January 26, 2013
January 30, 2013

It was hard to top Saturday’s birthday beatdown, but we gave it a shot on Sunday (being able to throw back in the plate push goes a long way in making a workout successful).

Inch Worm 1/2 Length, Hamstring Walk 1/2 Length; 
15 Scap Retraction Push-Ups, 15 Pause Squats; 
Squat Walk Rt 1/2 Length, Squat Walk Lf 1/2 Length; 
Squat Walk Rt 1/4 Length, Squat Walk Lf 1/4 Length; 
2 x 15 Band Resisted Hip-to-Wall* 

*Another amalgamation warm-up exercise; this combines the H2W stretch with the band resisted GMs. The goal was to add resistance to the movement, but also to provide a target for everyone to reach back for (rather than just bending at the waist, which still proves to be a perennial problem for some).

RDL and Hollow Position Work

Class broke off into groups of 3 or 4 to a bar, and started off with two sets of 10 RDLs (one set with the bar only, one set with light weight). After the second prep set, individuals began to rotate through 3 different exercises with prescribed rest in between each:

5-8 reps RDL, 45-60sec Rest,Max Time Hollow Hold, 45-60sec Rest,Max Time Plank or Prone Hollow Hold, 45-60sec Rest

Groups could add weight to the RDLs as desired, and the use of straps was allowed to encourage the use of double overhand grip throughout the workout.

It’s been a while since we’ve included the prone hollow position, but it’s scaled-up version of the plank (same basic trunk position) that resembles a face-down version of the hollow hold (arms overhead, biceps squeezing the ears).

Hollow position work has become a mainstay of our focus over the past year, primarily because of it’s laser like focus on controlling the entire core, especially the hips. Hip position, coupled with building strength through the trunk muscles, is what dictates good posture during heavy lifts, especially those where the mid-section is often the weakest link (like DLs, RDLs, and GMs). To pull a quote from an earlier blog-post: “Remember, control is the basis of form, and form is the foundation of each and every movement we perform. Learn control, apply the form, and strength, speed, power, and fitness will follow naturally.”

After completing 5 rounds, groups broke down the bars, then grabbed at least one plate and headed down to the court for the met-con.

9min Team AMRAP of 9 Plate Push and 9 Suicides 

Each plate push was equal to mid-court and back , while each suicide was made up of 3 different lengths (meaning an individual sprinted out to the first set of cones and back, then the second set of cones and back, and then finally to mid-court and back). Each team had to complete all 9 reps of an exercise before moving on to the next, and the 9 reps could be divided up amongst the team however they decided.

Teams continued to rotate through as fast as possible to achieve as many rounds as they could. No one quite achieved the magical 3-rounds, but at least one (maybe 2?) teams came close.

I trust everyone is looking forward to the surreal, mid-week warm-snap DC’s going to enjoy this week. Hopefully we can take advantage of it. See you all on Tuesday.



  1. Katie says:

    I look forward to seeing what warm-up movements will be combined next!

    It was most excellent to have Jessi back in class on Sunday. Nothing like incessant harassment to keep people coming back!

    Neat combination of movements. I did 4 sets at 83# and the last set at 103# for the RDLs. The last set felt very heavy and my hip threatened to shift out of place, so I’m glad I didn’t go heavier. Hollow holds are always a challenge, but I think I held myself to a good standard.

    I worked with Steph, Kathy, and Daniel on the metcon, and we did 12 of each exercise since we were a group of 4. We got a little more rest that way, but it still was a great quad-burner. I was kind of worried someone was going to slide and face-plant during the suicides due to a very slippery floor, but happily no one did! Great job, everyone!

    I sadly will be missing class on Tuesday, but will see you all Thursday.

  2. Sara says:

    Some of my favorite exercises mixed with one of my least favorite. I worked with Julia and Adri. My RDL sets went as follows:

    I agree with you Katie hollow holds are tough for me too. I am better staying hollow in the prone and/or plank position.

    We used 45lb plate for the plate pushes. All I have to say is there weren’t enough plate pushes. I offered to trade plate pushes for shuttle runs but neither Adri nor Julia took me up on it.

    Thank you to Adri for hanging around after class an doing a Kipping HSPU clinic with Julia and I. It was extremely beneficial. And now I know how to set myself up properly to execute an effective kip. The closer to the wall cue was key. It allowed me to see that I was not actively engaged throughout my body in the extended handstand position.

  3. edgy reggie says:

    I enjoyed this class.

    I worked up to 245# x 8 on the Romanian deadlift (RDL). I really focused on keeping my shoulder blades pinched and pulling my shoulders back throughout the entire movement. My RDL partners-in-crime were Peter, Dave, John, and Tom A.

    For the met-con, I worked with Tom A. and Peter. We were three shuttle runs away from completing two full rounds. We used a 45# bumper for the plate pushes; it was great to perform plate pushes in the absence of humidity.

    I could really feel all of the deadlift and plate-pushing work in my glutes immediately after class. In addition, I could feel the hollow holds and the prone holds in my abs. I must have done something right. 🙂

    Later that evening, I did a lot of shoulder and back stretching in Winnie’s Iyengar yoga class.

    I am back for more on Tuesday (29 January).