January 13, 2013
January 18, 2013

Bicep curls in a CFDC class? It’s OK, we didn’t have squat racks to do them in, so they don’t really count. 

50 Jumping Jacks; 
2 x 15 Squats, 10 Scorpions; 
50 Jumping Jacks; 
2 x 15 Band GMs, 10 Hollow Rocks 
5 x 5 Push Press + 5 Pendlay Rows

The strength session kicked off with a few warm-up sets, including a set of 5 bar-only strict press followed by a set of light weight push-press, and then a single set of light weight Pendlay rows. It’s been a while since we’ve worked Pendlay rows. The Pendlay row is not a body-builder movement – no torso heaving. The goal with the Pendlay rows is to keep the back flat and parallel to the ground, moving the bar by forcefully contracting your upper back before allowing the arms to take over and row the bar to your chest.

As class was split into groups of 2 or 3, the program allowed for each lifter to perform their prescribed set of push press, rest while their partners went, and then perform their Pendlay rows. Groups could add weight as desired, and continued rotating through the bar until everyone had completed 5 rounds. After that, the bars were broken down, but not to make way for a met-con. No, we figured everyone got enough of a met-con during Sunday’s 30min AMRAP attack.

Burnout #1: 
1 x AMRAP Seated Strict Press 

With an unloaded bar, attempt as many reps as possible of strict press while seated on the floor.
HINT: you’re really gonna need your core for this!

Burnout #2: 
1 x AMRAP Bicep Curls 

With an unloaded bar, attempt as many reps as possible of bicep curls.
HINT: you’re really gonna need a mirror for this!

Just a little bit of fun to close out Tuesday’s class, which probably means that Thursday is going to have something wicked in store. See you all then to find out what it is.



  1. Katie says:

    Apparently all the cool lifters wear beanies?

    Push presses were a bit of a downer. I couldn’t finish all 5 at 50#, so I did AMRAP presses (1-3)and then went into jerks when my body automatically did. At least jerks are natural for me? Pendlay rows were easy at 50#, didn’t happen at 70#.

    Seated press and bicep curls were a fun change of pace, particularly in place of a metcon.

    Though I’ve lost some strength over the past month or so, I’m reminding myself of what I’ve gained — my burpees are much better, I’m more comfortable with a plethora of KB movements, and I know a bunch of body weight exercises to do when I don’t have equipment. Not bad.

    Resting up for Thursday!

  2. Julia says:

    Same here, Katie. I’ve also been a fan of the HSPU + jump rope work – things I need to practice anyway, so it’s been great to see them come up more often.

    Great to get in some push press practice last night. Fumbled my way through the other stuff – thanks Sara + Steph for being so patient! – clearly, I should have worn a beanie. 😀

  3. Sara says:

    Fun stuff. I really like doing seated strict press (on a bench with chains or burnout sets on the floor with just a bar).

    I used 95lbs for all 5 sets because there were no 10s available to add to the bar. This was just about right for push press but way too light for the pendlay rows.

    I got 25 strict presses woth the men’s bar and at the end of the 7PM I got 34 with a women’s bar.

  4. SBV says:

    I just hope we can qualify a team for Regionals this year so that I can finally get my CFDC tatoo.

  5. Steph says:

    I worked with Andraea and we used 73lbs for the presses and pendlay rows. The presses were pretty tough for me in rounds 1 and 2. They got slightly better in rounds 3 and 4 when I got used to the weight but round 5 felt heavy. I was also reminded by Chris that I should keep the bar overhead a bit longer so I can focus on the hollow position. I will remember to do that in the future.

    Bicep curls were weird! My body had forgotten how that motion feels! Andraea was knocking them out like nobody’s business. For the seated floor press, I struggled to get 20 and was reminded to not arch so much. Andraea killed it with 30.

  6. Andraea says:

    It was so great to work with the new bars! Push presses were rough by set 4 and 5. Pedley rows are always weird for me. I would think I had my shoulder blades pinched but then Steph would put her hand there and I realize I don’t. The position of it for me is just odd. It’s probably cause my muscles in my back are just so weak for them. Definitely something to work on.

    Seated push presses were fun! Haven’t done them before so I enjoyed it. Bicep curls also were fun just cause those aren’t normally done and I felt strong doing them! I’ve got to work on my guns!! hahaha

  7. Mackenzie says:

    My arms are definitely feeling those push presses. The muscle memory was there, with some help from Tom and Chris (thanks for the prompts!), and I am looking forward to building back up some of that lost muscle mass over the next couple of months before the Open. Pendlay rows and seated presses are always a lot of fun for me. It’s cool how the picture you took of my rows clearly shows my toes pointed up to really drive my heels down. Awesome workout! See you guys this weekend, unfortunately I have class tonight. Have fun guys!

  8. Mark Minukas says:

    SBV, those assault style guns should be illegal!

  9. Great session and wonderful to have some weights and barbells again. Definitely feeling it two days later!