January 9, 2013
January 12, 2013

Resurrecting the bar is more like it! Finally, after weeks of planning and finagling, we were able to deliver on our promise of bars and bumpers for the temporary classes. To kick things off, we decided to give the forearms a break on Thursday, and damage the shins instead.

3min Jump Rope; 
3min of 5 squats, 3 push-ups, & 1 burpee; 
2min Jump Rope; 
2min of 5 squats, 3 push-ups, & 1 burpee 
Team Met-Con: 
Descending DL Ladder and Intervening DUs 

Interesting title, but it sorta sums it up. Each team decides on a weight to use for the DLs, and then each team member performs 12 DLs to start things off before moving over to their designated space for the DUs. A set of 100 DUs followed each round of DLs, but, unlike the DLs, were a collective effort…with a catch. DUs were done as max reps in a single attempt. So, P1 begins, and if they get 100 DUs in one shot, then the whole team headed back to the bar. However, if P1 only got 20 DUs before breaking, then P2 stepped in with 80 DUs still left to complete. Teammates rotated in this fashion until all 100 DUs were completed, and then went back to the bar to start on the round of 10 DLs.

For those without DUs, we came up with the most confusing, confounding, and complicated system ever as a substitution:

Mixed Teams (where some could DUs and some couldn’t) = those with DUs went first, and then those without DUs did single skips in a 4:1 ratio, EXCEPT, a person doing single skips could no more than than the highest number of DUs achieved. For example, if P1 did 20 DUs, and P2 did 22 DUs, then P3 could only do 88 single skips (22 x 4), which left the team with 36 DUs still to do. Of course, if P1 hit 50 DUs, and P2 completed 30 DUs, then P3 need only complete 80 single skips in order to fulfill the 100 DU requirement. Lost? confused? Don’t worry, you’re probably not alone. But hey, if mountain climbers and high knees and burpees mixed with single skips don’t push you to work on those DUs, then maybe massive headaches trying to decipher the substitutions will.  

Single-Skip Only Teams = much easier than the mixed teams…sort-of. Each person in the team did 100 single skips at a time until the team had reached 400 single skips. That meant one person (in a team of 3) was going to do 200 single skips each round. For those that wanted to share the load, a different person would take on that burden each round. 

Awesome to have bars back at CFDC, even if only a limited offering. Expect to put in some serious time building those calluses back up in the coming classes! Speaking of coming classes, the weather looks to be extremely un-January like this weekend, so best to bring along a pair of shoes you can run in as well as lift. See you all on Saturday.



  1. Katie says:

    Hahaha we did WAY more single skips than we were supposed to!! I worked with Mackenzie and Steph, the DU queen. I think Steph got something like 52, 100, 100, 3, 100, 4 DUs — AWESOME! The first round Mackenzie and I each did 192 single skips (4 x 48), then we did a couple rounds of NOTHING, then we did a couple rounds of close to 200 skips each, then we did burpees while Steph did 100 DUs because we felt dumb just standing there….wow. Not sure if that or the pre-holiday DB bear crawl/OH carry workout was more confusing??? Oh, well, in the end we all did a lot of work. And I also managed to get 100 single skips unbroken, which was cool. Now to work on 100 DUs unbroken…

    I did the sets of 12 and 10 DL at 80# because I didn’t want to go too heavy and hit a wall, and then for 8 reps down I did 100# so we didn’t have to change the plates. (amazing how laziness forces you to do more weight.) My hamstrings aren’t sore (yet), so I can go heavier next time. Focused on pressing through the heels and squeezing the glutes (!) at the top.

    It was great to be back on the barbell, and a nice WOMEN’S one at that!

    See you all tomorrow!

  2. Julia says:

    official CFDC bars and bumpers! thank you coaches for all the hard work you put into making it happen.

    awesome working with Chris and Satin on DUs + DLs. stayed light on DLs, but was excited to hit a few some long-for-me runs on the DUs. think it was because we had Steph counting for us – thanks Steph!

  3. Julia says:

    (oops – *working with Chris and Satin, but on a different bar… that is definitely not what I meant by staying light!) 😀

  4. Steph says:

    Yeah, we did not understand that workout very well. I think what derailed us was that we didn’t know you were supposed to rotate back to P1, so we thought P2 and P3 had to finish whatever was left of the 100 DUs (or equivalent). So for the rounds where I did 3 and 4, I never rotated back in. Thanks to Katie and Mackenzie for doing so much work!

    It was cool to watch Satin, Chris and Julia tackle the workout as it was meant to be done in the 7pm class – moderately-heavy DLs, stringing DUs together and quick transitions. I do have to point out though that I heard in the 6pm class we were not supposed to start on DUs until all team members were in our “work zone.”

    Thanks for the barbells, Tom and Chris! Looking forward to some squats!!

  5. Katie says:

    Sounds like some people in the 7 pm class are due for some penalty burpees!! (although they would probably enjoy them.)

  6. Mark Minukas says:

    New barbells feel a-m-a-z-i-n-g!