December 19, 2012
December 22, 2012

Rather than breaking out the KBs again, Thursday’s class turned to a body weight move that’s a stumper for most, followed by a short blast of a met-con.


eh, the pic says it all this time.

Skill Strength: 
Pistol Squats 

To prep, for the pistols, everyone first started off with 3 sets of 5 single leg floor touch (SLFT) per leg. After that, everyone gave pistols a go.

While pistols may seem like a parlor trick, their application to all aspects of fitness is undeniable. Pistols demand that we constantly exert power through-out the entire range of motion, all while on only one leg. Beyond mere strength, pistol squats also require balance, flexibility, coordination and endurance. Although we’ve done reviews of pistols in the past, I also really like Jimmy Bathurst’s pistol tutorial over at BeastSkills.Com.

Without any tools for assistance (we’ve been known to use boxes and straps before), we turned to each other for partner assisted pistols: have your partner hold your hands or wrists, and then lower down into the pistol position as far as you can, using your partner to help with both balance and power to return to the top. After about 10-15 minutes, it was time to break a little sweat.

6min AMRAP of 1 Wall Walker, 3 Burpees, & 6 Jumping Lunges

Short, sweet and to the point, the goal was to push all out for 6 minutes to achieve as many rounds as possible of the above triplet. Wall walks were to be done as close to the wall as comfortable, and jumping lunges were scaled to alternating lunges. Burpees need no scaling.

Seems like lot’s of people are already out of town for the holidays, but if you’re here, we’ll still be holding class this Saturday and Sunday.



  1. Steph says:

    We’ve all been about the long warm-ups this week! As much as I whine about them (mostly just about the inchworms), they’re much appreciated especially since I am usually frozen by the time I get to the gym.

    Enjoyed working on pistols. Did jumping lunges for the metcon and those were quad burners.

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  2. Katie says:

    Thanks to Sara and Steph for help with the pistols…they’re just tough. The best scaling option for me was not going down the whole way.

    That metcon unexpectedly slaughtered my quads, I was so confused. I was feeling really tired and felt very slow. I’m happy to be able to get some rest this weekend!