October 29, 2012
November 7, 2012

Although dealing with a little uncertainty as to whether the gym was open or closed on Sunday, things turned out for the best, with an entire gym to ourselves for the morning. The strength portioned was pretty much set in stone, but with an open basketball court, the met-con just had to be altered to suit the circumstances.

50 Jumping Jacks and 1/2 Ct Spider Lunge; 
25 Jumping Jacks, 1/2 Ct Inch Worm, and 1/2 Ct Lunge;
25 Jumping Jacks and 50′ Leapfrog Squat-Walk 
Back Squats

Back to the back squats! Rather than the typical reps and sets, which warm you up before doing equal numbers of reps and sets with heavy weight (e.g., 3×5, 6×3, etc.), Sunday’s program was a wave of changing numbers, but all requiring equally as much exertion.

Warm-Up Sets: 
1×10 @ Bar Only, 
1×5 @ 35%, and, 
1×5 @ 50% 
Working Sets: 
1×10 @ 65%, 
1×8 @ 70%, 
1×8 @ 75%, 
1×5 @ 80%, and, 
2×3 @ 85% 

Right off the bat, Sunday’s squat program was in your face with a set of 10reps at 65%. Not the heaviest or highest number of reps we’ve done before, but to start things off there was an eye opener. From there, the reps dropped, but the weight increased, including back-to-back sets of 8 reps with a 5% increase in weight between the two.

Although the squats took up the majority of the class, there was ample time left for a met-con, and with court wide open, it seemed like a great opportunity for some plate pushes and mummy crawls.

Team Met-Con: 
 15 Full Court Plate Push & 5 Full Court Mummy Crawl

Class was divided into teams of 3, and teams could divide up the reps however they wanted, whether full lengths at a time (full length = down & back), 1 length of the court a time, only 1/2 court at a time, or even simply going as far as each person could before switching. Once the team had completed 15 down and back trips with the plate, they then did the same with 5 down and back trips of mummy crawl.

Apologies for the confusion regarding classes on Sunday, and thanks to everyone who braved the trip to the gym knowing we could’ve been facing another out-door workout. The gym will be closed next Friday and Saturday morning (NOT Sunday, however – class will be as usual for next Sunday). Was that part of the confusion? There’s no telling. In fact, the only answer we have is this, and it’s provided via *one* of our favorite quotes from Coach Mark Rippetoe:

“There is never an absolute answer to everything, 
except of course that you have to do your squats.”

Seems appropriate. 
Just FYI – Keep an eye on the blog this week, as we’re going to start injecting a few discussion-based posts, with topics pulled from all over the fitness world.



  1. Tom Brose says:

    AWESOME SQUAT PICTURES! Depth, form and attitude.

    Especially good to see Brendan back in town and getting stronger.

    Coaches workout after class was really fun, but Chris and Sara had to pick up some of the slack for me.

  2. Julia says:

    Squats didn’t go well for me (I’ll be back for you, bar), but Sunday was still so much fun. Awesome to see everyone again. Welcome back Brendan and Katie! Nice work Kathryn (sp?), Kathy, and Katie anchoring us on mummy crawls. See you guys next week, and looking forward to the blog discussion in the meantime!

  3. Tom Brose says:

    First and probably last time I finish before Julia (even if just posting on the blog)!

  4. Katie says:

    It’s SO good to be back!! I missed you all.

    Squats were rough…can you tell from the expression on my face? I missed the memo that the 1×10 at 65% was a working set — I though that was a pretty big jump for the warm-up! Thanks to Sara, Steph, and Chris for all the cues. I only went up to 70%…here’s hoping my lost strength comes back quickly.

    I enjoyed working with Kathy and Kathryn (sp?) on both the squats and metcon. Plate pushes felt pretty great (the dry autumn air is good for something), and mummy crawls were miserable as usual. Thanks for all the support on those! I will NOT miss mummy crawls once the basketball court is gone, but I know they’ll just be replaced with something else equally creative/painful.

  5. Steph says:

    Yay for squats! Yesterday’s class was a blast. Thanks so much to Adri and Julia for being crazy enough to do the metcon twice and with me as their partner the second time around! You guys are awesome!

    The squats went much better than I expected. The warmup sets felt heavy and the roughest set for me was the first set of 8. The rest went really well. It was so good to squat heavy.

    Also looking forward to the discussions!

  6. Katie says:

    I think doing the metcon THREE times would be a more proper scaling option for Julia and Adri!

  7. Andraea says:

    Really great photos guys!

    I went tonight to do them, didn’t think I’d make it through since I wasn’t feeling the greatest. I’ve been battling a cold all weekend but was feeling better today and I saw squats were up again and I couldn’t miss those! It was rough, won’t lie. Felt heavy but I made it through it.

    Looking forward to the blog discussions!