December 7, 2012
December 10, 2012

For our first Saturday class, and with some more great weather on tap, we took some time to really warm-up and stretch our posterior chains before heading outside for some sprint work.

50′ Inch Worm, 
50′ Hamstring Walk, 
50′ Sideways Squat Walk (turn at 25′), 
50′ Samson Lunge  
10 Hip to Wall Stretch; 
1 min Standing Pigeon Stretch/side; 
10 Hip to Wall Stretch; 
1 min Calf & Ankle Wall Stretch 
Resistance Running 

It’s been a while since we utilized our resistance running drills, but with nice weather and minimum of equipment, this seemed a perfect opportunity. To ease into things, class first started off with 2 rounds of a partner resisted drill.

For this version, everyone started off facing their partners, placing their hands on their partners shoulders, and then leaning into their partners and driving them backwards. This took the arm swing out of the mix, allowing the pusher to concentrate on picking the foot up and placing straight back down again.

Next, class pulled out some resistance bands for 3 rounds of band resisted running. Similar in both nature and goal, these use your partner’s resistance to build and emphasize a good forward lean of the body, but with your partner slowing your progress from behind, rather than in front. To help ensure efficient position, we used the bands as more of a harness, using two bands, one around each of the runners shoulders. Similar to having a partner pushing against your chest, this places the resistance against our upper body, allowing us to really lean into our run.

Finally, we closed out with 3 rounds of un-resisted sprints. The first sprint, programmed at roughly 80% effort, caught more than a few people off guard as the went blasting off the line due to a sudden lack of resistance.

The big emphasis through-out the sprint work was on efficiency of motion: pulling the feet up in line with the legs and landing on the balls of the feet; driving the knees forward, instead of kicking the feet our behind you; pumping the arms in time with the legs, and keeping the elbows (bent at roughly 90 degree) in close to the body; and, chest up, but head neutral, not craned up or looking down at the feet.

As nice as it was outside, we had a quick finished awaiting everyone back inside the gym.

2 x Cradle of Pain + 50′ Mummy Crawl

No ab-mats? No problem. Time to bring back the Cradle of Pain. Of course, with a full strip of rubber missing from the center of the room, it seemed a perfect track for mummy crawls (thanks for the suggestion, Katie!).

We’ll be back at it again tomorrow at 10am. See you all there!



  1. Steph says:

    Katie, you brought the mummy crawls on yourself! :-p

    Fun class! Warm-up and mobility work were great. I was sufficiently work by the time we started the running work. It was nice to work on running form and drills again. I particularly enjoyed going from light resistance to heavy resistance to no resistance. It’s helpful to see Chris’ lean on the run.

    Cradle of pain was really tough as usual, but I was able to get a few legit ones today compared to none before. However, I just had a bunch of sweet potato pancakes with sausages so I’ll probably be back to “0” tomorrow 🙂

    Thanks for partnering with me, Katie! You’ll be missed tomorrow! See everyone then!

  2. Katie says:

    I didn’t think they would have hand towels!! I should really know better. But it’s always good to work on a weakness.

    Steph, I’m sure you can still do just as many cradles. Mmmm sweet potatoes!

    Great photo of Chris! It’s been fun having him work out with us recently.

    It was my first time with cradles of pain and I kind of liked them! I went home and showed it to my husband…the look on his face was awesome!

    Sad to have missed class today…see everyone on Tuesday!

  3. Tom Brose says:

    Awesome work. That may seem light on the volume, but a very productive class. I always enjoy seeing peoples reaction when they try the CoP for the first time.