December 22, 2012
December 28, 2012

Thanks to Doron for the very apt blog title (and glad she was able to escape what was sure to be a zoo at the bakery). Speaking of escape from the holiday madness, it was an awesome surprise to have so many people turn out for the last class before Christmas. However, it did require some slight alteration to the day’s program. In the end, it was barely controlled chaos, but it was tough and, most importantly, it was fun.

5min Jump Rope; 
3 x 50′ Lunge, 1 Wall Walk, 50′ Bear Crawl, 15 Squats; 
3min Jump Rope; 
3 x 10 KB Swings (Russian) 
Team WOD #1: 
10min AMRAP of 20′ KB Bear Crawl + 1 Lap OH Carry

With nearly 20 people on hand, class was broken out into groups of 4, and each group was assigned a pair of KBs. After a quick demo of the KB Bear Crawl, the workout was explained: one member of each team began with the KB Bear Crawl in the studio, and then carried the KBs down to the court. The KBs were then handed off to a second member of the team who performed a full lap of the court with the KBs locked out overhead. Once they returned to the starting point, the KBs were again handed off to a third member, who carried them back upstairs, and began on the Bear Crawl once again. The team continued in this fashion, trying to complete as many rounds as possible within the 10min time frame.

Oh, and just so no one was standing around idle too long, the entire team performed 5 burpees every time the KBs were exchanged between the bear crawls and OH carry. The OH carry was scaled down to single arm OH (which could be combined with a farmers walk), double KB carry in the rack position, or farmers walk. The KBs could be put down as many times as needed during the lap, so long as they weren’t dropped – don’t think the church would be thrilled about new holes in the BBall floor.

At the close of 10 minutes, the teams returned the KBs upstairs to the studio for round 2.

Team WOD #2: 
50′ Walking KB Swings; then Farmers Carry for Max Distance 

For the second workout, each member of team performed walking KB swings the length of the room with one of the KBs, and then once all had gone, the first member grabbed both KBs and then attempted to complete as many back-and-forth laps as they could carrying the KBs farmer-style. A grip fryer to be sure, unless you’re the Tom A, aka The Hammer, who seemed to go on forever, lap after lap, as though he were simply pacing in his study, finishing with 8+ laps by himself.

Great to have Mike Minukas back in class while he was in town visiting Mark.
Remember, no class on Tuesday! We will pick things up again on Thursday.
 Enjoy your holidays, and safe travels to all those out of town.



  1. Katie says:

    It was very fun having a big class, especially with Mark and Ami bringing their siblings to join us.

    Dian quickly learned that KB bear crawl with the 8 kilo KBs doesn’t work well due to the small flat surface on the bottom. So we used 15# and 12# DB for the workout instead. I worked with Dian, Doron, and Ami’s awesome sisters whose names I forget at the moment. It seemed like all we did were burpees, since we had a team of 5…at certain points we had no clue what we were doing, but we kept moving and got a lot of work done. It was challenging for me not to overarch with the OH carry. This was a landmark workout for me since it is only the second workout I can recall when the burpees weren’t too bad! As Chris said, it must have been the socks. (Or all the plank-to-squats we’ve been working on.)

    I used the 8 kg KB for the walking swings, which were fun and got the heart rate up despite the light weight.

    I went up to the 20 kg KB for the farmer’s carry and I think I got 8 lengths (4 down-and-back). My farmer’s carry is disproportionately better for me than most other weighted movements, and I was reminded why later in the day when I was schlepping groceries and laundry around. Perhaps I’ll start snatching my laundry basket regularly.

    Happy holidays to everyone! Safe travels and I’ll see you all Thursday or whenever you get back.

  2. Steph says:

    How do you know you’ve done enough kb work for a week? When you fall asleep in the car and dream that you let go of a kb during a swing and it lands on your foot! Having to ice your swollen fore arms is probably another good indication! I think I’ll be happy if I don’t see a kb for a week.

    Confusing first workout yesterday but fun nonetheless. Thanks to Ami for knowing what the hell we were supposed to know and giving orders. The 16kg kb overhead walk after Saturday’s thrusters were tough and I was only able to make it half way around the court with them overhead. The rest of the walks were done with them in the rack position and farmer’s carry. The bear crawls took some figuring out and getting used to, and they forced me to use muscles that I didn’t know I had!

    Walking kb swings got my heart rate up more than expected. Can’t remember how many trips I made with the carry. It was awesome to see Katie and Diane carry the 20kgs and 28kgs. Way to go ladies!

    Big thanks to Katie for the delicious and healthy paleo pumpkin muffins!

    Hope everyone has a happy and safe Xmas! See you all on Thursday when I will be 20lbs heavier from all the cookies I’ve already started indulging!

  3. Sara says:

    Lots of fun in class and hard work too. The KB bear crawls took some getting use too. I worked with Peter, Greg and Daniel with the 20kg KBs. I was happy to get them overhead and only put them down 1 time on the first OH carry and 2 on the second.

    I only made it 5 lengths on the farmers carry but I have to admit that was way longer than I thought I could do. I second Steph’s way to go to Diane, Katie and Ami on the 20 and 28kg farmers carry.

  4. Tom Brose says:

    I’m not sure whats worse, my organization/explanation of that workout, or Chris’ perception of time. That “10 minute AMRAP” lasted 25 minutes.

    I love to have the families join in, and hope we see more of them soon.

    Have a great holiday everyone, see you all Thursday!