February 4, 2013
February 8, 2013

Holy schnikes, what’s the world coming to when you can’t even read a blog post about Tuesday’s workout?! There’s the usual rundown of excuses, and this will be one of the most lackluster posts in a looooong time. Hopefully the e-mails you all received this week will go just a little way in helping to tide you over until tomorrow’s post.  In the meantime, though, here’s a quick recap of Tuesday’s class:

Warm-Up: Everyone got warmed up.
Skill: Everyone got more skilled.
Strength: Everyone got stronger.
Workout: Everyone worked out.

A little too quick of a recap? OK, fine.
In all seriousness, Tuesday’s class should’ve felt at least a little familiar, as the programming was a near replica of one from this past summer (“CLUSTER BOMB“), right down the samson stretch & bands int he warm-up, to the tall cleans for prep, and the cluster/burpee workout to finish.

We repeated that same program for good reason. The tall cleans are a great way to drive home the need to pull under the bar, which is the essential piece to a squat clean. The squat clean is what makes the cluster a cluster; it’s the necessary piece in condensing the clean and thruster into one movement (as opposed to the power clean and thruster, which isn’t bad, just not as efficient).

Tuesday’s program wasn’t an exact replica though, as we added in a strength portion to class, between the tall cleans and workout. Each group was encouraged to add weight to the bar as able/comfortable across all  sets during the strength session. Once comfortable with the weight and movement, groups were further divided into heats, with each heat working through 2 minutes of max clusters, a 2 minute break, and then 2 minutes of max burpees.

No pictures to share from Tuesday’s class, so we decided to lead with a photo of the newly cleaned and conditioned brick wall in the front room of the new space (above), and finish with a quick photo of a blurb from the recent issue of Women’s Health (yes, CFDC made it’s way into their annual fitness awards, thanks in no small part to Devon Dow’s kindly mention of us!). Hopefully this will keep you smiling until tonight!



  1. Sara says:

    I worked with Erica and Amelia on the strength portion. These 2 ladies proved once again they are forces to be reckoned with. I think they both took it upn themselves to test their strength with the cluster movement and ofcourse I both won with great form improvements as well. Nice job!!!

    I worked up to 113lbs on the clusters. This is traditionally where I start to have difficulty on the thruster part of the movement. I used this weight for the metcon and got 6 reps taking it 1 rep at a time. I only failed on one attempt but felt like I had some breaks in the midsection during the thruster for the last couple. I quickly lost count of the burpees but I think I finished more in the last 15s than I did in the 45s preceding.