December 12, 2012
December 15, 2012

Did someone say something about Tom A. having a birthday this week? You just know that spells trouble…

 1/2 Ct Inch Worm, 10 Pause Squats, 10 Spider Lunges, 
 1/2 Ct Hamstring Walk, 10 Alt-T Push-Ups;
1 min Wall-assisted Pec Stretch, 1 min Wall-assisted Lat & Tri Stretch;
Shuttle Run 

10 x 2min rounds of 
3 HSPU, 10 Supine Windshield Wipers, and 15 Air Squats

The birthday “boy” himself in class Thursday night

After a relatively slower-paced Tuesday class on the rings, Thursday ramped things up a bit with a repetitious two minute attack of 3 HSPU, 10 Supine Windshield Wipers back = 2 reps), and 15 Air Squats. The goal was to complete each round as fast as possible, using any time remaining in the two minute time block as rest. Class kept this up for a total of 10 rounds. This was a great way to see if everyone had taken to hear all the review we’ve been doing on the basics of form over the last two weeks, culminating with Tuesday’s extensive hollow position recap (you didn’t think all those handstand kick-ups were gonna go to waste, did you??).

Scaling options for the HSPU were numerous, beginning with a rather lax standard of less-than-full-range-of-motion. This is kind of a surprising standard considering our usual slavish adherence to full ROM, but without ab-mats at the moment, we’re granting people’s heads a slight reprieve. Don’t get used to it, however, as ab-mats and yoga mats are on their way.

Additional scaling options included piked push-ups with feet on the window sill, decline push-ups with feet on the window sill, and regular push-ups on the floor. The program also allowed for anyone to start with one option and then scale down as needed through out the workout. This kept up until everyone had completed a total of ten rounds…or did it?

BONUS ROUND: 1 x 50 Burpees 

In honor of one of Tom A’s 49th birthday, an 11th and final bonus round of nothing more than 50 burpees was sprung on everyone at the end (49 plus 1 to grow on). While the 50 burpees started on the 2 minute block, a 5 minute time cap was used instead of 2 min. Of course, the 7pm class was just damn lucky we didn’t decide to add Emily’s birthday (also yesterday) on-top of Tom’s!

After everyone had recovered and were breathing somewhat normally again, we hit the wall for another round of the pec stretch and lat & tri stretch from the warm-up.

 Don’t forget that we now have two classes on the weekend: Saturday and Sunday, both starting at 10am and running for roughly an hour and a half. See you all then.



  1. TomandAmi says:

    Thank you all for the kind wishes – that’s 4 CFDC birthdays now. I think I can say I am better at 49 on 12/12 tha nI was at 45 on 12/12. We will see about 50.

  2. Steph says:

    I think Tom’s 45th birthday burpees were my first run-in with CFDC’s birthday burpees. I didn’t like him very much that day :-p Happy birthday again, Tom!

    Also happy birthday, Emily! It was great to have you back!

    Nice to work more on hspus! Still a long way to go and looking forward to more practice!

    Hope to see more people in the Saturday class this week!

  3. Katie says:

    Fun class, as always. You do realize you’re dissuading people from mentioning it’s their birthday?

    My quads are nice and sore today. Very creative use of the window ledge! I used that for the first 8ish rounds and then went to regular push-ups to finish off.

    I finished 47 burpees in 5 minutes — I wish I would have known it was for time at the beginning, since I was going at a pace to allow a little energy to walk home and make dinner. I know, I know, pretty lame. I finished the last 3 after time was called.

    See you all tomorrow!

  4. Julia says:

    Happy birthday Tom A, happy birthday Emily! LOL Katie. 🙂

    Loved the workout, and would love to do more like it.

    See you guys Sat!

  5. Sara says:

    great class. I am glad to have time to work on HSPUs. They seem to be coming along.

    if I remember correctly Tom’s 45th included a 7 or 8 exercise chipper. 45 reps at each exercise. It was just after I hurt my knee and couldn’t do any lower body stuff. It was also the day I learned to do kipping pull-ups (45 of them)