February 7, 2013
February 18, 2013

It seemed only fitting that the last workout in our temporary home finish the way we started: with plenty of kettlebell work.

60 JJ, 3 Dive Bomber Push-Ups; 
40 JJ, 6 Dive Bombers; 
20 JJ, 9 Dive Bombers; 
3 x 10 Hip-2-Wall, 10 Spider Lunges, 10 Burpees 
Skill Review and Workout Prep: 
KB Swings 

The night’s skill progression worked through the following sets:

– 10 KB DLs;
– 5 KB DLs + 5 Russian-Style Swings to chest level;
– 10 Intermediate Swings to forehead level; and,
– 10 American-Style Swings to overhead

Back in December, we used a similar approach to class, reviewing the swing in the same incremental steps. That class was then followed by a lengthy blog post (“IN FULL SWING“) with a few demonstrative photos and some external links on the two major types of swings and their respective benefits. Definitely worth a second look.

4 Rounds of 
1min of KB Swings, 
1min of DUs, 
1min of HR Push-Ups,
1min of Rest 

After a thorough warm-up and extensive review on proper form and positioning during the swings, including step-by-step prep work, class turned to the day’s workout. Each round was made up of four 1-minute stations, with 15 seconds of transition time between each station.

Swings were RX’d as overhead, although scaling was allowed for people if the OH position was uncomfortable (either due to lack of control or discomfort caused by the range of motion). DU’s were scaled to just single skips, rather than the usual double movement replacement. The hand-release push-ups were scaled to hand-release push-ups done from the knees, and then non-hand release incline push-ups done on the ledge or against the wall.

An intense 12minutes of work to (hopefully) wrap up our last ever workout in our temporary home. Here’s to lots of new memories in our new digs.

Speaking of which, to build on Wednesday’s announcement, following is the itinerary for this weekend:

Saturday, 2/9/13– Membership Drive from 10am to 2pm

We will be at the new gym on 14th street from 10am to 2pm to get a head start on all administrative details. We will have new waivers for everyone to fill out, and will be busy setting everyone up with their new memberships and taking payments.

Sunday, 2/10/13– Membership Drive from 10 to 11am;
– Inaugural Workout 11am to 1pm;
– Membership Drive from 1 to 2pm.

If you look closely, you can see that we’re planning to sandwich a workout in between the last of the weekend’s membership drive on Sunday. Details are scarce, but initial reports seem to indicate lots of perspiration.

Unable to make it out this weekend? Don’t sweat it, we’ll be able to set-up memberships at any time, but just thought we’d use the last of the downtime this weekend to get a head start.

1722 14th Street, NW, Washington DC 20009


  1. Katie says:

    I stuck with the 16 kg KB last night, so that was some progress. I think I took it to at least eye level — I’ll be fully overhead soon! I focused on staying on the heels, and also on breathing out at the top. I probably could have pushed myself more on the swings during the workout, but I didn’t want the KB to go flying across the room. Thank you, Sara, for sharing your chalk with the entire class, that made a huge difference.

    I am SO EXCITED FOR THE INAUGURAL WORKOUT!!! I might be a little hungover and/or tired, but I will be there. See you all then!!!

  2. Dian says:

    I’m also very excited for the inaugural workout. I’m sure it will be one for the ages. My palms are getting sweaty just thinking about it.

    See everyone this weekend.

  3. TomandAmi says:

    Congratulations Guys!