January 7, 2013
January 11, 2013

With a new coat of paint on the walls, our previous program of HSPU was clearly not an option. So it was that we brought out the KBs once again for a simple but lethal Tabata-style workout for Tuesday. 

2 x 1/2 ct inch worm, 10 squats, 1/2 ct hamstring walk, 5 dive bomber push-ups; 
1 x full ct carioca, full ct lunge, full ct carioca 
Tabata-type Triplet

Rather than jumping right into things, class kicked off with a short swing review to make sure everyone was on the same page, as well as to prep for the workout. After working through a few quick rounds of KB deadlifts, Russian-style swings, and then American-style swings, the days workout was explained.

Groups of no more than three would work in rotating fashion through 10 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Each round was comprised of the aforementioned KB swings, as well as push-ups and air squats.

Doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but as we’re constantly reminded, it’s the simplest workouts that can hit home the hardest. Looks like we’re in for some unseasonably warm weather this week, including a weekend forecast that could see us getting out-of-doors a little. Until then, though, hope to see you all out on Thursday for (dare we say it) some bar work? Keep your fingers crossed.



  1. Katie says:

    Simple and sweet! I worked with Steph and Kelly with the 16 kg KB. I took it to about eye-level and focused on staying on my heels and keeping control of it. Definitely a good workout, my grip was spent afterward. I have no idea how many reps I got, I never can keep track in workouts like these…my focus was just to keep going.

    I’m a little nervous at the prospect of barbells. My calluses are almost gone, it will be great to get them back. Hopefully lifting is like riding a bicycle and your body never forgets how to do it?

  2. Julia says:

    Nice one. I actually think doing kb swings in short bursts made the movement a little more manageable for me. Still had some wild reps sometimes, but tried to think of every new round as a chance to restart and do better. After partnering up with Sara for that kb swing/shuttle run workout awhile back, I’ve been trying to picture her form when we do swings and copy what she does. Easy to say, much tougher to do! Also tried to thin about pulling the handle apart, as Chris said, and grounding my heels and spreading the floor, as Steph said.

    See ya + maybe bars + plates next time!

  3. Sara says:

    Fun, difficult workout. I did the swing reviews with a 28KG KB. On the overhead set during the review the 28 felt good and pretty controlled for the first 7 reps but the last 3 felt like I didn’t have enough pop in the hips to keep the momentum to swing all the way overhead.

    I worked with Paul and Greg during the workout using a 20KG KB. 8kg makes a huge difference. I felt like I was swinging a 16Kg for the first few rounds. I kept track of my lowest number reps for each exercise.

    6 Push-ups
    11 squats
    9 swings

    The push-ups felt much better than they usually do for me.

    looking forward to the potential of barbells and bumpers thursday.

  4. Steph says:

    Was feeling sluggish last night and Katie totally called me out when I tried to keep my reps consistent :-p, but she was probably right that I was keeping them consistently low. I think I averaged 9 swings, 12 squats and 9 push-ups each round with the last 2 rounds of push-ups at 8 reps. I was trying to squeeze my glutes more on the push-ups as Chris told me that I still arch too much. Not over-arching is something that I will always need to work on.

    Looking forward to maybe some barbells on Thursday! Even if they don’t arrive, it’s good to know that kbs have just been used so they probably won’t show up on Thursday!

  5. Satin says:

    I really enjoyed this Tabata WOD with KBs, squats and pushups. It was a great way to get back again! Those 15 min were quite long.

    I’m really excited about having a WOD with new barbells and plates, I haven’t touched a barbell or a plate for more than a month.

    It was good to see everyone!!

  6. Mackenzie says:

    Another great workout! Thanks Tom for pushing me to use the 16 KG kettlebell, great call. It’s interesting how a heavier weight is actually MORE comfortable, it helped me pop my hips and maintain a better form throughout the workout. Tabatas a great and I totally support their continued use.

    See you all tonight to maybe reform those calluses!