’t know what it is about sit-ups, I just can’t do them after a little while! My abs stopped working after the 3rd round and I had to keep resting. I was trying to keep up with Andraea but couldn’t. She was rocking it.

    Looking forward to Thursday!

  2. Katie says:

    I worked with Mandy (not sure if I’m spelling that right), who is really strong and will be snatching twice the weight as soon as she gets comfortable with the form. My 3RM was 40#…I did 2/3 with 45#, but failed on the third rep due to overthinking it, the same way I do with cleans. As soon as my mind gets out of the way I know I can do more weight.

    I finished the run right at 6 minutes. This was good because I thought it would take me longer, but also exactly the wrong strategy for this workout, because I got zero rest and still had to do the full 7 minutes of burpees and sit-ups. But I got in lots of work, so in the end I’m happy. I struggled a little with sit-ups, which is weird because I usually love them. I felt my abs working during the burpees, so that probably made the sit-ups tougher.

  3. Kenna says:

    I’m just going to start saying ditto to Katie’s comments because we tend to have so many similarities…

    – I got to 45# on the 3 rep max, I think I could have done 50# if I had tried it again (got 2/3, had to make some adjustments and the hit a mental block, it didn’t even feel heavy!). Again I do really well on the pull part (akw4a “scarecrow”) but flipping it over and getting underneath it is the issue for me. I worked with Diana, Kathy, Kate, and Lizzy. Good group and Sara was super helpful working with us, thanks Sara!

    – Also the situps killed me! Towards the end I was looking forward to the burpees to give my abs a break… what the heck?!

    I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday. I feel like it should be Friday. But I’ll see y’all on Thursday!

  4. Amelia says:

    Stayed pretty light on the snatches. Think I ended up stringing two together at 66lbs. Still working on the movement itself and not overthinking.

    Metcon was the kind that I really like. Did the run in 4:20 I think and then just kept moving on the situps and burpees. Agree with everyone that the situps started to get tough.
    Totally lost count on how many rounds I did…

  5. Andraea says:

    It was great to have time to work on snatches. They were feeling pretty good once I got a couple sets down. Getting it flipped overhead was getting better. Now I have to work on getting under it quicker. Still not consistent with them. I think I worked up to 78lbs. Thanks Sara for letting us use your bar!

    Yeah i agree with the others, the situps got rough. My abs are sore today which is a good thing! Although it tells me I need to do more abs…

  6. Dan Samarov says:

    Great to get to CFDC as always! Snatches felt solid, think I had more in the tank but ran out of time. Finished my last set of 3 @ 200lbs.

    The run is a work in progress, but starting to feel better on the whole. Hammies tightened up the last ~400m. Had Ben and Satin pushing the pace.

    Finished up the metcon with 7 rounds + burpees + 5 sit ups. Was a good one!

  7. Dian says:

    I was still really sore from Sunday last night. I always wince and groan but it always turns out that the best cure for soreness is moving and getting back at it. My aching muscles felt much better after the warm-up.

    Always great to work on snatches. Thanks for the coaching Sara! I worked up to 50lbs but I could have added more weight. We had a big group and we ran out of time.

    I completed the run in 5:00 minutes and it felt good. I’m really happy that my random knee pain of a couple of weeks ago is gone so I was able to run. I lost track of the number of sets I completed during the metcon. I agree that the situps were surprisingly tough. I thought the burpees would get me but the situps caught up with me fast and I caught myself resting with those because the burn was something special.

    Looking forward to getting back at it on Thursday!

  8. Julia says:

    awesome picture, Erin!

    prep sets were great prep. think I actually started doing some of the hi pulls right, and and hopefully that translated to the snatches as well.

    ditto on situps being super tough during the metcon, mine broke down fast. burpees felt good though – or was that just in comparison? this was a fun one!

  9. Sara says:

    Ladies – You are welcome for the bar and please know that anytime you would like to use it just ask. Both Chris and I have a key. I am happy to share it for olympic lifting. It makes it a lot easier to hook grip.

    I am with everyone else on the sit-ups being the limiter on that workout. I was looking forward to the burpees.

    I didn’t really work towards a 3 RM on the Hang Power Snatch. I just sort of worked along with the others on my platform. On my last set I bumped the weight up a bit but realized after the first rep that something was wrong because the weight felt uneven. low and behold there was a 25lb plate on one side and a 10KG plate on the other. This is a lesson to anyone putting 25lb plates on a bar. Check to make sure one of the 10KG plates didn’t make it downstairs and on your bar. 🙂

  10. Ben says:

    Great class on Tuesday! Worked with Satin, Chris, and SBV on the snatches. Got up to 155 lbs on my last two sets of 3, but the third rep was a little sloppy. Even though I was using the hook grip, I think my grip was the limiting factor.

    Brutal metcon. Same here on the situps! I was expecting the burpees to be the more difficult of the two movements, but it turned out to be the opposite for me too. The situps were difficult and the burpees felt pretty good. Overall pretty happy with my ability to keep pushing through the 7 min.

  11. Mark Minukas says:

    Steph – good to see you back at the snatches!

    Great Oly practice again last night. Worked up to 155 lbs, but only got 2 reps. Footwork was kind of sloppy and the turn out at the top was slowing down. I clearly need to keep working these.

    Was cool to see Danimal rocking heavy weights and making it look easy. Nice efficient movement.

    Metcon was a good workout. Situps were the limiting factor for sure. Got 7 rds + 5 situps.

  12. Tom Brose says:

    Very easy to see the improvements being made Tuesday night. Overall we saw more of an emphasis on speed, and less muscling through. Of course, as things improve, the next level of technique is exposed, and there is even more to work on.

    I think in no small part improvement comes from us having a few extra coaches to keep eyes on, especially with so many relative beginners. Having Sara and Steph on hand for the 7Pm was awesome.

    Any metcon that makes you look forward to the burpees speaks for itself.