December 29, 2012
January 2, 2013

It seems appropriate that we end the year with a workout based around our current mainstay: the KB. 

2 x 
1/2 Ct Spider Lunge, 1/2 Ct Knee-to-Chest Walk, 
Full Ct Carioca Rt, Full Ct Carioca Left, 
1/2 Ct Inch Worm, 1/2 Ct Bunny Hop; 
3 x 
1 Wall Walk, 10 Hip-to-Wall, Lunge 50′, 10 Band Good Mornings 
2-4-6-8-10 Alt Turkish Get-Ups

Two weeks ago we spent a considerable amount of class time reviewing the TGU, along with most of the following blog post (“CLEAR AS A kettleBELL“). For this Sunday’s class, it was time to put that knowledge to work for a little strength work in the form of an ascending TGU ladder. After a few un-weighted practice sets, we broke out the KBs and split class off into pairs.

The goal was to choose a KB weight that would allow you to complete all 5 rounds without having to downgrade. Each set was done alternating reps between arms (e.g., the round of 4 was 1 rep on the right, 1 rep on the left, 1 rep on the right, and 1 last rep on the left). Since these were done with a partner, rest was automatically built in between sets as you traded places.

6 Rounds of 
90sec AMRAP 8 KB Swing + Shuttle Run, and 
90sec Rest

Since class was already broken off into pairs, the met-con kept the partner set-up for a KB sprint WOD down on the court. Each partner had 90 seconds to complete as many rounds as possible of 8 KB Swings (American style, of course) followed by a shuttle run of 1/2 the width of the court, a full width of the court, plus another 1/2 width of the court. While one partner was going, the other was resting.

We WILL be having class on Tuesday, and just as in the past, we will do out damndest to make it a workout designed to welcome the new year right. Our current plan is to start the workout at 11am.

AGAIN: class on Tuesday will be at 11am
(no 6pm, and no 7pm – if you show up then, you’re out of luck!) 

Please have a safe and happy New Years eve celebration, and we’ll see all of you on Tuesday.



  1. Steph says:

    Cool pic of John with the skull!

    Thanks for another year of informative, attentive and fun coaching, CFDC! Looking forward to another year with CFDC and here’s hoping that 2013 is much better than 2012!