November 19, 2012
November 23, 2012

(this workout has been designed to be done at the gym – possibly on Tues or Wed before leaving – as it is more equipment intensive)

Jump rope 5 minutes (single skip only), then,
3 x 15 squats, 10 spider lunges, and 5 dive bomber Push-Ups;

finish with 3 min death stretch each side, switching every 30 seconds between (A) a hip flexor emphasis with the chest up/back against the wall, and (B) a quad emphasis with hands on the floor (elbow if possible) pushing the hips towards the ground

5 Rounds for time of
– 12 DB Push Press (m-40lb, w-25lb)
– 9 Burpees
– 6 Pullups OR 6 Ring Rows (make them challenging)

(this workout is more travel friendly for those of you out of town or without access to a CF-friendly gym) 
1 x 20 Calf Raises/side, 10 Pause Squats, 20 Hip-to-Wall , 10 Pause Squats, 20 Scap-Retraction Push-Ups, 10 Pause Squats
Run 1 mile; 
Rest 3 minutes; 
40-30-20-10 Reps For Time of Air Squat and Sit-Ups*
Rest 3 minutes 
Run 1 mile 
(* ensure full depth on the squats along with good posture)
Spend approximately 3-4 minutes per stretch in the following four positions.  OH, and be sure to enjoy the model we recruited to pose for the pictures).

Supine Wall Split

Supine Wall Squat
(NOTE: feet should be as straight as possible when in this position, really work to point them straight up the wall to the ceiling – you may need shoes on to help accomplish this)

Supine Wall Hip Stretch

Spinal Hip Twist

10 minutes general movement (run, row, ride, jump-rope, burpee, or all 3!) 
 3 X Inchworm 5 meters and 10 scorpion 
5 x 5 Deadlift 
(be sure to stay below your 5RM effort) 
5 Rounds for time of 10 DB Goblet squats (m-45lb DB, w-30lb DB) and 10 Hand Release Push-Ups 
– for the hand release push-ups, be sure to pull the hands off the floor at the bottom of each push-up
Finish with 3 sets of 8-15 reps 1-Arm DB rows per side 
– go as heavy as good form and position will allow (i.e., no heaving or rolling the body to lift the weight)


  1. Face Plant on burpee #6 round 5 was awesome. Great workout!! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. See you all on Sunday.

  2. Steph says:

    Did the running workout today. Running uphill was much easier and I was able to push it more than going downhill where I was trying not to land too hard. It was nice to get some running in.

  3. Katie says:

    I did workout 1 on Tuesday…used 15# db and it went fairly well. I don’t blame Jon for face planting, my arms were spent! I finished in about 9:30 i think.

    Workout 2 was on turkey day before dinner. Running was brutal, i was actually looking forward to the squats and sit-ups! I had a hilly course, which made it tougher. I agree with Steph that it was tougher to have good form downhill. I kept reminding myself of running cues…quick feet, on the toes, relaxed shoulders. My calves are incredibly sore today, wish i would have stretched them out more afterwards!!

    Today i dropped in to crossfit nittany, good class. I was introduced to an awful thing called the reverse hyper during warm-up….i sincerely hope there will NOT be one of those in the new gym!!! I worked up to 50# on 2 cleans and a jerk every minute for 8 mins…could have gone a little heavier but didn’t have time to add on the last round. 3 x 3 bench press, got to 55# then one rep at 60. Got 4 rounds in 6 mins of 5 power cleans at 40# and 10 burpees. Good programming and nice facility!

    Can’t wait to see everyone on Sunday!!