November 12, 2012
November 16, 2012
CFDC Supplemental Work 

As promised on Sunday, we are going to start posting supplemental programming at the beginning of each week for everyone to work through until we finally get the doors to our new place open. There are two workouts posted (Day 1 and Day 2) which can be attempted any day of the week per your schedule. These workouts will be posted each Monday night (yea, we’re a little late on the first one).

Feel free to ask questions in the comments section, including clarifications about the workouts. As well, be sure to check the comments before you begin each workout to ensure that no clarifications have been asked for and provided. OH, and of course, be sure to note how you did in the comments too!! (This will help with future programming).

 DAY 1 

5 minutes jump rope single skips; then,
3 Rounds 15 squats 10 PVC dislocates 5 dive bomber push-ups

10-8-6-4-2 Overhead Squat
(work towards progressively heavier OHS as able, but remain in control and safe

10 minute AMRAP of 10 KB Swings, 20 Ab Mat situps, and 30 double unders
– scale DUs to 15* mountain climbers+ 60 single skips (*Left and right steps = 1 mtn climber)

DAY 2 

1000M row at moderate/easy pace, then,
3 Rounds of 1/2 ct inchworm (or similar distance), 15 Squats, 10 Spider Lunges, and 10 Scorpion

6 Rounds, starting each round every 90 seconds, of 2 Wall Walkers (TIGHT CORE!) and 12 Box jumps (step down only)
(you may increase the time increment to 120 seconds if needed in order to maintain the programmed rep scheme)

3 Rounds of 500M row with 1 minute rest (500m is a standard program on all the ergs)



  1. Andraea says:

    I can’t believe I’m the first one to post on the supplemental workouts. I was sure there would be comments today. Thanks for providing the supplemental workouts! I really enjoy going to the gym with a plan laid out for me!

    I did Day 1 today, I was nervous for the OHS since I hadn’t done them in a while. I stayed light through it especially for the 10 and 9 rep rounds. I only worked up to 70# since I’m not confident with this lift and I feel off balance. I think I tilt to the left with it since my left shoulder is weaker. Glad I did it, OHS can only get better from here right?

    Metcon was good, glad to do KB swings and abmat sit-ups, mountain climbers got annoying, I’ve got to practice DUs.

  2. Tom Brose says:

    Andraea, its long overdue on our end. I hope we can get people following these and staying strong while we prepare for the next level. OHS especially need practice, and they will get better.

    Now that Chris has gotten DUs down, his special consultant Steph may have a jump rope mentorship available.

  3. Steph says:

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  4. Steph says:

    Sounds like a good one. I love OHS and haven’t done them lately, so looking forward to doing this workout. I’m hoping to get it in before the week ends. Work has been pretty bad and have only made it to the gym once this week so far. Boo!

  5. Katie says:

    Thank you! I really, really miss coming to class, but having this to do got me to the gym at least.

    OHS were brutal as usual, particularly on my wrists, and they were much worse alone. (though I imagined Steph cheering me on!) I only made it to 30#.

    Used the 12 kg KB for the metcon, and made it through 4 rounds plus the KB swings and a couple sit-ups. This was a good workout because the numbers were low enough that I didn’t have to break up the sets (except when I tripped on the skips). I was surprised how much my shoulders and arms felt this one…perhaps I wasn’t being as efficient with the jump rope as I could have been.

  6. Tom Brose says:

    Who’s in for the Wall walkers and Box Jumps tomorrow? remember, these are programmed as “step down only”.

    Push the pace on those 500s, and post your thoughts.

  7. Julia says:

    Awesome to see Andraea and Katie pushing each other on the rows tonight. And caught Erica knocking out OHS the other morning before most people were up (including myself, I was pretty much just snoozing/occasionally pretending to mobilize on the foam roller while she worked out)… nice work CFDC!

  8. Andraea says:

    Thanks Katie for working out with me tonight! It was awesome to workout with you again and it was so great seeing a lot of CFDCers there tonight!

    Day 2 supplemental went well, I’m getting better at wall walkers because the fear of them are going away. The rows were good until the last 100meters and then it was rough, I got progressively slower with each 500 unfortunately.

    Hope to see you guys there next week!

  9. Katie says:

    Agreed, it was great to be surrounded by CFDCers at the gym tonight. It was a pleasure, as always, to work out with Andraea. It was also great to see Jessi, Julia, Ben, and Satin pushing themselves.

    This was a really unexpected combination of movements, and I liked it. I kept it on the easy side with holds toward the end and a lower box, and luckily my hip feels good. No cracked skulls and no skinned shins means this was successful in my mind.

    The rows went fairly well, I stayed fairly consistent just under 2:30 for each. (I have nothing to compare that to, though, so I’ll start tracking that.)

    As I tried to “push the pace” rowing I was a little unsure of exactly how to most efficiently speed it up. My worry is my strokes aren’t as efficient as I try to go faster, so I’m doing more work than I need to. I would love an Elements on rowing sometime, the one a few months ago (with just Erica and I) was very helpful, and I could use a review.

  10. Tom Brose says:

    Rowing efficiency is definitely on our list for everyone.

    Andraea, slowing down probably means you went hard from the first one. No problem with that.

    Julia, Katie obviously hasn’t been following your lead. What kind of foolery is “No cracked skulls and no skinned shins means this was successful in my mind”?